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Cookies Race Recap - 2011 Race #2 (Rain Date)

This edition of the Race Recap is dedicated to the memory of Bill Holloway.

We as always start with the " Busch Boys". Due to lack of time I was unable to do a recap for our last race and I feel it is important to mention something. The Tri State race was won by young Evan Brawner due to a failed post race inspection of the winner. In my post race interview with the kid he was very down on how he got his first career win." I don't want to win that way". So what does the kid do? He comes back the next race and blisters the field to win back to back races at the " Madhouse ". Nice Job Evan.

On to this weeks action. The Pole was won by The #16 of Evan Brawner with a time of 6.627. The kid in true superstar fashion shows up late and puts it on the pole with no practice. Coming home 2nd was the #32 of Chris Brawner with a 6.753. A 6.809 was laid down by Ron Strubbe in his #12 car to take 3rd. Evan backs up his pole run by sweeping both rounds of heat racing. The Main was shortened to 75 laps due to bad weather moving in. The kid leads us to green with his dad 2nd, Strubbe 3rd, J.R Parsley in his #55 4th and the #66 of Donnie Hargraves rounding out our top 5. We go green and Strubbe waist no time taking 2nd from Chris on the 1st lap. We watch the 32,66,55 and the # 17 of Rick Mowery battle it out for 5 laps until the 17 spins the 32 in turn 4 to bring out our 1st yellow flag. Hargraves up to 3rd. On the restart Evan and Stubbe mix it up for 4 laps in which the lead change hands mutiple times. Strubbe bouches off front stretch wall spining the kid and sending both to the tail. Meanwhile Mowery and Chris bypass Hargraves to take 3rd and 4th. So this hands the lead to Mowery. Lap 23 the 32 spins and Strubbe has made his way back to 2nd. On the restart Parsley spins off turn 4. We reset the field with the 17 leading followed by the 12 and 66. We get back racing and Strubbe takes the lead away from Mowery, Hargraves follows through and takes 2nd, and the kid takes 3rd moving the 17 back to 4th. Hargraves trying to hang with Strubbe loses a belt on lap 37 and Mowery gets back by Evan for 3rd. This moves the 17 back up to 2nd with the 66 having problems. Lap 43 Chris and J.R get together in turn 1. Lap 46 Evan back by Mowery for 2nd as Strubbe pulls out to a big lead.Lap 59 Hargraves spins on backstetch and this gives Evan a shot at Strubbe. On the restart the 12 pulls away from the kid until lap 65 Chris and Mowery get together on the backstretch collecting Hargraves. We try and go green with 7 to go but Hargraves spins off turn 4 coming to the green. The final restart flys with just 4 laps to go and Evan runs right on the bumper of Strubbe. Evan makes his move in turn 1 after taking the white flag, the two are side by side coming off turn 2 when Strubbe gets lose and makes contact with Evan sending both cars spinning. As they are trying to collect there cars and get back to the checkers the 66 blast the kid and Strubbe limps it back to take the win. Ron gets himself back in shape to go after the busch title. Mowery gets by Evan to come home 2nd and the kid has to settle for 3rd. Heck of a show boys.

I would do Sprints cars last but the action in the Sportsman class was worth saving for last.

" The Crazy Sprint Car Class"
The Pole was won by no other then the #88 of Jerry Brawner with a lap of 6.255. Sprint Car "Rookie" Bill Herzhog in the #75 car misses the pole by .001. A 6.352 was put down by the #2 car of Todd Holloway to take the 3rd spot. We had a pair of great heat racing with the #16 of Dave Brawner giving Jerry all he could handle but the 88 proves to be to strong by sweeping both rounds. The 75 lap main was a good, clean, and fast pace race.The 88 leads us to green followed by Dave,Holloway,and Herzhog. We go green and on lap 3 Holloway spins handing 3rd to Herzhog. Lap 5 the #5 of Mike Fenstermaker pulls off and heads for the hauler.Lap 13 Jerry puts the #4 of Kevin Ligon down a lap. Lap 16 Herzhog spins bringing out our 2nd caution.Jerry,Dave and Todd 1,2 and 3 until lap 21 when Ligon and Herzhog make contact on the back stretch ending the rookies night. Good Run Herzog..LOL. Lap 28 Holloway by Dave for 2nd and the 88 pulls out to a big lead.Lap 34 Holloway loses 2nd when he spins his #2 car handing 2nd back to the 16.Dave goes after his dad in the early laps of this 40 lap green flag run. Jerry continues his dominace by pulling away from his boy. Dave Brawner did however run our fastest lap of the day while trying to keep up with the 88. Lap 63 Holloway pulls off. Jerry Brawner is 5 for 5 at the World Famous "Ingalls Motor Speedway". This reporter is looking forward to this weeks NCS RACE just to watch the best in the country battle it out in these awesome race cars.

