Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Final 2011 Edition of Cookie's Race Recap

The final points race of 2011 was held on Oct 8th at the World Famous "Ingalls Motor Speedway". Titles were on the line as we had 2 out of the 3 series yet to be decided. Would Todd Holloway hold on to his lead over Jerry Brawner in "Sportsman"? Would young Evan Brawner hold off Ron Strubbe to be crowned the youngest champion in club history? All four (4) drivers were feeling the pressure as they showed up at the "Madhouse" for the 9th time in 2011.

“Sprint Cars"
We begin this final 2011 edition of “Cookies Race Recap" with the Wild and Crazy” Sprint Car Class". Jerry Brawner has already clinched the 2011 title as he has taken five (5) A Mains this year.
The “Holloway Graphics" pole award was won by the #7 of Jeremy Brawner with a lap of 6.229. The #2 of Todd Holloway lays down a 6.341 to come home 2nd and Dave Brawner in the #16 runs a 6.428 to round out the top 3.
Jeremy backs up his pole run by winning round #1 of heat action. 2011 Champ Jerry Brawner in his #88 wins round #2
A Main
Starting lineup. #7 Jeremy leads the field to green followed by the #16 of Dave 2nd, #88 Jerry 3rd, #2 Holloway 4th and the #75 of Bill Herzog rounds out the 5 car field. Green Green Green. Lap 2 Jerry by Dave for 2nd, 1 lap later Holloway by the 16, 2 laps later Herzog by Dave and our winner from the last three (3) races drops to the tail. Jeremy pulls out to nearly a 10 CL (car length) lead until lap 14 when Herzog has a problem and is forced to the haulers. Restart, lap 17 Dave by Holloway to take 3rd. Lap 19 Todd pulls his #2 off the track. Lap 24 Jerry all over his boy Jeremy for the lead, 7 gets lose off turn #2, 88 takes the lead on the high side. Lap 25 Dave spins off turn #4. We go green for all the remaining 50 laps and we watch Jerry pull out to a 10 CL lead but Jeremy would run the 88 back down and get within 1. 88 would pull back out to a 3 CL lead and Jeremy hangs in and gets his 7 back to the rear bumper bar of Jerry. The Brawner boys were nose to tail with 10 to go but Jeremy bounces off the back stretch wall and losses a lot of ground to his dad. Jeremy did however lay down the fastest lap of the day with a 5.908. Jerry goes on to win his 6th race of the year and continues his dominance over the Sprint car guys and is crowned the 2011 “Sprint Car Champion". Jerry has won 2 out of the last 3 championships. Congrats PAPPY......
“Busch Boys "
On to the rookies. Evan Brawner goes in the final race with a slim 8 pt lead over Ron Strubbe. Let's see if the kid can handle the pressure of winning a title.
The "Small Town Pizza” pole was taken by no other then the point leader Evan with a lap of 6.716 and the kid extends his lead by getting the 5 bonus points. Strubbe lays down a 6.914 and comes home 2nd. The #23 Dave Hamstra qualifies 3rd with a 7.054.
We had two (2) heats per round and the kid backs up his pole run by sweeping heat #1. Evan also runs a 6.329 to run the fastest lap of the day in round #1. Heat #2 and last race winner J.R. Parsley in his #55 takes round #1. The #32 of Chris Brawner takes round #2. Strubbe finishes 2nd in both rounds and loses more ground to the "kid". Ron now trails Evan by 15 going into the Main.
The point leader leads the seven (7) car field to the green followed by Strubbe, Parsley, Chris and the #9 of Derek Belcher rounds out the top 5. Green flies and Strubbe doesn't get going allowing Parsley to grab 2nd on lap 1. Lap 3 the # 72 of Terrance Garrett passes Chris going into turn 3, 72 clips the grass and pushes up into Belcher, 9 goes head on into the turn 4 wall. Restart, Parsley after the “kid" for the lead, Evan bounces off the front stretch wall and Parsley takes the point. J.R gets a little too excited and spins his 55 off turn 4. Evan retakes the lead followed by Strubbe, Chris and Belcher. Back to green, Belcher inside of Chris for 3rd, 9 pushes off turn 2 and Chris clears Belcher down the backstretch. Meanwhile Strubbe gets lose off turn 2 and is slow down the backstretch allowing Chris to take 2nd. Lap 15 Parsley trying to get back up front gets into Belcher and the yellow is out. Restart, Garrett doesn't get going, Belcher checks up and Parsley by both to move up to 4th. Lap 23 Garrett spins off turn 2. Restart, top 4 nose to tail. Lap 28 Parsley all over Strubbe for 3rd,12 lose off turn 4, Parsley to the inside in turns 1 and 2, no contact, 12 climbs the hill off turn 2 and hits the turn 2 wall HARD, 55 takes 3rd, Belcher takes 4th and Strubbe falls to 5th. Lap 29 Garrett spins off turn 4. Restart, Parsley after Chris for 2nd, 55 makes the pass in 1 and 2, Chris crosses over down the backstretch and retakes the runner up spot. Belcher closes up on this battle, 9 drives it in deep into turn 1, Belcher into Parsley, 55 and 9 to the tail. This moves Strubbe back to 3rd. Restart, Belcher into Garrett coming to the green. GF (green flag), Evan pulls away as 2nd through 5th are nose to tail coming to fuel. Strubbe tries Chris for 2nd, 12 inside of the 32, Strubbe into Chris, 12 checks up, Parsley makes it three (3) wide into turn 3, 55 slams the 12 and Strubbe ends up on his lid in turn 4 on lap 45. 3 to go to fuel as Garrett spins coming to the green and we bring em to fuel. We reset the field with Evan leading followed by Chris, Belcher, Strubbe and Parsley all on the lead lap. The “kid" is 50 laps from winning the title. GF is out to start the 2nd half but Belcher spins coming to the line. We get back to racing and on Lap 61 Parsley gets into the left rear of Strubbe, 12 through the 3 and 4 grass, Strubbe tries to hold on, 12 pushes up off turn 4, Strubbe gets into Chris, 12 spins, Strubbe and Chris are sent to the tail. Tough break for the 32 as I don't feel he had anything to do with this crash. Parsley up to 2nd followed by Belcher. Now it gets interesting! Leader comes up on the lap car of Roger Dyer in the #21 car, 21 slow off turn 4, Dyer right in the groove, Evan nowhere to go, 16 runs over the 21 and Evan is sent to the tail with 30 to go. Parsley is your new leader followed by Belcher, Chris, Strubbe and Evan. Lap 75 Belcher all over Parsley for the lead, but the 9 spins off turn 2. Chris up to 2nd, Strubbe and Evan 3rd and 4th. GF top 5 are under a blanket for 5 laps, Evan by Strubbe for 3rd and the kid is on his way back to the front. Lap 82 Belcher and Dyer get together off turn 4 and the 9 goes HARD into the turn 4 wall again. GF, Parsley with a GREAT restart as they are 3 wide for 2nd, Strubbe inside of Evan, contact, Evan inside of Chris, Evan never lifts and comes out to take 2nd, Chris holds on to 3rd and Strubbe gets into the grass and is lose off turn 4 allowing Belcher to get by to take 4th. HERE COMES THE KID. Lap 89 Dyer spins. Lap 93 Belcher spins going into turn 3 collecting Strubbe. Parsley leads with 5 to go as we get our final restart. 2 to go, 55 comes up on the lap car of Dyer, 21 spins off turn 2 and takes out the leader. Evan gets by and takes the white flag with the yellow. Evans championship luck continues as he is handed his 5th win of 2011 and takes home his first of I'm sure many championships. Evan becomes the youngest Champion in club history in spectacular fashion. Evan wins by 19 pts over Strubbe. Ron comes home 2nd in the points and in the race. The 12 had a great year as he found victory lane twice this season. Belcher comes home 3rd in the race. Derek also got his first career win at the "Mini Madhouse” this year. Chris comes home 4th followed by Parsley all on the lead lap. Nice Job Guys!!! It was a blast writing about you guys this season.
The battle for the "Sportsman" title. Todd Holloway comes into the final race of 2011 with a slim 4 point lead over Jerry Brawner. Both of these guys are true champion and they showed it here today.
The “Mainsource" pole award was won by the #88 of Jerry Brawner with a lap of 6.411. Jerry proves he is the "Iceman" as he grabs the 5 bonus pts and is now the new point leader by 1 pt over Holloway going into the day of heat action. Jerry Morgan in his #21 runs a 6.522 to get his best career starting spot. Morgan has struggled in his first year in our premier series but is starting to settle in and is been running real well lately. Todd Holloway grabs 3rd in his #2 with a 6.564. This will put our point leaders in the same heat.
Heat Racin
We get two (2) heats per round and Jerry and Todd split heat #1. The point leaders went at it for all 100 laps of heat action. In the end both score 1 pt more than the other and Jerry still leads by 1 pt going into the main. Heat #2 was a great battle also as the #33 of John Foster and Bill Herzog in his #75 get themselves heat wins.
The Race to settle a Championship
Starting Lineup. Pole #88 Jerry, 2nd #2 Holloway, 3rd #33 Foster, 4th #75 Herzog and #7 Jeremy Brawner rounds out the top 5. #21 Morgan 6th, #8 Dave Brawner 7th, #87 Jon Mason 8th, #38 Dustin Hineman 9th and #26 Jeff Grahn completes the all star field.
We get our first caution on lap 3 when Mason and Dave get together off turn 2. Restart and hang on to your hats cuz its bout to get good. Holloway after Jerry for the lead, 88 keeps it on the bottom, 2 checks up, Foster after Holloway on the high side, 33 checks up, Herzog tries to follow Foster, 75 checks up, Jeremy by passes both down the BS (Back Stretch), Jeremy doesn't stop there, 7 after Holloway, 7 inside in 3 and 4, door to door down the FS (Front Stretch), still side by side into turn 1, 7 clears off turn 2, Holloway crosses over, Jeremy comes across the nose of Holloway and the 2 spins. 33, 87, 8 and 38 all get collected. (WHEW)!!! Jeremy and Holloway are sent to the tail on lap 8. Herzog up to 2nd followed by Morgan, Grahn from last to 4th and Hineman rounds out the top 5. Restart, 88 pulls away as Grahn goes after Morgan for 3rd, 26 inside down the BS, Grahn clips the 3 and 4 grass, Morgan fights back off turn 4, banging doors down the FS, Grahn clears off turn 2 and takes the 3rd spot. Lap 14 Dave gets into the back of Hineman as the 38 lays back to let the 26 and 21 sort out their battle. Jeremy and Holloway are back up to 5th and 6th. Restart, 88 pulls away from Herzog, Morgan gets lose off turn 4, Jeremy gets the 4th spot on the high side down the FS, Morgan gets into Holloway going into turn 1 and we stay green. Lap 20 Jeremy takes the 3rd spot from Grahn and sets his sights on the leaders. Lap 22 Holloway by Morgan for 5th as Hineman goes head on into the turn 3 wall. Lap 25 Mason and Dave get together again in turn 3. Holloway after Grahn for 4th but Mason spins coming to the green. Back to racing, top 3 pull away, Lap 32 Grahn loose off turn 4 allowing Holloway to take 4th. Meanwhile Foster and Hineman get by Morgan and the 21 has fallen back to 8th. Lap 38 Herzog gets lose off turn 2, 75 gets into the turn 3 and 4 grass, he is high off turn 4, Jeremy smells blood and takes the runner up spot as Hineman gets lose coming into turn 3, clips grass and goes head on into the " Pit Road Point". Jerry had pulled out to a 7 CL (Car Length) lead. Restart, Holloway gets a bad start, Grahn checks up, Foster inside the 26 off turn 2, side by side onto the BS, Grahn gets lose coming off the BS concrete and the 26 spins down into the 33 on lap 43. So let's reset the field coming to lap 50. 88 still our only leader of the day followed by Jeremy, Herzog, Holloway and Morgan back to 5th. Restart, Holloway after Herzog, 2 drives it in deep in turn 3, 75 closes the door, both through the grass, 3 wide with Jeremy off turn 4, 7 holds on to 2nd, Herzog and Holloway get their cars under control and the 75 hold on to 3rd. Lap 47 Holloways persistence pays off as he takes the 3rd spot from Herzog. Top 5 spread out. Lap 52 Herzog gets his rhythm back and takes 3rd back from the 2. Lap 56 Holloway and Herzog start to slug it out again and Holloway gets into Herzog off turn 2 and both are sent to the tail. Morgan back up to 3rd followed by Foster and Grahn as we have 15 to go till fuel. Lap 62 Foster inside of Morgan, 21 fights back, Grahn makes it 3 wide, 26 inside, Grahn clears and moves up to 3rd, Morgan gets to the bumper of the 26, contact in 1 and 2, Grahn holds on, 21 climbs the hill, Foster gets by, Herzog pounces and passes the 21, Holloway not to be left out gets by Morgan and the 21 has fallen back to 7th. Lap 65 Foster spins off turn 4. Jerry and Jeremy still out front followed by Grahn, Herzog and Holloway. Lap 69, Grahn loss off turn 2, 26 comes across the nose of Herzog. 26 and 75 to the tail. Holloway back to 3rd followed by Morgan and Foster. Holloway want to get back up to Jerry before the fuel stop, 2 after Jeremy for 2nd, Holloway gets into the back of the 7 and both are sent to the tail as we bring em in for go go juice. 88 leads, Morgan, Foster, Grahn, Jeremy and Holloway all on the lead lap.
2nd Half
Jerry has led all 75 laps, but that would all come to an end as Morgan gets into the leader coming to the restart. John Foster inherits the lead. 33 is only the 2nd leader of the day. Herzog (looking to continue his winning ways) is in 2nd followed by Mason, Grahn, Holloway and Jerry. Holloway retakes the point lead by 3 pts as they are running. OMG (O MY GOSH) it is bout to get goooooooood. Restart, Mason bad restart, Grahn checks up, Jeremy outside of the 26, Holloway into the back of the 26, Jerry into the back of Holloway, Grahn sidewaaaays off turn 2, 3 WIDE, 2 and 88 get by as the 26 gets it under control. WAIT Where did he come from??? Morgan gets by all 3 and moves up to 4th. Holloway and Jerry continue their battle for the title, bang doors down the BS, 88 gets by off turn 4, 2 crosses over, 88 forced high and SLAMS the turn 2 wall on lap 84. Morgan and Grahn get by Mason and now run 3rd and 4th. Restart, Holloway and Jerry make short work of the 87 and 26. Lap 91, Holloway inside of Morgan, contact, Jerry comes in and gets into Holloway. Contenders for the 2011 title can't get away from each other. Restart, 2 and 88 again make short work of Mason and Grahn. Upfront Foster is still your leader as Jeremy gets racy and mouts a challenge on Herzog for 2nd, 7 goes high, contact, 7 up the hill, Morgan takes advantage and grabs 3rd. Lap 97 we get a change of the lead as Herzog runs the leader down, 75 deep into turn 1 and Herzog grabs the lead off turn 2. Lap 98, Holloway all over the rear deck lid of the 7, contact off turn 2 and they both are sent to the tail. Jerry back up to 4th and is back out front in this up and down points battle. Restart, Herzog takes a high unique line coming to the green, 75 across Fosters nose, 33 checks up, Morgan takes advantage and moves his 21 up to 2nd. Jerry by Foster 1 lap later to take 3rd, 2 laps later Holloway by the 33 and Foster is back to 5th. We go on a 23 lap GF (Green Flag) run as Jerry and Todd battle hard for this title. Herzog out to a big lead as he laps Mason on lap 108. Lap 111 Jerry by Morgan for 2nd coming off turn 2, Holloway takes 3rd from the 21 going into turn 3. Herzog out to a 1/2 track lead as he laps Grahn. Lap 121 Holloway gets by Jerry, Todd back to the point lead, the 2 starts to run down the leader with the 88 close behind and the lead is down to a SA (Straight Away). Lap 123 Holloway loops his 2 car as Mason spins off turn 4. Jerry back up to 2nd and possibly the 2011 title.25 to go as we rest the field, Herzog leads followed by Jerry, Morgan, Jeremy and Foster round out the top 5. Holloway lurks in 6th. Restart, takes Holloway 2 laps to get around Foster for 5th. Herzog out to a big lead as Jerry is fighting a car that has only 1 steering servo working. Lap 134 Holloway lose off turn 2, Contact and Holloway is forced to the tail along with Foster. We go green to the end as Herzog pulls away and wins his 3rd straight A Main at the "Madhouse". Jerry Brawner comes home 2nd and wins back to back "Sportsman" title. Morgan finishes 3rd, Jeremy 4th and Foster rounds out the top 5. Holloway comes home 6th and comes up short on winning another championship. It however was not from lack of effort. Todd is a true competitor and is one of the main reasons I work so hard to be up front running with him. Jerry wins the 2011 title by 17 pts.
What a fantastic year to be a part of this club. We saw great short track racing all season. We all need to be proud of what we are building here in this great community of Ingalls. Thank You to our sponsors, Mainsource Bank, Holloway Signs and Graphics, Smalltown Pizza and True Value hardware. Thanks to the wives and families who come out every race to support us and pitch in to make our racing program successful. We have lots of room for improvement but the sky is the limit for this race track. Congratulation to Jerry Brawner and "Crown Racing" on their sweep of the championships.
Thanks for reading
Jason Cook AKA Cookie

