Thursday, July 14, 2011

Newton Park Information

Here is the schedule for the Newton Park Charity Event the week of Aug. 1st.

Tuesday August 2nd - 1:30 pm (approximate) - Race with Tony Stewart
Thursday August 4th - Noon - 5pm - Quarterscale Practice
Friday August 5th - 9am - USAC Midget Practice and heats. Quarterscale Practice and Heats to follow.
Saturday August 6th - 9am - USAC Concludes any lower mains. Opening Ceremonies and USAC Midget Racing to follow. Quarterscale Main(s) follow the USAC Mains.
Sunday August 7th - Rain Date

For a complete schedule of events, as well as other information, please click here for a printable PDF flyer, outlining the entire race weekend.

Please come join us to show the racing world what quarterscale racing is all about. This is a unique opportunity to be able to race with a NASCAR great, as well as promote our sport to a very captive audience. The exposure the club(s) will get is invaluable. The local news teams will be there to broadcast the event on Tuesday, and possibly on Friday and Saturday as well.

Racing Entry Fees will be $30.00, and 100% of the proceeds will go to benefit Newton Park or a Charity of their choice. Admission to the grounds is free. It is my understanding that Hoosier Tire is providing awards to the winners!

Please check back as we get closer to the race date for further updates. Thanks!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Race #5 Results and Victory Lane Photos

Race number 5 is in the books, and it was another exciting night at the Mini-Madhouse! Jerry Brawner continues to rule the Sprint Car class after taking a close one from Fred Murry in a green, white, checker finish. Jerry also took the win in the Sportsman, with Scott Paluchniak taking second. Evan Brawner gets his second victory in a row in the Bush class, in a very exciting race that saw nearly every competitor out front at some point in the race.

Sprint Car winner Jerry Brawner. In this photo are his wife Penny, and their two granddaughters, Lauren and Livia (aka Little Miss Chick-a-bee). These brave young ladies sang the national anthem before the race, thanks girls!!

Sportsman winner Jerry Brawner

Bush Winner Evan Brawner, with car owner Carlis "Shorty" Brawner.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Points are posted......finally!!

Sorry for the delay guys, but the IQSR points from the Tri-State race (IQSR Race #4) are finally posted. Keep in mind that all the non-club members that raced are not awarded IQSR Championship points, so they have been removed from the results and the points tabulated accordingly.

Jerry Brawner continues to dominate the Sprint Car Class, and is building a huge lead in the points. Jason Cook moves up to second in the Sportsman standings, but John Foster stretches the lead by a few points overall. We have a new leader in the Bush Standings, as Evan Brawner takes his first win and moves to the top of the standings after a very unfortunate series of events for Ron Strubbe.

As many of you know, Ron was DQ'd from the race for having an illegal phenolic block on his motor, which was discovered in post race tech. It has been said many times on Hobby Talk, and also at the track on the night of the race, that Ron is a very upstanding racer, and is the victim of purchasing a used car, and not making sure that all the parts were QSAC approved. I wanted to mention this as a reminder to all of us, especially the new guys coming into the sport, so everyone understands that they are responsible for any part on the car(s), no matter if they know it is illegal or not. I know that Ron will be back with a vengeance, and will be right back among the leaders in the points when we start figuring in the throw outs after 5 races have been posted.

Thanks again for all the club members that attended the race. We had 21 Club Entries, so IQSR members made up almost half of the field of 44. I think we showed everyone from out of town a great time as a hosts of the second leg of the Tri-State series. Hopefully it is just a preview of what is to come in August when we host the NCS Race.

The weather is looking good for the race on Saturday, hope to see all of you at the track.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cookies Race Recap - 2011 Race #4 (Tri-State Edition)


The second leg of the 2011 '' Tri State Series'' at the World Famous ''Ingalls Motor Speedway'' was held on Saturday June 25, 2011 and we had a GREAT day of racing as we had 44 entries. We get the recap started with the ''Super Truck '' class. For the first time in two (2) years we had trucks running around the ''Mini Madhouse'' and it was a welcomed change. The guys from ''Great Lakes Speedway'' came down to entertain us with some exciting Tuff Truck action. Qualifying was won by Orrin Sunde in his 0 truck with a lap of 6.530. The #33 of Doug McCallun runs a 6.599 to take 2nd and Randy Brown in the #62 gets 3rd with a 6.779. Round 1 of the heats was won by Randy Brown, Randy also runs the fastest lap of the day in this class with a 6.105.Orrin Sunde takes Round 2.The Main was a great 3 truck battle with Randy Brown coming out on top. Orrin Sunde takes 2nd and the # 4 of Gary Mouser rounds out the podium. Thank you to all the truck guys for coming down and supporting IQSR and we can’t wait to come up and run the D Oval in Michigan.


