Sunday, January 16, 2011

Newton Park "Hoosier Tire Race" Aug. 4-6 2011

I would like to first thank everyone for the hard work it takes to put something on like these events. Bob and Patty Louk spent many hours working with Hoosier Tire last year to get the ball rolling for this year. What they did was take our sport and put it in front of a bunch of racers, gearheads and most of all kids. Thats what this event will be all about "The Kids". This park was put there for them by Hoosier Tire, Tony Stewart and others. Lets not loose site of that. A thanks goes out to Fred Murry as well for helping following up and getting the dates to work out and for spending a couple days with our club members and Bob and family last year to promote. It paid off and should be a lot of fun. Thanks Todd Holloway

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