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

News from the Awards Banquet

The 2011 Season at the Mini-Madhouse was officially concluded with the awards presentation this past Saturday. Congrats go out to all of the racers that took home a trophy, and to our most Recent Champions, Evan Brawner in the Bush Class, and Jerry Brawner, who swept the top two classes this year and took home the BIG clocks in the Sprint Car and Sportsman classes. You can see photos of all that took home the hardware by clicking on the Photo Tab above. Thanks go out to Dustin and Beth Hineman for allowing us to meet in the "barn". Also to Jerry and Penny Brawner for organizing the event and to all that brought food. Thanks to Todd Holloway for his efforts in making the awards. Last but certainly not least, thanks again to all the racers for making it a great year, I look forward to doing it all over again in 2012!

There were several things discussed at the meeting. With the growth the club has experienced over the last few years, it was decided that we would try and form a "board". It will consist of five club members and will include a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and two other Committee members. This group will share the duties of operating the club, and will also make decisions regarding competition, scheduling, upgrades to the track, etc. There was a sign up sheet that was started at the meeting, and will be continued here until January 1st. After that time, I will post the list of candidates, and we will vote as a club in the spring on the first day of track clean up as to who will make up the board. You can sign up for ANY position on the board, including President. Anyone who wants to sign up can do so by emailing me at jmason73@sbcglobal.net.

We also discussed the addition of the Super Late Model Class to QSAC. It was decided that we will run a points class at Ingalls this year for the SLM cars, provided that (3) cars show up each week, as it is with any class. There was much debate over how to integrate the new class into the club, as well as who would be eligible to run the class, etc. For the purposes of IQSR, it is suggested that you use the class system as stepping stones, and run at least a year of Bush, then a year of Sportsman, then finally move up to the SLM series. This is a great way to gain experience, and maximize your chances of being competitive and having as much fun as you possibly can. With all that said, anyone can run any series they choose to. You will sign up for a particular class at the beginning of the year, and you will only be able to accumulate points in that series for the entire year. This will give the guys that want to run for a Sportsman title a chance to do so, while still allowing SLM guys looking to maximize the laps they run every week by running two classes. You will still be able to accumulate Sprint Car points while running either SLM or Sportsman. Per QSAC rules, you cannot run Sprint Cars and Bush. The Super Late Model Series will use all rules from the Grand National Series (QSAC Rulebook available at qsac.org.) except the body rules. It will follow the roof height and spoiler rules however. Below is a picture of a couple cars that Crown Racing had at the meeting.

We also discussed various track and facility upgrades, including upgrading the electrical around the track to accommodate more RV's that come in for the National and Tri-State events. We will proceed with that as soon as the weather permits. Any members skilled and/or licensed in electrical work that would like to lend a hand please let me know. We also discussed the addition of a roof over the drivers stand. We will look at this more during spring clean-up. Most that attended liked the idea. Finally, we discussed the future need to re-pave the track. We will begin looking at that more seriously around the end of next year. We will talk to qualified contractors to determine the best way to proceed with the project and determine the costs involved.

Thanks again to all of you for your support of me this past year.

Happy Holidays to all!

Jon Mason

Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter Meeting and Awards Presentation

The 2011 IQSR winter meeting and awards banquet will be held on Saturday, December 3rd at Dustin Hineman's house. Dustin's address is 6855 N. 200 W, Greenfield, IN 46140. You can see a map and get directions by clicking here. We will have food at 12:00 pm followed by the awards presentation. We have much to discuss about the upcoming season as well. For those of you that have not heard, we have been selected to host the NCS again next year on July 20/21st. We will also discuss the addition of the Super Late Model Class to the lineup next year at the Mini-Madhouse.