I was not going to write a recap for the ''Bush Boys'' but I feel it is important to put the facts out and make sure all the guys who came out and worked their butts of to get around the ''Madhouse'' get the credit they deserve. Here we go!!! The pole was won by Ron Strubbe in the #12 with a time of 6.659, 2nd goes to Derick Belcher in his #60 car with a 6.773 and 3rd with a lap of 6.802 was the # 6 of Devon Cox. Evan Brawner in the #16 car wins Round 1 of our first heat and Ron Strubbe takes the second round heat. Both rounds of heat # 2 was won by the Derick Belcher and heat three was won by Rick Mowery in his #17 as he too swept both rounds.

The B Main had 5 cars that all wanted to get into the show. Bill Pennington in the # 5 car gets his 1st Ingalls Win and moves on to start 7th in the Main. Dave Pipchok in his #44 car comes home 2nd with Devon Cox in the 6 finishes 3rd.The final transfer spot goes to Chris Brawner in the # 32 car. All 5 cars finished the race with the # 73 of Steve Koser barely missing the show. (Good effort 73).

We start the A Main with Belcher at the point followed by Mowery, Strubbe, Evan and the # 55 of J.R Parsley rounds out the top 5. J.R wasted no time taking 4th from Evan and on lap 4 the 16 spins bringing out the first of many yellow flags. Lap 8 Parsley while trying to take 3rd from Strubbe spins and is forced to the tail. The B Main winner Pennington is up to 4th. On the restart the 17 of Mowery spins his tires and this allows Strubbe to get his nose inside the 17 and Mowery climbs the hill and hits the turn 2 wall. Mowery is forced to the pits where he loses several laps and ends Rick’s chances at a Win. Belcher still leads with Strubbe 2nd and Pennington up to 3rd from his 7th starting spot. Lap 33 Pipchok loses it on the backstretch collecting the 6 of Cox. The kid in the 16 has made his way to 4th. Lap 28 Parsley spins and its back to the tail for the 55. On the restart Penninton spins and has to give up the 3rd spot. Evan back to 3rd.lap 40 the 32 of Chris and the 44 get together in turn 2 and not sure if the 5 caught a piece of this crash but Pennington pulls into the pits and heads for the haulers. (Nice Run 5). Lap 45 Mowery gets into the 3rd place car of Evan sending the kid back to the tail. Lap 55 Evan spins Pipchok as he try’s to get back to the front. Parsley back to 3rd and is looking for a shot at Strubbe and Belcher. And a shout out goes to the # 66 of Donny Hargraves after staying out of trouble is up to 4th. We go green and Pipchok and Parsley get together and I believe this is what ends J.Rs day (fine job 55). Lap 60 Hargraves and Pipchok get together and Evan is back up to 3rd. lap 62 Strubbe spins and hands 2nd to the kid. Lap 68 the Leader Belcher has a problem and falls out of the race (Excellent job dead $). This gives us only the 2nd leader of the day. Evan leads us to green and now this is the point of the race where everyone needs to know what really happened. Lap 71 we get a crash and the field gets spread out. The Race Director hands the field over to the #12 of Strubbe because Evan missed the loop in order to avoid the wreck. At this point there are only 2 cars on the lead lap the 12 and 16. Evan lines up at the back of the field and is caught up in a turn 1 and 2 crash on lap 74. Race is red flagged. Now if the 16 gets lined up where he is suppose to be then maybe we don’ t have the great (Bumper Debate). Evan never lost a lap. The bumper was ripped off just inside the turn 1 pit wall, the field came around and went directly in the pits for fuel. Evan rolled out of turn 1 and came into the pits in turn 4, under yellow. the kids bumper was put back in and he was placed at the tail. We spread out over the final 25 laps with Strubbe waking away from Evan as the boy just couldn’t make up his lost track position. Now in post race inspection the Strubbe was found with an illegal manifold block and was striped of his win. I know Ron real well and I know that this was not intentional. He is a good racer and a really nice guy. That being said Rules are Rules and he is taking it on the chin. he is looking forward to redeeming himself for the rest of the 2011 season. The Official results are The #16 of Evan Brawner gets his 1st career win followed by his dad Chris Brawner in the # 32 and upstart Donnie Hargraves in his 66 comes home 3rd.I do apologize for how long my Bush recap is but I felt is was important to try and set things straight.


