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Cookies Race Recap - 2011 Race #3

Race #3 at the World Famous Ingalls Motor Speedway is in the books. It was a "FANTASTIC" day of racing as we had 26 entrys. We start as always with " The Busch Boys". We had a light mist fall during time trials but we got it in with the # 12 of Ron Strubbe taking home the 5 points with a time of 6.561. 2nd goes to the # 16 of young Evan Brawner with a 6.728 and upstart Derek Belcher in his # 60 car 3rd with a 6.752. We had 2 heats per round with Evan winning both of his heats in dominating fashion as he lapped the field. I have watched this young man progress over the last 2 years and I must say he ran 100 laps of smart racing. Good job kid. Both rounds of the 2nd heat were won by Strubbe. Fastest lap in the heats was set by Evan with a 6.452 and that ends up being our quickest lap of the day in this class. On to the Main. The 12 of Strubbe leads us to green with Brawner 2nd and Belcher 3rd. We go green and the 16 waste no time going after the 12 for the top spot and the # 1x of Bill Pennington goes after the 60 for 3rd until lap on lap 10 the # 99 of Bruce Moore spins off turn 2 collecting our leader Strubbe. The 12 drops to the tail handing the lead to the kid. We restart with the 1x in 2nd after he had bypassed the 60 just before the caution. On the restart Pennington gets by Brawner but the 16 takes the point right back. Lap 19 the 60 spins and bunches the field. Meanwhile Strubbe gets back to 3rd. We restart and our 3 leaders battle it out after another quick caution for the 60 again. We go back to green and the 1x makes a great pass in 1 & 2 to take the lead from the 16 and then on lap 30 the # 66 of Donny Hargraves spins and we get yet another restart. We go back to green and Strubbe gets into the Kid for 2nd sending both to the tail. So we reset the field with the 1x leading followed by the # 55 of J.R Parsley and the 60 of Belcher back up to 3rd. Green flys and Pennington pulls away and the 12 and 16 bypass the 60 and Strubbe, not to be denied, takes 2nd from Parsley and sets his sights on the 1x. Lap 48, the 16 and the 55 make contact fighting for 3rd. Brawner goes to pits shortly after this and loses mutiple laps ending the kids shot at a victory. Lap 53, Strubbe and Parsley get together on the backstretch and and this puts the 12 back on the tail once again. We restart and in 2 laps Strubbe is back to 3rd and on lap 60 Strubbe makes the pass for 2nd and begins his run to catch the 1x. Lap 66 Brawner and Moore get together in turn 4. We go green on lap 69 and Strubbe steals the lead from Pennington in turns 1 & 2 and on lap 71 we get our final yellow. This sets us up for a Green, White, Checker. Strubbe proves to be too much as he is 2 for 2 at the "Mini Madhouse" this year. The 12 also scores max points for the day. 2nd goes to first timer Pennington and Parsley gets by Belcher in the closing laps to take 3rd. Congrats to both of those guys for scoring a podium finish in their first starts at Ingalls Motor Speedway.