Please RSVP to Jerry Brawner at jb88rc@embarqmail.com if you will be able to join us so that we can get an idea of how much food we might need. I look forward to seeing all of you there. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! Thanks, Jon.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sportsman 500 and Richard Hineman Memorial Sprint Car 150

We capped off a great season with the 2011 version of the Sportsman 500 and Richard Hineman Sprint Car 150 at the Mini Madhouse on October 15th. We qualified in groups to set the starting lineup for the 500, with each group running a 20 lap race against the clock, with each racer using his fast lap for his qualifying speed. Todd Holloway started on the pole, and aside from an early mishap that saw him have to work his way up thru the pack once or twice, the 2 car took the 500 in dominating fashion. Randy Baker took home the checkers in the Sprints.

Thanks to everyone that came out for one last day of racing this year. I also would like to thank all that helped out around the track this year, and to all the racers for your support in my first year as IQSR president.

Sportsman 500 winner Todd Holloway and Richard Hineman Memorial Sprint Car 150 winner Randy Baker

Race #9 Results

I have posted the points for Race #9, and updated the yearly standings. Congrats to our 2011 Points Champions! Bush Champ, Evan Brawner, becomes the youngest racer to take home a points championship in the history of IQSR. Jerry Brawner pulls off the double this year and takes the Sportsman and Sprint Car Titles. Both of them capped off a great season with a win on Saturday. Also winning on Saturday was Bill Herzog, who closed out the season with three strong runs, winning the last three races at the Madhouse this year in the very competitive Sportsman class.

Bush Winner Evan Brawner

Sprint Car Winner Jerry Brawner

Sportsman Winner Bill Herzog

2011 Bush Champion Evan Brawner

2011 Sprint Car and Sportsman Champion Jerry Brawner, pictured with future IQSR racer "Mad" Max Hineman.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cookies Race Recap - 2011 Race #8

Editor's note: Cookie submitted the recap to me a couple days ago, but I have not had a chance to post it until this morning.....better late than never I guess.....Since I had also been slacking on posting the victory lane photos, I have included those at the bottom. See you all this afternoon.....On to last weeks action.....

Race #8 at the World Famous “Ingalls Motor Speedway" was held on Sept 24th. We got us a picture perfect Indiana day. 22 entered and only 3 were coming away with a “Madhouse" win. The power to be decided to move this one to a day race to try and avoid another battle between Mother Nature and the track. Jon Mason made the right call as we got to witness some great short track action.

Sprint Cars
we start the recap with the "Sprint Cars" as one car stunk up the show. The "Holloway Graphics" pole award was won by the #16 of Dave Brawner with a lap of 6.341. Dave coming off back to back wins at the madhouse. Jerry Brawner in his #88 car runs a 6.361 to take 2nd and 3rd with a 6.370 was laid down by the #7 of Jeremy Brawner.
Dave backs up his pole run by winning round #1 of heat action. The #2 of Todd Holloway wins round #2.
We had 6 entries but only 3 would start the feature. Jerry, the #75 of Bill Herzog and Jason Cook in his #6 found cracks in all three frames and were forced to pull their cars.
The Main goes green with Dave up front followed by Holloway and Jeremy. As I said Dave comes out and stinks up the show by leading all 75 laps and pulling out to nearly a 3/4 track lead over his little brother Jeremy as we go caution free. Jeremy does however run the fastest lap of the day with a 5.976 in the main. Holloway had belt slipping early on and comes home 24 laps down in 3rd. Dave has won 3 in a row and he and his dad have swept all 8 races at "Ingalls". With only one race to go in the 2011 season Jerry has clinched the "Sprint Car" title.

Busch Boys
On to the "Rookie" class. REWIND... We go back to race #7 as young Evan Brawner came into the night with only a 2 pt lead over Ron Strubbe. The "Kid" dominated the race to get his 4th win of 2011 and extending his lead over Strubbe to 10. We head in to Race #8 with 2 races left to decide who is taking home the champions hardware.
The “Small Town Pizza" pole award was won by up and comer Chris Brawner in his #32 car. Chris runs a 6.709 and takes the 5 bonus pts away from Evan and Ron. The #16 of Evan narrowly misses the pole as he puts down a 6.790. A 6.825 grabs 3rd by the #12 of Strubbe.
Evan comes out right away and shows the guys the he is the man to beat as he takes round #1 of heat racing. The #55 of J.R. Parsley with his new paint scheme has improved every week and he captures the win in round #2.
On to the 100 lap "War of Attrition". The point leader leads the 5 car field to the green. Parsley 2nd, Strubbe 3rd, Chris 4th and the # 23 of Dave Hamstra rounds out the field. GREEN GREEN GREEN. Lap 5 Strubbe after Parsley for 2nd, they both get out of shape, Chris takes advantage and passes both moving the 32 up to 2nd. The 55 and 12 swap 3rd multiple time as the battle it out for 10 laps. Strubbe eventually takes the spot. Evan out to a huge lead and looks to lap the 55 and 12 as they are still fighting each other for 3rd. Evan runs down Parsley, 55 feeling the 16 breathing down his neck, Parleys pushing hard spins out of turn 2 right in front of the leader. 55 remains on the lead lap. Back to Racing, Evan pulls away as Strubbe goes after Chris for 2nd, 12 inside off turn 2, contact and Strubbe spins on lap 28. 32 and 12 to the tail moving Parsley back up to 2nd. Evan pulls away again on the restart as Parsley gets high off turn 2 allowing Chris to get to his inside, Contact made and the yellow is back out at lap 31. Strubbe back to 2nd. Restart and we watch Strubbe get in to turn 1 high, Parsley by the 12 off turn 2 but Strubbe fights back and takes the spot back in 3 and 4. Lap 37 Parsley high in 1, Chris closes up to fast and spins the 55. The kid has led all 40 laps as we come up on the fuel stop. Lap 43 Strubbe clips the grass in turns 1 and 2 ,12 slow down the backstretch, 3 wide in turns 3 and 4, Strubbe inside, Parsley outside and Chris ( the meat in a wreck sandwich), Chris into Parsley, 32 across the nose of Strubbe and Chris spins. 55 in 2nd. We made of had a few mishaps but in this reporters eyes this was the best 50 laps I've seen you guys run. Evan still your leader as the 55 spins on lap 50, Parsley has to bring it to fuel at the tail. Strubbe sits in 2nd followed by Chris. We start the 2nd half with full tanks and full hearts as all 4 cars capable of winning this race. Lap 54 Parsley inside of Chris, they battle down the backstretch, contact made and the 55 is sent head on into the backstretch wall. Lap 61 Parsley lose off turn 4 and Chris can't keep his 32 out of the 55. Restart, Strubbe takes a shot at the leader but the 16 hangs on and pulls away. Lap 75 55 gets high in turn 1 and Chris spins the 55 yet again. We get a long 1/4 lap green flag run as Chris and Parsley get tangled up again. These 2 cars making this points battle even more intense. Lol. Lap 82 Hamstra around in turn 1. 15 to go, Strubbe knows his chances are running out. GREEN back in the air, Strubbe looks high, tucks it back in down the backstretch, inside for the 12 and we have only the 2nd leader of the day off turn 4. 1 lap later, Evan battles back and gets door to door with Strubbe in 3 and 4, 12 gets loose on the high side off turn 4, contact made and Strubbe spins. This hands the lead to Parsley with only 12 to go. Back to the fight, Evan by Strubbe off turn 2, 12 crosses over and gets to the kids inside down the backstretch, contact made and the kid goes into the turn 3 wall. 3 to go, Chris loose off turn 2, 32 high in 3 and 4, 12 and 16 clip the grass and push up into Chris. All three crash. We get s shot at a Green, White, Checker but Evan gets into Strubbe coming to the green. J.R. Parsley survives and gets his 1st career A-Main win at the infamous “Mini Madhouse". Chris comes home 2nd followed by Strubbe and Evan. Strubbe shaves 2 points out of Evans lead and is within 8 pts of the kid going into the final race. This points battle will probably come down to the last lap on Saturday.

