Monday, January 31, 2011

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

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2011 Schedule

I would also like to thank all that attended the Winter Meeting, and to all that contributed to making it a great success. As Todd indicated, one of the things that the club decided today, is that I will be taking over as club president this year. Todd has done a tremendous job in his time as club president, and should be applauded for his dedication to IQSR. He has put blood, sweat, and tears into IQSR over the years, and has helped build one of the strongest Quarter Scale clubs in the country. He has given me big shoes to fill, but I look forward to building on the foundation that he and others have provided all of us, and to leading the club into a very exciting year and beyond.

I have posted the Schedule for the upcoming year. As most of you know, we are excited to host Race #5 of the NCS series in August. In addition to our club hosting a National race, there are two other NCS races on tracks that most of us are familiar with from the Tri-State series, Machesney Park Raceway, and Freddie's. This will provide a unique opportunity for midwest racers to run for a National Title without as much travel as would normally be required.

We are also excited to go back to Newton Park and race in support of the park and kids. Bob shared exciting news on track upgrades by Hoosier Tire and the park, as well as on potential racers.

As you will see there will be nine (9) points paying IQSR club races this year. We will count the (7) highest point totals for each driver toward the track championship standings.

Finally, we will host a Tri-State series race again this year thanks to the continued efforts of Fred Murray. We are excited to be a part of this series, and get the opportunity to race with all the best drivers the midwest has to offer.

Keep your eye out for pictures from the meeting to be posted soon, as well as other news. Racing season will be here before you know it, and I look forward to seeing all of you at the track. We will kick it off with Track clean up days the first two weekends in April.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 meeting

Well thanks to all that made todays meeting a success. Thanks to Bob and Patty Louk for taken care of the awards, the Brawners for the food and to Dustin for giving us a place to meet. If I missed anyone I'm sorry. For the guys that didn't make it today just wanted to let you know that I have stepped down as the IQSR president. I have held this for about 15 years with a small break in the middle. I decided it was time to step down and give some new people a chance to help move the club forward. My time has gotten increasingly limited the last couple years, this will help me give more time to my business, my job and also my family. I still plan on racing and helping out in any way I can. I will also retain my position as a QSAC official. I also will be very involved in helping make our NCS race this year a sucsess and one to remember. Jon Mason has stepped up to be our new leader along with Bob Louk. Jon and Bob I'm sure will do an outstanding job. Jon has lots of energy and lots of good ideas to move us forward. Please give Jon your support and we will continue to grow and be one of the best clubs in QSAC. The meeting went very well with lots of great food, great ideas, and great friends. I will leave the details for Jon to explain along with posting the schedule. We also had Kevin from the Marion Co. track with us today with more plans of working together again this year. He plans on racing and even becoming a sponsor at Ingalls with a banner. I know where you can get a banner made!! lol Thanks for allowing me to be your president for so long and I look forward to 2011 and the years to come. Todd Holloway

Friday, January 28, 2011

Race Meeting

Just a reminder, 2011 kick off meeting tomorrow at 12:00 noon! Lots of stuff to talk about and awards! The best part will I'm sure be the food. See you then. Todd
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

E-mail Updates

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Newton Park "Hoosier Tire Race" Aug. 4-6 2011

I would like to first thank everyone for the hard work it takes to put something on like these events. Bob and Patty Louk spent many hours working with Hoosier Tire last year to get the ball rolling for this year. What they did was take our sport and put it in front of a bunch of racers, gearheads and most of all kids. Thats what this event will be all about "The Kids". This park was put there for them by Hoosier Tire, Tony Stewart and others. Lets not loose site of that. A thanks goes out to Fred Murry as well for helping following up and getting the dates to work out and for spending a couple days with our club members and Bob and family last year to promote. It paid off and should be a lot of fun. Thanks Todd Holloway

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jan. Meeting

If you could Jerry Brawner and family and also Dustin Hineman would like to get an idea of how many plan on attending the meeting. They plan on providing some food that day and  want to make sure they have enough. Please RSVP Jerry at . You might bring a chair just in case they run short. Please check out our web site for directions to Dustin's house. Any questions let one of us know. Thanks Todd
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