On to the day in the Wild and Crazy ''Sprint Car Series''. The Pole was won by Bill Herzog in the #75 with a lap of 6.091. The #88 of Jerry Brawner runs a lap of 6.159 and with a 6.251 was laid down by the #16 of Dave Brawner. Herzog backs up his pole with a heat win in round # 1. Todd Holloway in the # 2 car takes round # 2. Jerry in the 88 wins round # 1 of heat # 2 and Fred Murry in his # 11 wins round # 2. Fred also runs the fastest lap of the day with a 5.947.

The 8 car field rolls to the green with the 88 out front followed by Dave and Holloway. We go green and on lap 4 Murry spins in 3 and 4 collecting Herzog and the #82 of Randy Baker. The # 6 of Jason Cook slips by and takes over 4th from his 7th starting spot. Lap 6 we restart and Holloway gets lose allowing Cook to get by and take 3rd, meanwhile Jerry and his boy Dave pull away. Lap 22 Murry spins as Holloway and Herzog bypass Cook. We get 2 quick yellows for a couple of Cook spins. We go back green on lap 30 and we watch the 88 and 16 pull away, as the 75 and 2 battle it out side by side for 5 laps with Herzog coming away with it. Jerry starts to pull away from the boy until lap 45 when Holloway runs down the 75 and gets into Herzog in 3 and 4 sending both to the tail. Lap 50 Cook gets lose again and ends up in the infield. We reset the field with Jerry and Dave out front followed by Herzog who drove his way back to 3rd. Baker and Murry 4th and 5th. We go back to racing and Dave makes a run at Pappy but is unsuccessful in taking the top spot. Lap 58 the # 2 of Kevin Ligon spins and Dave gets yet another shot at Jerry. On the restart Baker does a 360, Murry checks up allowing Holloway and Cook to go by on the outside for 4th and 5th. Lap 65 Herzog and Holloway get together in turn 3 allowing Cook to take 3rd. We get a 10 lap shootout with the Brawners pulling away and Holloway takes 4th from Baker. Jerry ''Pappy'' Brawner wins the 2nd stop of the ''Tri State" series and continues his streak. Jerry has led every Main lap at the ''Madhouse'' in 2011. Dave Brawner comes home in the runner up spot with Cook completing the (Crown Racing) sweep.


We wrap up this special edition of the race recap with the ''Sportsman cars''. We had 18 cars going after a spot in the 10 car A Main. The pole was won by the #44 of Nick Ellis with a lap of 6.304.The # 7 of Jon Smith runs a 6.362 to take 2nd and a lap of 6.383 by Paul Hilber in the 83 car. We had 4 heats per round. Heat # 1 was won by John Cibella in the # 2 and Matt Hilber in the #81 car wins round # 2. Heat # 2 was won by our pole sitter Nick Ellis goes on to win both rounds. Heat # 3 Round # 1 and # 2 was won by the #31 of Jim Bell. Best heat of the day was # 4 as Greg Hilber in his # 38 car wins round # 1 over the # 81 of Matt by .100. Round # 2 Matt beats Greg by .200. Greg runs fastest lap of the day with a 5.931.

On to the C Main, We had 8 cars fighting to keep racing and a spot in the B. The 88 of Jerry Brawner leads the field to green with the # 6 of Jason Cook 2nd, Dustin Hineman in the #38 3rd, Ed Ellis in the #14 4th and the # 8 of Dave Brawner rounds out the top 5.Cook passes Jerry on lap 1 and leads flag to flag to transfer on. Hineman comes home 2nd with Ellis 3rd and the final transfer spot goes to the 8 car of Dave.