we wrap up race #8 with some more off the hook "Sportsman" action. REWIND... Todd Holloway leads Jerry Brawner by 17 pts going into race #7. Bill Herzog survives the "Dew 150" a gets the win. Jerry comes home 2nd and cuts into Todd’s lead. We go into race #8 with the top 2 separated by 9.
Race #8. The #2 of Todd Holloway grabs the "Mainsource" pole award with a lap of 6.382, takes the highly important bonus points. Herzog in his #75 car runs a 6.430 to get 2nd and the #88 of Jerry 3rd with a 6.531.
We had 2 heats per round as Jerry gets 2 pts back from Todd by sweeping both rounds in heat #1. Herzog sweeps heat #2 and runs the fastest lap of the day with a 6.110.
Starting grid. 75 on the pole, Jerry 2nd, Holloway 3rd, #21 Jerry Morgan 4th and Dustin Hineman in the #8 rounds out the top 5. Starting 6th #33 John Foster, 7th Cook #6, 8th Jeremy Brawner #7, 9th Kevin Ligon #4 and Jon Mason in the #87 rounds out the 10 car field.
Green is in the air and the top 3 pull away until lap 6 when Cook spins off turn 4. Herzog pulls away on the restart as Holloway is all over Jerry for 2nd. Lap 13, Morgan high in turn 1, Hineman grabs 4th, 8 gets loss off turn 2 and gets into the 21, both go to the tail. Jeremy in the 7 is up to 4th followed by Foster. Green back out and 75 pulls away again as 2nd, 3rd and 4th are nose to tail. Lap 20 Morgan and Cook get together on the front stretch. Lap 24 the 4 of Ligon after Foster for 5th as Hineman is after Ligon, 8 and 4 make contact and spin at the start/finish line. Once again Herzog is able to pull away on the restart as the point leaders battle it out for 2nd. Holloway gets the runner up spot from the 88 on lap 30. Lap 35 Hineman by Morgan for 6th. Lap 37 Leader laps Mason and Ligon. Lap 75 puts Cook a lap down as the best battle on the track is between Holloway and Jerry for 2nd. Lap 51 Hineman loses it in turns 1 and 2. Top 5 remain the same as we go back green, top 3 pull away, Holloway after the lead as they pull away from Jerry. Lap 67 Cook spins off turn 2. 6 laps till fuel as all 7 lead lap cars maintain their spots going into halftime. We start the 2nd half but Morgan spins off turn 2. Green is out for 10 laps as Herzog and Holloway pull away. Best battle is for 4th, Foster gets his 33 inside of Jeremy, side by side into 3 and 4, both push up and Hineman comes through passing both and moving the 8 up to 4th. 33 gets by the 7 and Jeremy is back to 6th. Herzog pulls away from Holloway and the 2 is falling back into the clutches of Jerry. Lap 90, Ligon forces Mason high off turn 2, contact made and the 4 spins. "Déjà vu", Restart, Hineman gets a bad restart allowing Foster to get to his inside, side by side in 3 and 4, both push up and Jeremy bypasses both to take over 4th, 8 and 33 continue their battle off turn 4 as Morgan decides he want a piece of the fun, 21 tries to take both on the inside, Foster gets lose off 4 and spins right down into Morgan on lap 94. 21 keeps his spot and is up to 5th. GREAT restart as Holloway goes after Herzog, 2 goes low in 1, gets lose off 2 and loses his momentum, Jerry all over the 2 but Holloway holds on and resets his focus back on the leader. Lap 100 Herzog comes up on lap car of Cook, 75 forced to check up, Holloway back to the rear deck lid of the leader, 2 goes for the lead in every corner for 2 laps, Holloway deep into 1, clips the grass and gets door to door with Herzog, side by side into turn 3, 2 clips the grass and the 75 holds on to the lead. 1 lap later, Holloway pushing hard, clips grass in 3 and 4 again and is unable to hold on, 2 pushes up and bounces off the front stretch wall, Jerry gets by to take 2nd, Holloway continues to fall back as Jeremy gets by and Morgan and Holloway fight for 4th, 21 clears the 2 and the point leader is back to 5th. Lap 113 Cook and Foster get together on the front stretch. 30 to go as the 75, 88 and 7 pull away from Morgan and Holloway. 21 trying to stay out front of the 2, Morgan can't get off turn 2 and Holloway gets into his back bumper spinning Morgan and collecting Hineman. Foster up to 4th. 75 and 88 pull away on restart as Foster after Jeremy for 3rd, and the 7 holds on to the spot. Lap 133 Morgan and Mason get together on the front stretch. 15 to go as we go back racing. Lap 139 Ligon spins off turn 2. Lap 142 Cook and Mason tangle up in 1 and 2. 6 to go, Holloway by Hineman for 5th, 4 to go 2 gets Foster for 4th, Holloway doing all he can to get every spot. Lap 148 Morgan into Foster in turn 1. We finish this one under caution. Bill Herzog leads flag to flag to win Back to Back races at “THE MADHOUSE". Jerry comes home 2nd and shaves 5 pts off Holloways lead, 88 has gain 13 pts in the last two races and is now within 4pts going into the finally this weekend. Thank you to all that let me know you enjoy my play by plays. This one’s for you guys. I regret to announce I will not be here this week for the final points race but I will recap it when I return. Till next time.............6

First time Madhouse winner JR Parsley and wife Tina. Congrats on your first win!! Thanks go out to Tina and JR for helping in the booth all day. I appreciate it very much!

Sprint Car winner Dave Brawner, pictured with his little buddy "Mad" Max Hineman.

Sportsman Winner Bill Herzog

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Race #9 - This Saturday

We will run the race this coming Saturday during the DAY. Drivers meeting will be at 1 pm, with qualifying shortly thereafter. It was scheduled to be a night race, but I don't want to get in trouble with the dew like we did for race #7. Please spread the word to anyone that may not see this post. I will be posting this on Hobby Talk as well.

You may have already noticed, but the points have been updated, and lap times posted. I will try and get the victory lane photos from Race #8 posted tonite when I get home.

See you Saturday!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Race #7 Results

We ran race #7 on Sept. 10th, and it was interesting to say the least. There was a heavy dew falling from the time the sun went down, and it made for some slick track conditions in the later rounds. Couple that with a wet infield and a full moon, and well........lets just say the Madhouse lived up to its name on this night.....

Below are the photos of the winners. We had another first time winner in the Sportsman class. Congrats to Bill Herzog for taking the win from Jerry Brawner with only a few laps remaining. Chris Hogue came home third in his first start in the Sportsman class at the Mini Madhouse. Dave Brawner takes his second win in a row in the Sprints, with Pappy Brawner second and brother Jeremy coming home third to complete the all Brawner podium. Evan Brawner wins his 4th race this year in the Bush series, with Derek Belcher continuing his strong run and taking second, and Ron Strubbe rounding out the top 3.

I have posted the points and results from the race. As you will notice, the finishing order of the Bush and Sportsman features have been adjusted. I will talk about the decision that I made to do what I thought was fair, and what followed the QSAC rules that we race by, in the drivers meeting on Saturday. I would appreciate if you would save any comments that you may have until then.

Don't forget that the race will be a DAY race this week due to the cool weather. Qualifying starts at 1 pm.

Bush Winner Evan Brawner

Sprint Car winner Dave Brawner

Sportsman winner Bill Herzog

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Race #8, Saturday, Sept. 24th will be a DAY race!

Hello racers. We are scheduled to have a night race this Saturday, but because of the cool weather we are going to have, I think it is best that we run the race during the day. Since it will likely be cool in the morning as well, we will qualify at 1 pm instead of the normal 12 pm start to give everyone a chance to get a little practice before we qualify.

I will post this on Hobby Talk as well, but please make sure to let anyone that might not see either this post or the post on Hobby Talk that it will be a DAY race.

Points and victory lane photos from the last race will be posted tonight when I get home.

See you Saturday!


Friday, September 9, 2011

"Cookies Race Recap, Race #6"

Race #6 at the "Ingalls Motor Speedway" was held on August 27th, and what a show it was. A great crowd showed up to watch 26 cars in 3 classes battle it out under the lights at the "Mini Madhouse".

"Busch Boys"
I told the rookies that I really enjoy writing the recap for this series but I ask them to mellow out on the yellows. They did not listen….LOL. The "Small Town Pizza" pole award was won by the #60 of Derek Belcher with a lap of 6.451. 2nd in time trails with a 6.527 was Mark Hogue in his #71. The #12 of Ron Strubbe comes home 3rd with a 6.616. We split our 8 car field into two heats per round. Strubbe and Belcher split heat #1 and Hogue dominates heat #2. Fastest lap in heat action was the #16 of point leader Evan Brawner as the kid laid down a lap of 6.423.

A Main
Starting Lineup: Hogue leads the field to green followed by Strubbe, Belcher, the #24 of Bill Pennington and young Evan rounds out the top 5. We go 4 laps and our leader Hogue spins and hands the lead to Strubbe. Green is out and Strubbe pulls out to a big lead. Pennington by Belcher but the 60 fights back and retakes 2nd. Hogue back to 4th. We stay green for 15 laps and Hogue gets by Pennington for 3rd. Lap 20 the #55 of J.R Parsley loses it off turn 4. Back to green and Hogue takes 2nd from Belcher and the 71 looks to get to our leader and take back the top spot. Lap 28 Belcher gets loose off turn 4 and this checks up the field going into turn 1, the #32 of Chris Brawner gets into his boy Evan. Belcher holds on to 3rd with Pennington ready to pounce. Green back in the air and Hogue after Strubbe as Pennington gets by Belcher for 3rd and the 24 looks to run down our leaders. Lap 37 Parsley spins off turn 4. Strubbe gets a great start and Pennington after Hogue, 24 and 71 get together and this hands 2nd back to Belcher. Evan and Chris back to 3rd and 4th. 5 to go till fuel. Lap 47 Hogue makes it three wide with Chris and Parsley, Pennington comes in and gets into Hogue and both are sent back to the tail. We start the 2nd half and Hogue waste no time getting back up to 4th.Lap 56 Parsley gets lose down the backstretch and Pennington unable to avoid the slow car makes contact and the yellow flies again. Hogue after Evan on the restart, 71 gets into the kid both continue and Hogue takes 3rd. Lap 62 Chris into Pennington in 1 & 2. 9 laps of green flag action as Hogue takes Belcher for 2nd and goes after Strubbe for the lead. Lap 76 Strubbe by Parsley to put the 55 down 1 lap and as Hogue comes up on the lap car, Parsley gets lose and spins taking our 2nd place car with him. Hogue is allowed to fall back in 2nd. Pennington is up to 4th. We go on a 11 lap green flag run and Strubbe puts the point leader Evan down 1 lap. Lap 90 and Parsley gets into Evan in turn 3. 3 to go on the restart as Hogue lays back and Strubbe appears to spin his tires, this allows the 71 to close on the leader to quickly, 71 and 12 both spin collecting Belcher and Pennington. 71 ends up on his lid. Belcher is handed the lead followed by Pennington, Chris, Strubbe and Hogue as we get a 1 lap shootout. Pennington goes after Belcher but the 60 keeps it out front to get his 1st career win at the "Madhouse". Pennington and Chris Brawner get the best Career finishes. Hogue runs the fastest lap of the day as he laid down a lap of 6.171.WOW!!!. Evan, despite his poor run, holds on to a 2 point lead over Strubbe with three races to go in the 2011 season. This is gonna be one heck of a battle for the "Busch Title".

Sprint cars
We now move on to the action in the “Crazy Sprint Car Class". The “Holloway Graphics" pole award was won by the #88 of Jerry Brawner with a lap of 6.191. 2nd in time trails with a lap of 6.195 was Jeremy Brawner in his #7 car. Top 2 spots were separated by .004. The Brawner sweep of the top three spots in qualifying was completed by the #16 of Dave Brawner with a lap of 6.281. Jerry backs up his pole run by taking the 1st round of heat racing and the #2 of Todd Holloway takes round #2.

