Thursday, July 7, 2011

Points are posted......finally!!

Sorry for the delay guys, but the IQSR points from the Tri-State race (IQSR Race #4) are finally posted. Keep in mind that all the non-club members that raced are not awarded IQSR Championship points, so they have been removed from the results and the points tabulated accordingly.

Jerry Brawner continues to dominate the Sprint Car Class, and is building a huge lead in the points. Jason Cook moves up to second in the Sportsman standings, but John Foster stretches the lead by a few points overall. We have a new leader in the Bush Standings, as Evan Brawner takes his first win and moves to the top of the standings after a very unfortunate series of events for Ron Strubbe.

As many of you know, Ron was DQ'd from the race for having an illegal phenolic block on his motor, which was discovered in post race tech. It has been said many times on Hobby Talk, and also at the track on the night of the race, that Ron is a very upstanding racer, and is the victim of purchasing a used car, and not making sure that all the parts were QSAC approved. I wanted to mention this as a reminder to all of us, especially the new guys coming into the sport, so everyone understands that they are responsible for any part on the car(s), no matter if they know it is illegal or not. I know that Ron will be back with a vengeance, and will be right back among the leaders in the points when we start figuring in the throw outs after 5 races have been posted.

Thanks again for all the club members that attended the race. We had 21 Club Entries, so IQSR members made up almost half of the field of 44. I think we showed everyone from out of town a great time as a hosts of the second leg of the Tri-State series. Hopefully it is just a preview of what is to come in August when we host the NCS Race.

The weather is looking good for the race on Saturday, hope to see all of you at the track.


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