We start the B Main and the # 7 of Smith leads the field to green. Lined up 2nd was the # 44 of John Pipchok, Brent Gottfried in his 67 3rd, # 2 Todd Holloway 4th and John Foster in the # 11 car rounds out our top 5. All 10 cars with a great shot at making the big show. We go racing and Smith pulls away until lap 4 when Gottfried spins. Holloway moves up to 3rd, Foster 4th and our C Main winner Cook gets by the # 28 of Rick Liehr for 5th. On the restart Smith pulls away and on lap 16 Holloway gets by Pipchok. Lap 22 Liehr spins in 3 and 4. Restart on lap 25 Smith once again pulls away and Pipchok gets back by Holloway for 2nd and Foster runs down Todd and gets into the 2’s rear bumper sending both to the tail. Cook avoids through the grass and gets up to 3rd. Lap 38 Cook by Pipchok for 2nd and Liehr up to 4th. We go on a 30 lap green flag run and we see Gottfried get by Liehr for the transfer spot and Smith pulls away from Cook by 20 car lengths. Lap 65 Liehr spins in 3 and 4. On the restart Hineman makes his run to the front by getting 4th away from Brent and the two get together ending both a chance at the A main. We get us a Green, White and Checker finish with Smith still leading followed by Cook and Pipchok and Liehr has made his way back to the transfer spot. We have a GREAT 3 car battle for the 4th spot between Liehr. Foster and Holloway. FINAL LAP Foster by Liehr in 1 and 2 Liehr side by side with Foster coming out of 4 when the spun car of Gottfried comes down the track and takes both cars out and ''Hollywood'' Holloway slips by and takes the 4th and final spot. Smith leads flag to flag to get a big win at the Ingalls Motor Speedway. Well done 7.

The big show of the day gets underway with the 31 of Bell leading us to green. The 2 of Cibella 2nd followed by Paul, Matt and Greg rounding out the top 5. Lap 3 Greg, Cibella and Smith crash in turns 3 and 4. Lap 11 Cibella spins and Paul is up to 2nd. Cook up to 3rd. We restart and 81 of Matt takes 3rd from Cook, Smith by Cook a few laps later for 4th followed by Cibella and Greg move the 6 back to 6th. Lap 20 Paul by Bell for the lead and checks out on the rest of the field. Bell finds himself in the clutches of Matt and the 81 takes the spot. We now watch a great 3 car battle for 3rd between Bell, Smith and Greg with Greg coming away with the 3rd spot. Smith gets 4th and Bell continues to fall back as he gets passed by the Pipchok and Nicks 44 car moving our pole sitter back to 7th.Green flag stays out for 30 laps and Paul puts a lap on all but the 81 and 38.Lap 66 Pipchok and Bell get together sending both to the tail. Lap 69 Bell spins and we bunch the field. we go into the fuel stop with Paul leading over Matt and Greg. 4th is Cibella, Ellis 5th and Cook 6th all 3 running between 1st and 2nd and fighting for position and a chance at getting back on the lead lap. We start the 2nd half and on lap 82 Cibella spins handing 4th to Ellis and Cook up to 5th, both still between Paul and Matt. Lap 85 Smith and Greg get together in sending our 3rd place car to the tail. Lap 87 Cook by Ellis for 4th and Cook sets his sites on getting back on the lead lap. Lap 90 Cibella and Smith bring out the yellow and Cook gets another shot at Paul. We go green and Cook is the meat in a Hilber sandwich as Greg got by Matt and the lap car of Ellis. Greg gets by Cook and sets his sites on Paul. Paul proves to be to much as he pulls away from the field. Lap 131 Cook gets lose and allows all 5 cars that are 1 lap down to get by and Cook and Bell make contact off turn # 2 sending the 6 into the outside wall. We go green to the end with the Hilbers spreading themselves out. Paul gets the win followed by Greg, Matt, Cibella and Pipchok round out our top 5. 7 cars ran a 6.0 in the Main with Greg running a 6.052, Cibella and Smith run a 6.053. Congrats Paul and to all the A Main racers. I for one had a great time and can't wait to do it again. Thanks to Orrin, Jon Mason and Bob Louk for putting on a great show....................6

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