A Main action and we have 4 cars looking to get their 1st win of 2011 and wanting to end Jerry’s streak. 88 has dominated the sprint car class and is 5 for 5 in 2011. Starting Line Up: Dave up front and leads the field to the green followed by Holloway, Jeremy, Jerry and the #6 of Jason Cook rounds out our top 5. We get a SUPER FAST 36 lap green flag run and we watch Jeremy on lap 5 get by Holloway for 2nd and on lap 10 Jerry by the 2 to move Holloway back to 4th. Dave pulls out to a half track lead by lap 30. Lap 31 Jeremy has a problem and pulls the #7 off the track and hands 2nd to his dad Jerry. Lap 36 as the leader is bearing down on Cook and Holloway, Cook has no choice but to go, 6 inside of the 2, Cook gets lose off turn 4 and Holloway gets into the 6 spinning both right in front of the leader. Cook and Holloway remain on the lead lap. We go back green with Dave leading followed by Jerry, Cook and Holloway. Green back out and remains out all the way to the end. Dave pulls back out to a big lead. 23 to go and Dave puts Holloway down 1 lap. Dave out to a straight away lead over Jerry and Jerry in front of Cook by the same distance. Holloway having problems loses multiple laps and pulls his #2 car off the track at lap 63. Dave leads all 75 laps and goes on to win his first race of 2011. Dave snaps the 88’s reign on this series. The 16 also runs the fastest lap of the day with a 6.141. Jerry comes home 2nd and holds a 33 point lead with only 3 races to go. Cook completes the podium. Honorable mention goes out to the #5 of Mike Fenstermaker as he gets his best career finish coming home 4th. Nice job Mike.

We wrap up race # 6 at the "Madhouse" with the nonstop action in the "Sportsman Class". The "Mainsource" pole award was won by the #38 of Dustin Hineman. DBO lays down a lap of 6.384 on his final lap and was the last to take time. Impressive!! 2nd in time trails was Todd Holloway in his #2 car with a lap of 6.405 and Jeremy Brawner runs a 6.442 in his #7 car to take 3rd.
We had two heats per round as we watched 12 cars battle it out for a spot in the feature. Round #1 of heat action was won by Jeremy in heat #1 and Scott Paluchniak in the #5 car wins heat #2. Round #2 was won by Jason Cook in the #6 car heat #1 and Holloway wins heat #2. For those not paying attention….4 races 4 winners….Can you say competitive? Paluchniak lays down the fastest lap of the day in round #2 with a 6.185.

B Main
The race to keep racing was dominated by Jerry Brawner in his #88 car followed by the #87 of Jon Mason, Hineman, and Dave Brawner in the #8 car grabs the final transfer spot.

A Main
This was the race of the day as we had 10 cars that were all capable of taking the win. Starting lineup: Cook in the top spot followed by Paluchniak 2nd, Holloway 3rd, Jeremy 4th, the #27 of upstart Steve Riddle 5th, and Kevin Ligon in his #4 car 6th. The top 4 from the B round out the 10 car field. Green flies and Jerry by Kevin for 6th. Paluchniak, Holloway and Jeremy bypass Cook, 1 lap later Jeremy by Holloway to get his 7 car up to 2nd. Cook back to 4th. Lap 8 Riddle and Jerry get together in turn 3 and the 88 spins. Hineman up to 5th. Restart Hineman after Cook for 4th in turns 1 & 2, they are door to door down the backstretch, 38 and 6 make contact and Hineman spins collecting Jerry. Hineman and Cook to the tail. 38 appears to have a bent axle but keeps it in the fight. We go green for 22 laps as we watch the top 3 nose to tail lap after lap. Holloway gets his left sides down in the 3 & 4 grass, door slams Paluchniak and takes the lead. After losing 2nd back to Holloway the 7 gets by the 5 and Jeremy is back up to 2nd.Paluchniak back to 3rd. Meanwhile Jerry has passed Dave, Riddle, Cook, Ligon and Mason to get back up to 4th. Top 2 get away from the 5 and Jerry runs down Paluchniak but Scott finds his groove and pulls back away from the 88. Holloway and Jeremy are nose to tail as they lap Hineman, as they are running down Riddle and Cook, Mason spins in turn 2 on lap 40. We reset the field with Hollywood leading followed by Jeremy, Jerry, Cook , Riddle and Mason all on the lead lap. Green is out and Riddle jumps Cook on the restart, 27 clears the 6 in turn 1 but Cook fights back as Riddle gets to the inside of the lap car of Dave, Cook drives it in deep in turn 3 and tries to take both, 6 gets left sides in the grass, Riddle clears and Cook comes up and spins Dave on lap 45. Mason gets collected. Lap 52 Hineman into Riddle, Mason up to 5th. Ligon gets a bad restart and the field has to spread out, Cook by Mason, 6 gets to the outside of Ligon and they come up on Jerry who is way high in 3 & 4, 6 makes contact with the 88 on lap 57. Mason up to 4th. Back at it Jeremy gets his nose on the inside of Holloway in 1 & 2 but Todd fights back and comes across the headlights of the 7, Holloway spins and the 2 and 7 are sent to the tail. New leader is Paluchniak with Dave and Ligon 1 lap down, Mason, Jerry, Riddle and Cook. 6 gets by the 27 on the restart as Jerry gets by Mason, 87 gets loose off turn 2, Cook checks up, Riddle gets into the 6 and Cook spins collecting Jeremy. The 7 keeps his spot and is now up to 4th behind Holloway, Jerry is up to 2nd and the 5 leads. Lap 68 2nd, 3rd, and 4th get by the lap car of Ligon as Mason spins off turn 2. 5 to go to fuel we watch Holloway all over Jerry for the runner up spot, as they come to the white flag for halftime, the 88 gets loose off 4 and spins. We roll back out with full tanks and we all know one mistake could take you out of any shot at getting the win. Paluchniak leads followed by Holloway, Jeremy up to 3rd, Cook, Riddle, Mason and Jerry all on the lead lap. Green is out to start the 2nd half and on lap 78 the 5 gets loose down the backstretch, Holloway takes advantage and takes back the lead off of turn 4. Jeremy by Paluchniak in turn 1 to take 2nd. Rest of field comes down the frontstretch on lap 84 and Ligon gets into Riddle, 4 spins as Jerry comes in and slams Ligon. 4 on his lid. Cook back up to 4th. Lap 89 Paluchniak gets into Jeremy as they fight for 2nd, both climb the hill in turn 2 and Cook goes low and takes 2nd. 5 holds on to 3rd and the 7 is trying to get his timing back but Jerry smells blood, 88 takes 4th from his boy and Jeremy goes from 2nd to 5th in 2 laps. Cook loose off turn 2, 5 checks up and goes high and gets loose, overcorrects and hits the backstretch wall. We get us yet another action packed restart. Jerry gets inside of Cook in 1 & 2, they trade paint in 3 & 4, Jeremy gets by the 6 to take 3rd and the Brawners are hunting a Holloway but Cook fights back and retakes 3rd. Lap 98 Mason gets into Dave and Ligon gets collected. We let them tires cool down and Holloway and Jerry pull away. Jeremy and Cook continue their fight but the 7 proves to be too much and regains 3rd from the 6. Lap 105 Hineman spins Riddle down the frontstretch collecting Paluchniak. Mason back to 5th. Holloway pulls away from Jerry on the restart, Jeremy makes a great pass in 3 & 4 to take 2nd from his dad in the 88. Behind this action, Cook gets loose off 4 and 2 and Mason "like stink on poop" takes 4th from Cook. Lap 112 Paluchniak, Hineman, and Dave are 3 wide, all three spin. Back to the dogfight and we watch a great fight for the lead as Jeremy goes after the 2 but can't get it done. 2 laps later the 7 takes the top spot from Holloway but Holloway fights back and gets his 2 back out front down the frontstretch. Top 3 having a GREAT battle as Cook gets back by Mason for 4th. Lap 123 Hineman spins on the Backstretch. Mason jumps Cook on the restart and the 87 back in front of Cook. Lap 131 Holloway gets loose and Jeremy grabs the LEAD, 2 trying to collect it as Jerry goes high, Holloway makes contact and spins the 88. Cook and Riddle get by Mason and are now up to 2nd and 3rd. 87 and 5 are in 4th and 5th. Jeremy gets a great restart. Lap 137 Holloway inside of Mason, Mason inside of Paluchniak, 87 and 2 spin. Jerry back up to 5th. Lap 141 Jerry and Holloway get by Riddle, 2 gets into 88 and Holloway spins. Jerry up to 3rd and Cook is the meat in a Brawner sandwich. Lap 147, Cook gets a bad restart and gets high off of turn 4, 6 comes across the nose of the 88, Cook spins and both are sent to the tail. We reset the field for a 1 lap shootout with Jeremy leading, Riddle 2nd, Paluchniak 3rd, Mason 4th, Holloway 5th, Cook and Jerry all on the lead lap and a shot at a win. Holloway and Cook by Mason as Paluchniak gets by Riddle for 2nd. Going into turn 3 Holloway inside of Riddle as Cook comes in low and Mason high, 4 wide coming off turn 4 for 3rd, 2 and 27 get together, they come down on the 6, Cook spins, Mason gets to the line ahead of Holloway and Riddle, Cook comes to rest on the finish line and Ligon comes in and " Duke of Hazards’ " the 6 car and the 4 flies across the line. Mason scores his best career sportsman finish coming home 3rd. Paluchniak gets a hard fought 2nd and Jeremy Brawner gets his first career sportsman win. Congrats 7. Holloway holds on to a 17 point lead over Jerry as we come to the end of 2011 season. A lot of racing to be done and its anybody’s game...Thank you to our sponsors, Mainsource Bank, Holloway Graphics and Small Town Pizza. Great Night with good friends. Racing at the Mini Madhouse just continues to get better and better. The quality of cars and racers makes me proud to be part of this club.............6

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Special NCS edition of "Cookies Race Recap”

NCS RACE # 5 at the WORLD FAMOUS “Ingalls Motor Speedway " is in the books. We had 42 cars show up for 2 days of great door to door short track action. It was a beautiful Indiana weekend. Track conditions were ideal and the cars were hooked up. Friday went very smooth and we went into Saturday with all 42 cars looking to get a "Madhouse" win. Saturday, we had a live singing of our National anthem by Lilly Barnard and Lauren and Livia Brawner. The bombs were bursting in air, and you could feel the excitement.

"Super Trucks"
We start the weekends action with the super trucks. We only had 3 guys show up with trucks so I will make this short and sweet. The pole was won by the #62 of Randy Brown with a time of 6.991. Orrin Sunde in his 0 truck misses the pole by .009. Herbbie Coulbourne runs a lap of 7.115. Brown backs up his pole run by sweeping both rounds of heat action on Friday. Sunde runs the fastest lap of the weekend in Round #2, as he lays down a lap of 6.182. Brown led most of the Main, but just like in our Tri State race, the Michigan boys were 3 wide swapping the lead for all 100 laps. Brown gets the “Big Clock" and wins a hard fought battle to win back to back truck races at Ingalls. Sunde comes home in 2nd and Coulbourne has to settle for 3rd. Sorry guys I didn't have any video of this race.