Now the day in the "Sportsman Class". The pole was won by the # 7 of Jeremy Brawner with a lap of 6.430, 2nd goes to the # 38 of Dustin Hineman with a 6.464 and 3rd with a 6.538 goes to Jerry Brawner in his # 88. For you who are not paying attention 1st and 2nd seperated by .034. Round 1 of the 1st heat was won by Jerry in the 88 by .084 over his boy in the 7. The two were door to door comin to the line. GREAT RACE. Round 2 was also won by the 88. Jeremy in the 7 runs the fastest lap of the day with a 6.228. Both rounds 1 and 2 of our 2nd heat were won by the 38 of Hineman and the # 77 of Bill Herzhog equals the 7s fast lap by running his own 6.228. On to the 10 car main. All 10 with a shot at taking home a win at the "Madhouse". Hineman leads the field with the 88 2nd, The 7 of Brawner and the # 11 of John Foster 3rd and 4th. The 88 waste no time going after the 38 the two make contact on the back stretch and the 88 takes the spot, this allows the 7 to go after the 38 for 2nd and on lap 6 the two make contact sending both to the tail. This moves the 11 up to 2nd and the # 4 of Kevin Ligon (who hit the set up perfect today as he had a FAST hotrod) up to 3rd. We go green and the 88 pulls away until lap 18 when the 77 of Herzhog loses a belt and brings out the yellow flag. Meanwhile Ligon gets by Foster for 2nd. We go back green with the 88 pulling away this seems to be the theme for the day as Jerry was hitting his marks in both classes. Ligon and Foster battle for 2nd as the # 8 of Dave Brawner, his brother in the 7 and the 38 battle for 4th. The 7 gets by the 8 and the 11 to fight his way back to 3rd. Lap 30, while trying to take 2nd from Ligon, the 7 and 4 make contact in turn 2 but continue the fight down the backstretch, where the 4 hooks the 7, sending Brawner into the wall, ending his day. So we reset the field with the 88 leading followed by the 11,38,6,8 and the 4 all on the lead lap. Restart the top 3 run single file and the 8 of Brawner takes 4th from the # 6 of Jason Cook. Lap 38 Hineman gets by Foster for 2nd, with the 38 wanting a shot at that 88 car. Lap 43 Herzhog has a problem off turn 2 ending his day. Lap 47 the 4 and the # 21 of Jerry Morgan get together in turns 1 and 2 the 21 has throttle issues and has to bring it in for repairs. We go back to green and once again the 88 pulls away and our 6 lead lap cars space themselves out. Best battle under this short run was the 8 and the 6 battling for 4th, Cook coming away with it on lap 62. Lap 64 the # 87 of Jon Mason spins. On the restart Ligon gets 5th away from the 8 car. This takes us to the fuel stop. We start the 2nd half with the 88 still leading, Hineman 2nd, Foster 3rd, Cook 4th, Ligon 5th and Brawner 6th all on the lead lap. At the drop of the green the 8 gets the 4 for 5th but then the 8 gets lose allowing Ligon to get back by, and on lap 89 Ligon spins slowing our field. The 8 decides to take the tail on the restart and the 4 waste no time taking 4th from Cook but the 6 fights back and gets the spot back. Ligon and Mason get together on lap 95 sending the 4 back to the tail. Now this restart was very interesting. 88 waits til last second to take off and this forces the 38 to the high side in turns 1 and 2 allowing the 11 to grab 2nd. The 6 gets inside of the 38 for 3rd the two make contact on the backstretch, sending both to the tail. We get another quick yellow, followed by a 20 lap green flag run and par for the course the 88 pulls away from the 11 as the 38, 8 and 6 battle for 3rd. Hineman gets it and pulls away looking at his shot on Foster. Cook gets by Brawner for 4th but the two get together at start finish line to bring out our 11th caution. The closing laps we watched Cook to get back up to 3rd but lose the spot back to Hineman with 9 to go. On the final lap Hineman gets loose in Turn 1 and the 6 gets back by to grab the podium spot. Foster couldn't run down Brawner and comes home 2nd. Jerry wins his 1st race of 2011 and scores max points. Gonna be a tight battle for the championship in this competitive class. Congrats 88 and it was fun racing with you guys…..

And as always we wrap things up with the day in the "Crazy" sprint car class. Jerry Brawner in his 88 car blisters the field in time trials with a time of 6.188. 2nd with a 6.311 was the # 15 of Frank Boling and 3rd was Jeremy Brawner in the # 7 with a 6.338. The 88 backs up his pole run by winning both rounds of heats. We had only 5 cars start the Main as two of our racers couldn't make the start. Jerry in his 88 leads us to green with Jeremy 2nd and the # 75 of Bill Herzhog 3rd. The 88 pulls away as the 7 and 75 battle for 2nd, allowing the # 6 of Jason Cook to get into the mix. The 7 slips up, allowing the 75 to get by for 2nd, and 1 lap later the 6 takes 3rd putting the 7 back to 4th. Lap 11 we get our only caution when the 6 spins the 75 while trying to take 2nd, collecting the 7. All 3 cars line back up the way they were running. We go on a 62 lap green flag run as we watch the 88 pull out to a 1/4 track lead. Herzhog, Brawner and Cook battle it out for the runner up spot as no one was gonna catch the 88. 7 gets by the 75 and 10 laps later Cook gets Herzhog for 3rd. By this time the 88 was out to a 1/2 track lead and the 7 leads the 6 by 20 car lenths. Cook manages to run down Jeremy and with 10 to go BUT the 6 loses a little horsepower and the 7 pulls away. Cook did however run our fastest lap of the day with a 6.060, beating out Jerry by only 0.004. Jerry Brawner has led every Main lap this year in his 88 car. Jerry also scores max points and sweeps the day in our two top classes. Hope you all enjoy my race recap. Good luck to all that are going to Ohio for the Tri State. See ya at the next one......................6

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