Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 13th Race, Community Day

This is an announcement about the race on August 13th. The park will be unable to participate in Community Day this year due to other commitments with the local schools. Since they were the primary reason for scheduling the event as a day race, we are going to run the race at night. We will still host Community Day, and food will be served at 4:00 to the racers and their families, as well as any fans that join us for the event. The Park board will be posting a flyer at the event they participate in with the local schools, and hopefully that will bring members of the community out for us to show our appreciation to for allowing us to have a very nice venue and a place at which to enjoy our hobby. Let's put on a great show for all of them on Saturday night!

Again, we will serve food at 4:00 pm, and have a driver's meeting at 5:00 and get going with qualifying shortly thereafter. Please make sure to pass along this change to anyone that might not be able to check the website. See you all on Saturday.


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