"Limited Sportsman" aka " The Busch Boys "
The top qualifier in Fridays time trails was the #12 of Ron Strubbe with a lap of 6.674. Mark Hogue in his 71 takes 2nd with a lap of 6.830 and 3rd was the 60 of Derek Belcher.
Strubbe takes round #1 of Friday’s heat action, and also lays down the fastest lap of the weekend with a 6.384. Round #2 was won by Houge, the 71 making it known he was there to take home the big clock and get his 1st "Madhouse" win.

Saturdays main was a good one Hogue leads the field to green followed by Strubbe, the 5 of Earl Clement in 3rd, 4th was 32 Chris Brawner, 5th was 7 Chad Vollmer and Belcher 6th. All 6 drivers had a shot to get the win. We go green and Vollmer by Brawner for 4th and the 32 spins the 7 on lap 4. We go back racing, and Hogue pulls away from Strubbe by 6 car lengths. Lap 12, Vollmer gets lose on the frontstretch, goes into turn 1 high and spins, collecting Brawner. On the restart Strubbe after Hogue as Clement gets loose on the backstretch and checks up the field but he is able to hang on to 3rd. Strubbe hits backstretch wall and loses ground to our leader. Lap 18, Brawner and Belcher get together in turns 1 and 2. Restart sees Strubbe after Hogue and Clement after Strubbe. The 71 and 12 start to pull away until lap 31, when Vollmer spins in turn 4. We get back after it and Clement gets to the door of Strubbe, the two make contact on the backstretch, sending Strubbe on his lid, the 12 and 5 to the tail. We reset the field with Hogue still out front followed by Belcher and Brawner. Strubbe by Vollmer on the restart, 7 gets into the 12 spinning Strubbe in turn 2. Clement back up to 4th. Lap 48, Clement by Brawner to take over 3rd, as the 7 spins on the backstretch. This takes us to the fuel stop and Hogue has led every lap in the 1st half. We start the 2nd half and Belcher bounces of the backstretch wall, allowing Clement to take 2nd. Lap 55 Strubbe comes across the nose of the 7 spinning the 12 and sending him back to the tail. Lap 60 Strubbe and Brawner get together on the back stretch and its back to the tail again for the 12. Lap 66 Belcher goes after Clement for 2nd but spins the 5 and Earl is forced to the tail. We get back to racing and Hogue is still your leader followed by the 7 and 32. Strubbe gets up to Brawner and as they fight for 3rd, the 12 spins the 32 and both are sent to the tail. Clement back to 3rd. Lap 77 Brawner high in 4 hits the infamous point leading onto pit road. Lap 83 Vollmer drives in deep in 3 and gets into our leader sending Hogue into the turn 4 wall. This hands the lead to Clement with only 15 to go. Strubbe up to 2nd as he bypassed the 60 and 32. Brawner got by Belcher when the 60 spins on the frontstretch. Lap 87 Strubbe for the lead. Lap 90 Brawner clips the inside grass in 3 and 4 spinning the 32 out, Hogue spins to avoid the 32 and Vollmer comes in and blasts the 71. We reset the field with Strubbe leading followed by Clement and Hogue doing all he can to get back to the front with only 5 to go. 3 to go and Clement makes a run at Strubbe but Earl gets lose allowing Hogue and Vollmer to get by for 2nd and 3rd, the two make contact coming across to take the white flag and the 7 is sent into the turn 1 wall. 71 continues on to come home 2nd. Ron Strubbe takes home the "Big Clock" and wins one of the biggest races of his career. Belcher gets by Clement to take home 3rd. All 6 cars finished the race, and all you guys did a good job...

"Sportsman guys"
We now set our sights on the nonstop action in the Sportsman class. Paul Hilber in his 83 car grabs the pole with a lap of 6.332. The 67 of Brett Gottfried takes 2nd with a 6.339 and the # 44 of Nick Ellis runs a 6.372 to take 3rd. Top 3 separated by .040. Friday we were able to sit back and watch 4 heats per round and the action was superb. Paul wins both of his rounds and the # 81 of Matt Hilber sweeps heat #2, Greg Hilber in his #38 takes heat #3 and the #7 of Jon Smith dominates heat #4.

C Main…The race to keep racing.

8 cars rolled to the green with all having a shot at the B. Jerry Brawner got his #88 out front and never looked back. The 27 of Steve Riddle, Jim Bell in his 31 and hired gun Dave Pirrello in the 32 all earn themselves some more racing. Honorable mention goes out to Jon Mason in the 87 car, who was in a transfer spot late until he spun himself out in order to avoid spinning the 2nd place car. Great race guys.

B Main
I don't normally do a complete recap on lower mains, but the B was a good one, with 10 cars that not only had a shot to win the B, but could very well go on to take home the Big Clock. Starting lineup: #29 Rick Liehr leads us to the green followed by the #44 of Ellis 2nd, #6 Jason Cook 3rd, #4 Kevin Ligon 4th, #15 Sonny Brown 5th, and #7 Jeremy Brawner 6th. The Top 4 from the C-main round out our 10 car field. We take the green and Brown wastes no time getting 4th from Ligon and the 15 goes on and grabs 3rd from Cook. Lap 7 Ellis inside of lap car of Riddle, the two make contact, Riddle spins and collects Brown. Race Director made the call the Riddle was already coming around and the 44 and 15 were allowed to fall back in line. Brown continues his early march to the front and gets around Ellis for 2nd, as the two come off turn 2, I couldn't tell if contact was made, but Brown spins and is forced to the tail. Cook and Ligon back in 3rd and 4th with C Main winner Jerry up to 5th. Lap 16 Ellis by Liehr for the lead. Lap 17 Bell and Brown get together off turn 4. Restart Ligon by Cook for 3rd but Cook fights back as Ellis pulls out to a big lead. Lap 25 Jeremy into Brown. Lap 27 we go green but Riddle gets into Pirrello off turn 4. Lap 32 are back to racing. Bell gets an early jump on Jerry, the 88 is forced high out of turn 2 where he gets loose and gets into Bell, Jerry spins and collects Riddle. Jerrys day is done. Top 4 remain the same as Brown is up to 5th. Back at it and Cook after Liehr for 2nd but is unsuccessful and Brown by Ligon for the transfer spot. Lap 43 Bell loose off 4, 31 overcorrects and goes head on into frontstretch wall. On the restart, Ligon gets into Brown, collecting Pirrello. The 7 of Brawner up to the transfer spot with Bell in 5th. We get 2 laps before the fuel stop and Cook gets high off turn 4 and Jeremy gets into the 6 and both spin coming to the Yellow. 2nd half Ellis leads, Liehr holding down 2nd, Bell and Brown in transfer spot. Pirrello up to 5th. 8 of the 10 cars are still on the lead lap. Green is out and Brown with a big jump on Bell, 15 inside of the 31 with Riddle, Bell gets into Brown and both are sent to the tail. Pirrello is handed 3rd and Ligon is back in the transfer spot. Ellis gets a late start and this checks up the field. Liehr gets into the back of Ellis and our leaders are sent to the back. Ligon got by Pirrello for 3rd, so this hands the lead to the 4 car. Cook and Brawner back in the transfer spots with Brown back to 5th. Coming to the green, Brawner spins off turn 4 handing 4th back to Brown, with Bell in 5th. Ok this one will be tough. Green Green Green and the action gets good. Brown by Cook, Cook by Brown, etc, etc, etc. Cook gets to the inside of Brown in turns 1 and 2, Bell decides to stick his headlights into the battle and gets into Cook, they all check up and climb the hill allowing Ellis to come in and take 3rd. Bell up to 4th and Brown back to 5th. Cook under pressure from Jeremy, 6 gets into the 7 and we get yet another caution on lap 75...WHEW!!! 23 TO GO and Pirrello takes the lead away from Ligon as the two battled lap after lap for the top spot. Ellis by Ligon for 2nd just as the yellow flies again. Ligon back to 3rd and Bell is in 4th. Bell gets another big jump on the restart and gets into Ligon and this stacks up the field, 4 and 31 to the tail with Brown and Liehr now in the transfer spots. Brawner gets by Liehr for 4th but the 29 fights back and walks away. Up front Ellis grabs the lead from Pirrello, few laps later Brown by the 32 for 2nd. Dave back to 3rd. 10 to go and on lap 91, Ligon into Bell in turns 3 and 4. We go back green and the 29 of Liehr appears to get loose and Jeremy gets into the 29 and both are sent to the tail. This hands 4th to Cook as we try to go back green but are unable and the 6 is lucky enough to race a little more. 8 Cars on the lead lap and Ellis gets the win as the kid runs the fastest lap of the race with a 6.256. Pirrello gets by Brown to come home 2nd after starting 10th, Brown 3rd.

