Friday, April 22, 2011

We are going to race tomorrow!!

Well, mother nature is trying to make the first race interesting for us. I have watched the weather over the last couple days, and I think we are going to get a window to get the full show in tomorrow. The rain should be moved out before tomorrow morning, and as near as I can tell, will hold off tomorrow afternoon. The temperature is going to be around 70 degrees, and we should have some sun in the morning, so the track will dry quickly, and allow for plenty of track time tomorrow morning to get those final adjustments made before qualifying at 12:00 pm sharp.

Just a reminder to all to be very careful when getting parked and set up tomorrow. While the track and infield drain very well, there are going to be some areas around the outside of the track that are going to be wet and muddy. Please avoid parking in a area that is questionable, as we don't want any damage to the park property.

I hope this doesn't turn out to be my first bad decision as the new president, but I think it is best for the club to not get behind this early in the season if we can avoid it. I am looking forward to getting the season kicked off, and to racing with the Sportman guys this year. Get those cars loaded up, its time to go racing boys!


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