Friday, September 9, 2011

"Cookies Race Recap, Race #6"

Race #6 at the "Ingalls Motor Speedway" was held on August 27th, and what a show it was. A great crowd showed up to watch 26 cars in 3 classes battle it out under the lights at the "Mini Madhouse".

"Busch Boys"
I told the rookies that I really enjoy writing the recap for this series but I ask them to mellow out on the yellows. They did not listen….LOL. The "Small Town Pizza" pole award was won by the #60 of Derek Belcher with a lap of 6.451. 2nd in time trails with a 6.527 was Mark Hogue in his #71. The #12 of Ron Strubbe comes home 3rd with a 6.616. We split our 8 car field into two heats per round. Strubbe and Belcher split heat #1 and Hogue dominates heat #2. Fastest lap in heat action was the #16 of point leader Evan Brawner as the kid laid down a lap of 6.423.

A Main
Starting Lineup: Hogue leads the field to green followed by Strubbe, Belcher, the #24 of Bill Pennington and young Evan rounds out the top 5. We go 4 laps and our leader Hogue spins and hands the lead to Strubbe. Green is out and Strubbe pulls out to a big lead. Pennington by Belcher but the 60 fights back and retakes 2nd. Hogue back to 4th. We stay green for 15 laps and Hogue gets by Pennington for 3rd. Lap 20 the #55 of J.R Parsley loses it off turn 4. Back to green and Hogue takes 2nd from Belcher and the 71 looks to get to our leader and take back the top spot. Lap 28 Belcher gets loose off turn 4 and this checks up the field going into turn 1, the #32 of Chris Brawner gets into his boy Evan. Belcher holds on to 3rd with Pennington ready to pounce. Green back in the air and Hogue after Strubbe as Pennington gets by Belcher for 3rd and the 24 looks to run down our leaders. Lap 37 Parsley spins off turn 4. Strubbe gets a great start and Pennington after Hogue, 24 and 71 get together and this hands 2nd back to Belcher. Evan and Chris back to 3rd and 4th. 5 to go till fuel. Lap 47 Hogue makes it three wide with Chris and Parsley, Pennington comes in and gets into Hogue and both are sent back to the tail. We start the 2nd half and Hogue waste no time getting back up to 4th.Lap 56 Parsley gets lose down the backstretch and Pennington unable to avoid the slow car makes contact and the yellow flies again. Hogue after Evan on the restart, 71 gets into the kid both continue and Hogue takes 3rd. Lap 62 Chris into Pennington in 1 & 2. 9 laps of green flag action as Hogue takes Belcher for 2nd and goes after Strubbe for the lead. Lap 76 Strubbe by Parsley to put the 55 down 1 lap and as Hogue comes up on the lap car, Parsley gets lose and spins taking our 2nd place car with him. Hogue is allowed to fall back in 2nd. Pennington is up to 4th. We go on a 11 lap green flag run and Strubbe puts the point leader Evan down 1 lap. Lap 90 and Parsley gets into Evan in turn 3. 3 to go on the restart as Hogue lays back and Strubbe appears to spin his tires, this allows the 71 to close on the leader to quickly, 71 and 12 both spin collecting Belcher and Pennington. 71 ends up on his lid. Belcher is handed the lead followed by Pennington, Chris, Strubbe and Hogue as we get a 1 lap shootout. Pennington goes after Belcher but the 60 keeps it out front to get his 1st career win at the "Madhouse". Pennington and Chris Brawner get the best Career finishes. Hogue runs the fastest lap of the day as he laid down a lap of 6.171.WOW!!!. Evan, despite his poor run, holds on to a 2 point lead over Strubbe with three races to go in the 2011 season. This is gonna be one heck of a battle for the "Busch Title".

Sprint cars
We now move on to the action in the “Crazy Sprint Car Class". The “Holloway Graphics" pole award was won by the #88 of Jerry Brawner with a lap of 6.191. 2nd in time trails with a lap of 6.195 was Jeremy Brawner in his #7 car. Top 2 spots were separated by .004. The Brawner sweep of the top three spots in qualifying was completed by the #16 of Dave Brawner with a lap of 6.281. Jerry backs up his pole run by taking the 1st round of heat racing and the #2 of Todd Holloway takes round #2.