225 Laps of Great “Mini-Madhouse” A Main action
Starting Line Up. Paul leads us to the green. 2nd Matt, 3rd Smith, 4th Greg, 5th Gottfried and 6th the #2 of Todd Holloway. The top 4 from the B round out our 10 car feature. Best action at the start was at the back as we watch Brown and Cook bypass Pirrello and Ellis. Paul pulls out to a huge lead under a 37 lap green flag run. The 83 laps Pirrello, Ellis, Cook, Brown and Holloway. Lap 37, while trying to put Gottfried down a lap and Cook 2 laps down, 67 into the 6 and Cook spins in front of the leader. Gottfried remains on the lead lap. After only 40 laps the leader has lapped half the field. Lead laps cars are the 3 Hilbers, Smith, and the 67. Lap 45 Smith gets inside the lapped car of Holloway, Greg follows the 7 by but Gottfried comes in, making it 3 wide. The 67 gets into the 7, spinning Smith and the result is a 5 car mess in turn 2. Greg limps back to the pits and one Hilber is forced to the hauler. Only 4 cars left on the lead lap. 25 laps of racing and we watch Paul and Matt pull away. 83 puts Gottfried and Smith down a lap just before the first of two fuel stops. 2 cars left on the lead lap. Back to racing and Ellis roughs up Brown and Sonny pays the kid back in 3 and 4. 15 ends up on his lid. We go green for 30 laps of fast pace action and Smith gets up to 2nd in line and tries his best to get his lap back. Paul proves too strong and pulls away from the 7. Lap 120 Gottfried and Holloway get together. Lap 127 Smith gets into Pirrello the two spin and Holloway comes in a blasts the 7, putting Smith on his top...Lap 132 Cook gets into our 2nd place car of Matt, Cook continues and the 81 loses it in turns 1 and 2. Green stays out for 15 laps to the final stop. Lap 156 Ellis spins in 3 and 4. 20 more green flag laps until Matt hits the frontstetch wall and is slow going into turn 1. Gottfried is unable to avoid the 81 as he tries to gather it up. Matt spins and goes to the tail. Lap 186 Cook into Ellis. Lap 190 Ellis lose off turn 4 and Cook spins the 44 again. We get back at it and Paul drives away from the rest of the field as Matt must deal with traffic. Lap 196 Brown and Holloway touch on the frontstretch. 29 to go and Paul continues to dominate as Matt works his way past Ellis to get up to 4th in line on the track but Paul pulls out to a half track lead. Lap 218 Gottfried gets into Pirrello. 7 to go when we take the green and Gottfried gets into Ellis, collecting Brown and Cook. So let's reset the field with just 4 laps to go. Paul leads followed by Smith (- 1 lap), Holloway (-5 laps), 2nd place Matt and Cook (-5 laps). We take our final green flag and after leading all 221 laps Paul has a problem off turn 2 and the entire field gets by, Smith gets his lap back and Matt leads the final 3 laps to snag the win from his brother. Paul makes it to the end to take 2nd, with Smith rounding out the podium. Ellis and Holloway round out the top 5. The story does not end here...In post race inspection Matt was found to have gasket sealer on his crank case and was stripped of his win. Paul, after dominating the event and running the fastest lap of the weekend with a 5.880, is given the win and takes home the Big Clock.

"Crazy Sprint Car Class"
We wrap up this special edition of Cookie’s Race Recap with the "Off the hook" action in the sprint car class. The top spot in qualifying was won by the #6 of D.C. as he laid down a lap of 6.084. Mike Sadler in the #24 takes the 2nd spot with a time of 6.139 and a 6.248 was put down by the 77 of Jerry Brawner. Friday’s heat action was intense and fast. We had 3 heats per round to set up Saturday’s Mains. Dave Brawner in the #16 sweeps heat #1. D.C. sweeps heat #2. Sadler and the #82 of Randy Baker split heat #3. D.C. runs the fastest lap in both rounds on Friday as he put down a 5.852 in round 1 and a 5.811 in round 2.

B Main
The B Main was dominated by the #2 of Todd Holloway followed by the #9 of Vinnie Krezinski, Jeremy Brawner in the #7 and the final transfer spot goes to the #11 of Fred Murry. Krezinski runs the fastest lap of this race as he runs a 5.984.

This was a battle of survival. Starting lineup: 1st #6 D.C., 2nd #16 Dave, 3rd #82 Baker, 4th #24 Sadler, 5th #77 Jerry and 6th #4 Kevin Ligon. Top 4 from the B round out the 10 car field. Green is out for the first 25 laps and the pace was super quick. Lap 5, Sadler by Baker for 3rd, 1 lap later the 24 runs down Dave and grabs 2nd. D.C. puts Murry and Ligon down 1 lap as Krezinski and Jeremy got past Ligon to move the 4 back to 9th. The 6 pulls out to a huge lead and on lap 20, D.C., while trying to put Jeremy down a lap, gets into the grass in 3 and 4 and slides it sideways but keeps it going and this allows the 7 to stay on the lead lap. Lap 25, Holloway spins off turn 4. We go back green and on lap 30, Dave gets loose off turn 4 and it causes him to go into turn 1 slow as he tries to gather it up, Baker runs into the back of the 16 sending both to the tail. We reset the field with D.C. and Sadler up front followed by Murry (-1 lap) and Jerry 3rd. Green flies and Jerry by Murry and the 77 sets his sights on the leaders. Lap 34, Krezinski spins going into turn 3. Holloway is up to 5th. This restart was an ugly one. Lap car of Murry gets to the inside of Jerry and makes the pass in turn 1. Going into turn 3, Jerry and Jeremy have to check up to keep from running over Murry. Jerry goes to the inside of the 11 on frontstretch, Murry hooks the 77 and Jerry goes head on into the wall. Jerry’s day is done on lap 39. Jeremy gets by to take over the 3rd spot, Holloway up to 4th and Baker 5th. Restart, Sadler hits backstretch wall, this allows Jeremy to take over the 2nd spot. 2 laps later Sadler runs the 7 back down and takes the runner up spot back. 6 pulls away. Lap 51, Ligon spins in turn 4. 23 to go as we take the green and Baker gets high going into turn 3 and this allows Dave to take 5th. Field spreads themselves out and D.C. pulls out to a 6 car length lead. Lap 62 the #9 backs it into the backstretch wall. Lap 66 Baker gets a early jump and gets to the inside of Dave, 82 bangs wheels with the 16 in 1 and 2, the two continue the battle down the backstretch, contact is made and Dave spins. Both go to the tail. Caution out again for Krezinski. 5 to go and green is in the air, Sadler gets low in 3 and 4, 24 clips the grass and starts to spin, Jeremy right on the bumper of Sadler makes contact with the 24 and the 16 and 9 are collected. Jeremy is forced to the tail. Sadler is forced to pull out of the race. This one ends with the yellow accompanied by the checker. D.C. takes home the Big Clock, as he blisters the field all weekend. B Main winner Holloway comes home 2nd and Dave Brawner rounds out the podium.

From this reporters eyes it was a great opportunity for the “World Famous Ingalls Motor Speedway" to show the country that we can put on a Great show. We are all very proud of our race track and the people that make it great. We had a large crowd to watch us go at it door to door all weekend. We are all very motivated on making our track one of the best in the great US of A. Thank you to all that made this event possible. QSAC, IQSR, VP Racing Fuel, Small Town Pizza, Mainsource Bank, Holloway Vinyl Signs and Graphics, Sonny Brown and Spectrum, Jeremy Brawner and Herta Motorsports, Relentless Racing, Jerry and Penny Brawner and all of Crown Racing, All our local racers, Bob, and last but not least our Prez Jon Mason..............6

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Race #6 Results and Race #7 News

Hello all. Race #6 was on August 27th, and we had a nice turnout and a great day of racing. There were 26 entries across the three classes, and we had our first "B" Main of the season at a weekly race, with (12) entries in the Sportsman class. We had first time winners in the Sportsman and Bush Series, with Jeremy Brawner taking the Sportsman feature, and Derek Belcher breaking through in the Bush Series. Dave Brawner took his first Sprint Car of the season.

Some of you may have already noticed that I posted the points and lap times from the race last week. Below are the photos from Victory Lane.

Race #7 is this upcoming Saturday, September 10th. I found out last week that it is also the Annual Hog Roast and Softball Tourney at the park. We are going to need to be mindful of where we park as to avoid a broken windshield or dented hood. It will probably be a little crowded, but as they say, the show must go on. I do think it will provide excellent exposure for the club, and I expect the fence to be lined with a few new faces, so lets put on a great show!

Bush Winner Derek Belcher

Sprint Car Winner Dave Brawner

Sportsman Winner Jeremy Brawner

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Race #6 Update

Hey guys, just a reminder that the race this Saturday will be a night race since Community Day was rescheduled to August 13th. Qualifying will be at 5pm.

I will post pictures of the NCS Race soon. I seem to have left my camera at the track on Saturday. Thanks again to all that helped make the race a huge success.

See you on Saturday!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Cookies Race Recap - 2011 Race #2 (Rain Date)

This edition of the Race Recap is dedicated to the memory of Bill Holloway.

We as always start with the " Busch Boys". Due to lack of time I was unable to do a recap for our last race and I feel it is important to mention something. The Tri State race was won by young Evan Brawner due to a failed post race inspection of the winner. In my post race interview with the kid he was very down on how he got his first career win." I don't want to win that way". So what does the kid do? He comes back the next race and blisters the field to win back to back races at the " Madhouse ". Nice Job Evan.

On to this weeks action. The Pole was won by The #16 of Evan Brawner with a time of 6.627. The kid in true superstar fashion shows up late and puts it on the pole with no practice. Coming home 2nd was the #32 of Chris Brawner with a 6.753. A 6.809 was laid down by Ron Strubbe in his #12 car to take 3rd. Evan backs up his pole run by sweeping both rounds of heat racing. The Main was shortened to 75 laps due to bad weather moving in. The kid leads us to green with his dad 2nd, Strubbe 3rd, J.R Parsley in his #55 4th and the #66 of Donnie Hargraves rounding out our top 5. We go green and Strubbe waist no time taking 2nd from Chris on the 1st lap. We watch the 32,66,55 and the # 17 of Rick Mowery battle it out for 5 laps until the 17 spins the 32 in turn 4 to bring out our 1st yellow flag. Hargraves up to 3rd. On the restart Evan and Stubbe mix it up for 4 laps in which the lead change hands mutiple times. Strubbe bouches off front stretch wall spining the kid and sending both to the tail. Meanwhile Mowery and Chris bypass Hargraves to take 3rd and 4th. So this hands the lead to Mowery. Lap 23 the 32 spins and Strubbe has made his way back to 2nd. On the restart Parsley spins off turn 4. We reset the field with the 17 leading followed by the 12 and 66. We get back racing and Strubbe takes the lead away from Mowery, Hargraves follows through and takes 2nd, and the kid takes 3rd moving the 17 back to 4th. Hargraves trying to hang with Strubbe loses a belt on lap 37 and Mowery gets back by Evan for 3rd. This moves the 17 back up to 2nd with the 66 having problems. Lap 43 Chris and J.R get together in turn 1. Lap 46 Evan back by Mowery for 2nd as Strubbe pulls out to a big lead.Lap 59 Hargraves spins on backstetch and this gives Evan a shot at Strubbe. On the restart the 12 pulls away from the kid until lap 65 Chris and Mowery get together on the backstretch collecting Hargraves. We try and go green with 7 to go but Hargraves spins off turn 4 coming to the green. The final restart flys with just 4 laps to go and Evan runs right on the bumper of Strubbe. Evan makes his move in turn 1 after taking the white flag, the two are side by side coming off turn 2 when Strubbe gets lose and makes contact with Evan sending both cars spinning. As they are trying to collect there cars and get back to the checkers the 66 blast the kid and Strubbe limps it back to take the win. Ron gets himself back in shape to go after the busch title. Mowery gets by Evan to come home 2nd and the kid has to settle for 3rd. Heck of a show boys.

