Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cookie's Race Recap - 2011 Race #1

The 2011 IQSR season at the World Famous "Mini Madhouse" got underway Saturday, April 23rd with some GREAT short track racing. We start with the "Busch Boys". The pole was won by Jeff Grahn in his # 26 car with a time of 7.150, 2nd goes to Championship contender Ron Strubbe in the 12 car and young Evan Brawner was 3rd. The first round of heats was won by Strubbe, and in round 2 Ingalls rookie Chris Hogue in the # 70 car pulls off a win. Chris looked very good today in his 1st race at the Madhouse. The Main was full of excitement with Hogue leading the field to the green with Strubbe and Grahn 2nd and 3rd. Grahn waste no time taking 2nd away from the 12 but Strubbe takes the runner up spot back a lap later. Hogue leads the early laps. We had some early cautions and by lap 25 Strubbe was making his bid for the lead until the yellow flies for the 16 of Brawner, when he takes out the # 32 of his dad, Chris Brawner. On lap 30, dad repays young Evan by showing the boy who is the elder. On the restart Hogue and Strubbe battle for the lead until the 26 of Grahn decides to make it a 3 car battle and makes contact with the 12, allowing Hogue to pull away. Lap 37 yellow flies again when Evan and Jeff get together in turn 3 and it brings out a red flag. The 70 dies and Hogue is unable to refire his car, handing the lead to Strubbe. Lap 67 the 32 spins in turns 1 & 2 and our leader makes HARD contact, Strubbe is able to continue but Rookie Chris Brawner is forced to carry his car behind the wall. Welcome to RC racing Chocolate..This hands the lead to the #26 of Grahn just before the fuel stop. We start the 2nd half with The 70 and the 26 fighting for the lead when at lap 92 the two get together, handing the lead back to Strubbe. Laps 107 and 114 the 26, 12, and 60 of Derek Belcher get themselves into trouble, putting young Evan up front for the 1st time today. The 16 and Hogue start mixing it up, allowing Strubbe to retake the lead. Lap 141 the 12 and 26 get together on the frontstretch and Grahn cannot refire his car and ends his chances at a win. The 26 did however run our fastest lap in the Main...This hands the lead back to the kid in the 16 car for a shootout with Strubbe. Coming into turn 3 with a lap and a half to go Strubbe gets into the back of Evan and they both get sideways and Strubbe slips by Evan through the grass and leads the final lap to go on to the WIN..This season should be very fun to watch in this class. CONGRATS 12.....

Onto the the "Sportsman" action….Qualifing was won by the # 2 car of Todd Holloway with a time of 6.679, 2nd goes to the Jason Cook in his # 6 car with a 6.700, and Jerry Brawner grabs 3rd with a 6.752. Round 1 of the heats were won by Holloway and Dustin Hineman in the 38 car. The 38 ran the quickest lap in all the heats. Round 2 of the heats were won by Jerry B and John Foster in his 11 car. Foster ran the # 11 car in memory of our friend Richard Hindman, who we lost last year. I have said it before and I'll say it again, you are a class act Foster....The Main was a heck of a race. The 88 led the field to the green, with Foster and Hineman 2nd and 3rd. The start of the race was a good one, with the 88 and 11 battling it out for the lead, and Hineman and Holloway fighting for 3rd. The 38 pulls away, but Holloway gets his groove and runs Hineman back down, taking the spot. Lap 15 Holloway spins in turn 2 sending him to the tail. This moves the # 7 of Jeremy Brawner up to 4th. On Lap 22, Foster gets loose off turn 2, allowing the 38 and 7 to move up, and dropping the 11 to 4th. At that time, the # 8 of Dave Brawner, Kevin Ligon in the # 4 car, and the # 21 of Jerry Morgan get together, collecting the 7 and the 11. This allows the 2 of Holloway to get back up to 4th. Lap 30 the 38 gets into the boss in the 88 while trying to take the lead from Jerry sending both to the tail. This hands the lead to the 7 but Holloway wastes no time stealing the lead from the 7. Lap 34 Ligon hooks the 88 sending "Pappy" into the frontstretch wall and ending the day for our 2010 Champ. Caution flies again just 2 laps later when the 11 and 7 make contact in turn 4 as they battled for 2nd, handing the position to the 6 of Cook. Holloway keeps it out front of Cook and pulls away under a 34 lap Green flag run. Foster and Hineman bypass the 6 and move up to 2nd and 3rd.WHEW!!!. We are now to the fuel stop. We start the 2nd half with a GREAT 3 car battle and the 2 car comes out on top and pulls away from the 11 and 38. Lap 90 the 21 of Morgan spins and allows Foster and Hineman to close back up on Todd. The 11 tries the 2 for the lead but can't get it done and Foster falls into the clutches of Hineman until on lap 100 the 38 loses power and gets clobbered by the 6, both cars forced to the tail but are able to continue. Lap 105 the 38 brings out another caution when he and the 4 of Ligon get together. So we reset the field with the 2 leading followed by 11,6 and 38 all on the lead lap. This gives Foster yet another shot at Holloway but the 2 is unshakeable. Our final yellow comes out on lap 115 for a man on pit road and this will be the 11s last shot at the 2. We go green to the end with Todd "Rowdy" Holloway taking the first checker flag of 2011 in this very close division. Foster and Hineman battle hard for 2nd in the closing laps with the 38 getting it..VERY NICE RACING GUYS!!!

Last we recap the day in the Wild and Crazy Sprint car class. The pole was won by a rookie in sprinters, the # 75 of Bill Herzog with a lap of 6.387. 2nd fastest in time trials was the 6 of Jason Cook. 3rd goes to Frank Boling in the # 15 car. The 6 and 15 were only separated by .010. Herzhog backs up his pole run with a heat win in the 1st round. In the 2nd round of this heat, the 75 made contact with Boling, putting Herzog out and he struggled the rest of the day. Our 2010 Champ Todd Holloway in his # 2 car gets the heat win. Both round 1 and 2 of our 2nd heats were won by the 88 of Jerry Brawner. We need to give ourselves a hand for 140 laps in the heats and only 1 caution, nice job guys! Onto the Main….88 is our leader with Holloway and Cook 2nd and 3rd. Green flies and Brawner pulls away to a nice lead until lap 6 when the 7 of Jeremy Brawner and Boling get together out of turn 4. We go back to green and Holloway tries Brawner but the 88 proves to be too strong and pulls out to nearly a 15 car length lead when on lap 27 the 6 of Cook loses a Motor mount bolt, ending his day. The 88 was the class of the field as he runs out to another big lead until lap 58, when the # 4 of Kevin Ligon hits the frontstretch wall and the 2 spins in turn 3. This hands 2nd to the 7 car of Brawner to try and make a run at his dad. Holloway just didn't have enough to get back and have a shot at either Brawner. The 7 couldn't get it done and has to settle for 2nd. Lap 74 the 77 of Dave Brawner brings out our final yellow and the checkered flag is joined with the yellow. Jerry "Pappy" Brawner leads flag to flag and wins the 1st A- Main of 2011.Congrats to Jerm and Todd on your podium finishes. Hope you all enjoyed my recap.........6

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