Saturday, October 16, 2010

500 and Non-Wing 2010

The Gary Shoemaker 500 and Richard Hindman Non-Wing 150 are now in the books. We had a great day for weather, maybe the best of the year. Thanks to the Brawners for donating the food and to the guys that made the race. This is a look at the new web site that will be a lot easier to maintain and also its free. I decided to go this way so when a new web master takes over it will very easy to take care of and for me to turn it over to whom ever steps up. Points will be much easier to post as well. More news coming soon.  The old website can still be accessed here, although it will no longer be updated.

Click the link below to view pictures of the race winners

Click pictures to enlarge them

1ST. Sprint Jeremy Brawner

2ND. Sprint Frank Boling

3RD. Sprint Jerry (Jump Start) Morgan

1ST. Sportsman Scott Paluchniak

2ND. Dave Brawner

3RD. Billy Herzog

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