I would do Sprints cars last but the action in the Sportsman class was worth saving for last.

" The Crazy Sprint Car Class"
The Pole was won by no other then the #88 of Jerry Brawner with a lap of 6.255. Sprint Car "Rookie" Bill Herzhog in the #75 car misses the pole by .001. A 6.352 was put down by the #2 car of Todd Holloway to take the 3rd spot. We had a pair of great heat racing with the #16 of Dave Brawner giving Jerry all he could handle but the 88 proves to be to strong by sweeping both rounds. The 75 lap main was a good, clean, and fast pace race.The 88 leads us to green followed by Dave,Holloway,and Herzhog. We go green and on lap 3 Holloway spins handing 3rd to Herzhog. Lap 5 the #5 of Mike Fenstermaker pulls off and heads for the hauler.Lap 13 Jerry puts the #4 of Kevin Ligon down a lap. Lap 16 Herzhog spins bringing out our 2nd caution.Jerry,Dave and Todd 1,2 and 3 until lap 21 when Ligon and Herzhog make contact on the back stretch ending the rookies night. Good Run Herzog..LOL. Lap 28 Holloway by Dave for 2nd and the 88 pulls out to a big lead.Lap 34 Holloway loses 2nd when he spins his #2 car handing 2nd back to the 16.Dave goes after his dad in the early laps of this 40 lap green flag run. Jerry continues his dominace by pulling away from his boy. Dave Brawner did however run our fastest lap of the day while trying to keep up with the 88. Lap 63 Holloway pulls off. Jerry Brawner is 5 for 5 at the World Famous "Ingalls Motor Speedway". This reporter is looking forward to this weeks NCS RACE just to watch the best in the country battle it out in these awesome race cars.

e now move on to the out of control " Sportsman Guys". Todd Holloway in his #2 car takes home the pole award with a time of 6.388. The #88 of Jerry Brawner runs a 6.529 to take the 2nd spot and Dustin Hineman in his # 38 car. Our 10 car field was spilt up into 2 heats per round.Holloway backs up his pole run by sweeping both rounds of heat #1 and running the fastest lap of the day. Hineman and Dave Brawner in the #8 car gave Holloway all he could handle as Round #2 was the race of the day.We watched Brawner and Holloway run door to door for 5 laps. Heat # 2 was a great battle also as Jerry takes both rounds in his 88 as he and Jason Cook in the #6 fought hard for all 100 laps...On to the Main. Holloway leads the field to the green. Jerry starts 2nd followed by Hineman, Cook and the #21 of Jerry Morgan rounding out the top 5. We had been watching the radar and BAD weather was approaching quickly. From the early laps it was clear that we were racing to the rain. All nine drivers knew they had to get what they could get as fast as possible. Lap 3 Cook and Hineman get together fighting for 3rd.Lap 5 the #44 of Nick Ellis has made his way to 3rd. ( Nick coming down to dial his car in for next weekends NCS). Nick gets into the 88 collecting the #4 of Kevin Ligon. This Moves Morgan up to 2nd followed by the 8 of Dave and Hineman has made it back to 4th. We restart and Morgan gets suffled back to 5th as Hineman gets by Dave and Jerry by Cook and Dave but Cook get into the back of the 88 they all three save their cars and continue on as Morgan comes through and spins his car off turn 2. Cook up to 3rd. Holloway leads us to the restart with Hineman wanting his shot at the top spot. Lap 20 the # 27 of Steve Riddle spins off turn 2. Lap 24 Ligon spins in same corner. On the restat Jerry by Cook for 3rd. Lap 35 Ellis spins off turn 4 as he was going after Cook for 4th as they came up on a lap car. Lap 42 Jerry by Hineman for 2nd as Ligon spins Morgan in turn 4. Holloway looks in to the mirror only to see his rival Jerry wanting his car in front, it was short lived as the 88 spins off turn 4. We reset the field with Todd leading followed by Hineman, Cook, Dave and Ellis. Lap 51 Ellis into Dave in turn 2 as Cook trys Hineman for 2nd. Lap 58 the 88 has made his way back to 4th as the 8 and 27 get together in turn 1. Holloway pulls away as the 38,6 and 88 battle for 2nd, lap car of Riddle causes Hineman to check up Cook trys to take advantage but is unsuccessful and the 27 hits the pit wall on lap 68. We get a quick green flag run before the fuel stop. Cook gets by Hineman for 2nd when the 38 goes high into turn 3 , Jerry comes in and tags the 38 they both continue on to the fuel stop. We start the 2nd half and Holloway pulls away from Cook and on lap 85 Jerry gets Cook for 3rd. 1 lap later Jerry loses it off 4 but saves it Cook comes in a mirrors Jerrys spin but is unable to gather it up bringing out yet another yellow flag. Lap 94 Jerry after Todd for our lead when Ligon and Dave get together in turn 4 collecting Morgan. We go on a 12 to 14 lap fast pace green flag run and we watch Holloway put Dave and Morgan down 1 lap. Lap 108 Jerry is all over Todd when Hineman and Ellis make contact in turn 3. Cook back to 3rd. We get another quick caution for Ligon on the frontstretch. Jerry back after Holloway on the restart but can't get it done and Hineman back to 4th. Lap 120 all hell breaks lose as the long awaited storm has arrived.We had substained winds in ths 40s and gust of 60 + causing mayhem all around the track. Lap 122 Hineman follows him up the hill they make contact sending both to the tail. This would be our 1st wind induced caution. Lap 126 Cook spins again. 2 laps later Ligons in turn 2. Lap 136 Hineman back to 4th as Jerry and Cook spin.We are all trying to keep our focus as the stand is shaking , lights are swaying and all out craziness all around us. We go green with Holloway still leading. Ellis 2nd followed by Hineman, Cook, Jerry and Ligon on on the lead lap.They all fan out and Jerry makes his way past Cook and Hineman to get back up to 3rd.Cook gets Hineman for 4th. Lap 145 Cook and Morgan get together in turn 1.On the restart Hineman gets Jerry for 3rd and the 38 continues his march by bypassing Ellis for 2nd with 2 to go. Jerry now goes after Nick on the final lap and takes 3rd. Holloway leads flag to flag to win yet another Main at Ingalls. Todds celebration was cut short as word spread through the IQSR family that he had lost his dad. We all have you in our thoughts and prayers Hollywood. All in all it was a great day / night of racing and we are all looking forward to this weekends NCS race. We are working to put on the best show of 2011…….6

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NCS Race

Hello all. If anyone plans on bringing a covered dish on Saturday, please send me an email at iqsr16@gmail.com and let me know what you plan to bring. Right now, we have pulled pork BBQ, Hot Dogs, cheesy potatoes, chicken queso dip, and pasta salad.



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

As most of you already know, Todd's dad, Bill Holloway passed away on Monday. Bill was a longtime supporter of IQSR, and a lifelong racer. If you have never checked it out, click on the link to Bill Holloway Racing on the right side of our homepage. There are some really awesome photos there, as well as a complete biography. I have included a few of the photos below.

Visitation for Bill will be Thursday at Meeks Funeral Home on Washington St. in Muncie from 10am - 12pm. There will be a service immediately following. In lieu of flowers, the family is encouraging that donations be made to the Victory Junction Gang in the name of William Holloway, Jr. You can do so on their website, www.victoryjunction.org, or by clicking here. You can also send it via mail to: 4500 Adam's Way, Randleman, NC 27317. I will be making a donation on behalf of IQSR in the next few days.

As has become tradition for IQSR, I ask all club members to run a black stripe on their car on Friday and Saturday at the NCS race in honor of Bill.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Race #2 - Community Day

I'd like to start off by offering condolences on behalf of IQSR to all the victims of the tragedy at the Indiana State Fair on Saturday night. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families.

Saturday night was a rain make up day for Race #2, and was also Community day. We had a very nice turnout, both with the car count, and the fans that came out to enjoy the day with us. I think the club put its best foot forward to show the fans that we appreciate the support of the local community, and that we are all grateful that they allow us to use the park to feed our appetite for racing, and enjoy our hobby. Thanks to Kristie Strubbe for making the baskets that we raffled off on behalf of the club, as well as for providing treats for the kids, and pens and magnets for the adults. Thanks also to Penny Brawner and Alisa Blanke for helping with the food and clean up, and to Dustin Hineman for loaning us the grill.

I have posted lap times and points, and they can be accessed by clicking on the tabs above. There were some adjustments to the finishing order of the Sportsman and Bush A-mains, as well as the first heat of sprint cars, as the computer showed the wrong order on the posted sheets. You can refer to the points for the actual finishing order by looking at the tab for Race #2. Congrats to our winners Ron Strubbe in Bush, Jerry Brawner in Sprint Car, and Todd Holloway in Sportsman. Photos of the winners are posted below.

I thought it would be fun to see how the points battle is shaping up since we have passed the halfway point of the season, so I went ahead and figured throw outs in. Remember that you score your best seven races toward your season total for the track championship. After the lowest two scores were dropped from all the racers, a familiar name rose to the top of the Sportsman class. Todd Holloway assumes the lead, with Jerry Brawner lurking in second. Jerry Brawner maintains a huge 37 point advantage over son Dave Brawner in the sprint car class, and Evan Brawner hangs onto a slim 7 point lead over Ron Strubbe in the Bush class.

Thanks again to all that came out and helped make Community Day a great success. Thanks to our newest sponsor, Small Town Pizza, for their support of the club, as well as for setting up concessions at the track for us on Saturday night. You may have already noticed their banner hanging on the backstretch, and they will be selling pizza, breadsticks, drinks, and sweets at the track for us to enjoy for the rest of the year, and hopefully in the years to come.

Up next on the schedule is the NCS race at Ingalls Motor Speedway. I encourage all of you to come out and get in on the action, and race with the best drivers our sport has to offer. It will be one of the most fun days you can experience as a Quarter Scale Racer. Remember that it is a two day show, and we get started with qualifying and heats on Friday, and finish up the program with the Mains on Saturday. The track will be open all day on Thursday for practice. Let's show the nation that we have the biggest and best Quarter Scale club in the country!

Bush A-main winner Ron Strubbe with his wife Kristie. Thanks again to her for the treats!

Sprint Car A-main winner Jerry Brawner and his wife "J.C." Penny.

Sportsman A-main winner Todd Holloway.
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