Sunday, August 14, 2011

Race #2 - Community Day

I'd like to start off by offering condolences on behalf of IQSR to all the victims of the tragedy at the Indiana State Fair on Saturday night. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families.

Saturday night was a rain make up day for Race #2, and was also Community day. We had a very nice turnout, both with the car count, and the fans that came out to enjoy the day with us. I think the club put its best foot forward to show the fans that we appreciate the support of the local community, and that we are all grateful that they allow us to use the park to feed our appetite for racing, and enjoy our hobby. Thanks to Kristie Strubbe for making the baskets that we raffled off on behalf of the club, as well as for providing treats for the kids, and pens and magnets for the adults. Thanks also to Penny Brawner and Alisa Blanke for helping with the food and clean up, and to Dustin Hineman for loaning us the grill.

I have posted lap times and points, and they can be accessed by clicking on the tabs above. There were some adjustments to the finishing order of the Sportsman and Bush A-mains, as well as the first heat of sprint cars, as the computer showed the wrong order on the posted sheets. You can refer to the points for the actual finishing order by looking at the tab for Race #2. Congrats to our winners Ron Strubbe in Bush, Jerry Brawner in Sprint Car, and Todd Holloway in Sportsman. Photos of the winners are posted below.

I thought it would be fun to see how the points battle is shaping up since we have passed the halfway point of the season, so I went ahead and figured throw outs in. Remember that you score your best seven races toward your season total for the track championship. After the lowest two scores were dropped from all the racers, a familiar name rose to the top of the Sportsman class. Todd Holloway assumes the lead, with Jerry Brawner lurking in second. Jerry Brawner maintains a huge 37 point advantage over son Dave Brawner in the sprint car class, and Evan Brawner hangs onto a slim 7 point lead over Ron Strubbe in the Bush class.

Thanks again to all that came out and helped make Community Day a great success. Thanks to our newest sponsor, Small Town Pizza, for their support of the club, as well as for setting up concessions at the track for us on Saturday night. You may have already noticed their banner hanging on the backstretch, and they will be selling pizza, breadsticks, drinks, and sweets at the track for us to enjoy for the rest of the year, and hopefully in the years to come.

Up next on the schedule is the NCS race at Ingalls Motor Speedway. I encourage all of you to come out and get in on the action, and race with the best drivers our sport has to offer. It will be one of the most fun days you can experience as a Quarter Scale Racer. Remember that it is a two day show, and we get started with qualifying and heats on Friday, and finish up the program with the Mains on Saturday. The track will be open all day on Thursday for practice. Let's show the nation that we have the biggest and best Quarter Scale club in the country!

Bush A-main winner Ron Strubbe with his wife Kristie. Thanks again to her for the treats!

Sprint Car A-main winner Jerry Brawner and his wife "J.C." Penny.

Sportsman A-main winner Todd Holloway.

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