e now move on to the out of control " Sportsman Guys". Todd Holloway in his #2 car takes home the pole award with a time of 6.388. The #88 of Jerry Brawner runs a 6.529 to take the 2nd spot and Dustin Hineman in his # 38 car. Our 10 car field was spilt up into 2 heats per round.Holloway backs up his pole run by sweeping both rounds of heat #1 and running the fastest lap of the day. Hineman and Dave Brawner in the #8 car gave Holloway all he could handle as Round #2 was the race of the day.We watched Brawner and Holloway run door to door for 5 laps. Heat # 2 was a great battle also as Jerry takes both rounds in his 88 as he and Jason Cook in the #6 fought hard for all 100 laps...On to the Main. Holloway leads the field to the green. Jerry starts 2nd followed by Hineman, Cook and the #21 of Jerry Morgan rounding out the top 5. We had been watching the radar and BAD weather was approaching quickly. From the early laps it was clear that we were racing to the rain. All nine drivers knew they had to get what they could get as fast as possible. Lap 3 Cook and Hineman get together fighting for 3rd.Lap 5 the #44 of Nick Ellis has made his way to 3rd. ( Nick coming down to dial his car in for next weekends NCS). Nick gets into the 88 collecting the #4 of Kevin Ligon. This Moves Morgan up to 2nd followed by the 8 of Dave and Hineman has made it back to 4th. We restart and Morgan gets suffled back to 5th as Hineman gets by Dave and Jerry by Cook and Dave but Cook get into the back of the 88 they all three save their cars and continue on as Morgan comes through and spins his car off turn 2. Cook up to 3rd. Holloway leads us to the restart with Hineman wanting his shot at the top spot. Lap 20 the # 27 of Steve Riddle spins off turn 2. Lap 24 Ligon spins in same corner. On the restat Jerry by Cook for 3rd. Lap 35 Ellis spins off turn 4 as he was going after Cook for 4th as they came up on a lap car. Lap 42 Jerry by Hineman for 2nd as Ligon spins Morgan in turn 4. Holloway looks in to the mirror only to see his rival Jerry wanting his car in front, it was short lived as the 88 spins off turn 4. We reset the field with Todd leading followed by Hineman, Cook, Dave and Ellis. Lap 51 Ellis into Dave in turn 2 as Cook trys Hineman for 2nd. Lap 58 the 88 has made his way back to 4th as the 8 and 27 get together in turn 1. Holloway pulls away as the 38,6 and 88 battle for 2nd, lap car of Riddle causes Hineman to check up Cook trys to take advantage but is unsuccessful and the 27 hits the pit wall on lap 68. We get a quick green flag run before the fuel stop. Cook gets by Hineman for 2nd when the 38 goes high into turn 3 , Jerry comes in and tags the 38 they both continue on to the fuel stop. We start the 2nd half and Holloway pulls away from Cook and on lap 85 Jerry gets Cook for 3rd. 1 lap later Jerry loses it off 4 but saves it Cook comes in a mirrors Jerrys spin but is unable to gather it up bringing out yet another yellow flag. Lap 94 Jerry after Todd for our lead when Ligon and Dave get together in turn 4 collecting Morgan. We go on a 12 to 14 lap fast pace green flag run and we watch Holloway put Dave and Morgan down 1 lap. Lap 108 Jerry is all over Todd when Hineman and Ellis make contact in turn 3. Cook back to 3rd. We get another quick caution for Ligon on the frontstretch. Jerry back after Holloway on the restart but can't get it done and Hineman back to 4th. Lap 120 all hell breaks lose as the long awaited storm has arrived.We had substained winds in ths 40s and gust of 60 + causing mayhem all around the track. Lap 122 Hineman follows him up the hill they make contact sending both to the tail. This would be our 1st wind induced caution. Lap 126 Cook spins again. 2 laps later Ligons in turn 2. Lap 136 Hineman back to 4th as Jerry and Cook spin.We are all trying to keep our focus as the stand is shaking , lights are swaying and all out craziness all around us. We go green with Holloway still leading. Ellis 2nd followed by Hineman, Cook, Jerry and Ligon on on the lead lap.They all fan out and Jerry makes his way past Cook and Hineman to get back up to 3rd.Cook gets Hineman for 4th. Lap 145 Cook and Morgan get together in turn 1.On the restart Hineman gets Jerry for 3rd and the 38 continues his march by bypassing Ellis for 2nd with 2 to go. Jerry now goes after Nick on the final lap and takes 3rd. Holloway leads flag to flag to win yet another Main at Ingalls. Todds celebration was cut short as word spread through the IQSR family that he had lost his dad. We all have you in our thoughts and prayers Hollywood. All in all it was a great day / night of racing and we are all looking forward to this weekends NCS race. We are working to put on the best show of 2011…….6

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