A Main action and we have 4 cars looking to get their 1st win of 2011 and wanting to end Jerry’s streak. 88 has dominated the sprint car class and is 5 for 5 in 2011. Starting Line Up: Dave up front and leads the field to the green followed by Holloway, Jeremy, Jerry and the #6 of Jason Cook rounds out our top 5. We get a SUPER FAST 36 lap green flag run and we watch Jeremy on lap 5 get by Holloway for 2nd and on lap 10 Jerry by the 2 to move Holloway back to 4th. Dave pulls out to a half track lead by lap 30. Lap 31 Jeremy has a problem and pulls the #7 off the track and hands 2nd to his dad Jerry. Lap 36 as the leader is bearing down on Cook and Holloway, Cook has no choice but to go, 6 inside of the 2, Cook gets lose off turn 4 and Holloway gets into the 6 spinning both right in front of the leader. Cook and Holloway remain on the lead lap. We go back green with Dave leading followed by Jerry, Cook and Holloway. Green back out and remains out all the way to the end. Dave pulls back out to a big lead. 23 to go and Dave puts Holloway down 1 lap. Dave out to a straight away lead over Jerry and Jerry in front of Cook by the same distance. Holloway having problems loses multiple laps and pulls his #2 car off the track at lap 63. Dave leads all 75 laps and goes on to win his first race of 2011. Dave snaps the 88’s reign on this series. The 16 also runs the fastest lap of the day with a 6.141. Jerry comes home 2nd and holds a 33 point lead with only 3 races to go. Cook completes the podium. Honorable mention goes out to the #5 of Mike Fenstermaker as he gets his best career finish coming home 4th. Nice job Mike.

We wrap up race # 6 at the "Madhouse" with the nonstop action in the "Sportsman Class". The "Mainsource" pole award was won by the #38 of Dustin Hineman. DBO lays down a lap of 6.384 on his final lap and was the last to take time. Impressive!! 2nd in time trails was Todd Holloway in his #2 car with a lap of 6.405 and Jeremy Brawner runs a 6.442 in his #7 car to take 3rd.
We had two heats per round as we watched 12 cars battle it out for a spot in the feature. Round #1 of heat action was won by Jeremy in heat #1 and Scott Paluchniak in the #5 car wins heat #2. Round #2 was won by Jason Cook in the #6 car heat #1 and Holloway wins heat #2. For those not paying attention….4 races 4 winners….Can you say competitive? Paluchniak lays down the fastest lap of the day in round #2 with a 6.185.

B Main
The race to keep racing was dominated by Jerry Brawner in his #88 car followed by the #87 of Jon Mason, Hineman, and Dave Brawner in the #8 car grabs the final transfer spot.

A Main
This was the race of the day as we had 10 cars that were all capable of taking the win. Starting lineup: Cook in the top spot followed by Paluchniak 2nd, Holloway 3rd, Jeremy 4th, the #27 of upstart Steve Riddle 5th, and Kevin Ligon in his #4 car 6th. The top 4 from the B round out the 10 car field. Green flies and Jerry by Kevin for 6th. Paluchniak, Holloway and Jeremy bypass Cook, 1 lap later Jeremy by Holloway to get his 7 car up to 2nd. Cook back to 4th. Lap 8 Riddle and Jerry get together in turn 3 and the 88 spins. Hineman up to 5th. Restart Hineman after Cook for 4th in turns 1 & 2, they are door to door down the backstretch, 38 and 6 make contact and Hineman spins collecting Jerry. Hineman and Cook to the tail. 38 appears to have a bent axle but keeps it in the fight. We go green for 22 laps as we watch the top 3 nose to tail lap after lap. Holloway gets his left sides down in the 3 & 4 grass, door slams Paluchniak and takes the lead. After losing 2nd back to Holloway the 7 gets by the 5 and Jeremy is back up to 2nd.Paluchniak back to 3rd. Meanwhile Jerry has passed Dave, Riddle, Cook, Ligon and Mason to get back up to 4th. Top 2 get away from the 5 and Jerry runs down Paluchniak but Scott finds his groove and pulls back away from the 88. Holloway and Jeremy are nose to tail as they lap Hineman, as they are running down Riddle and Cook, Mason spins in turn 2 on lap 40. We reset the field with Hollywood leading followed by Jeremy, Jerry, Cook , Riddle and Mason all on the lead lap. Green is out and Riddle jumps Cook on the restart, 27 clears the 6 in turn 1 but Cook fights back as Riddle gets to the inside of the lap car of Dave, Cook drives it in deep in turn 3 and tries to take both, 6 gets left sides in the grass, Riddle clears and Cook comes up and spins Dave on lap 45. Mason gets collected. Lap 52 Hineman into Riddle, Mason up to 5th. Ligon gets a bad restart and the field has to spread out, Cook by Mason, 6 gets to the outside of Ligon and they come up on Jerry who is way high in 3 & 4, 6 makes contact with the 88 on lap 57. Mason up to 4th. Back at it Jeremy gets his nose on the inside of Holloway in 1 & 2 but Todd fights back and comes across the headlights of the 7, Holloway spins and the 2 and 7 are sent to the tail. New leader is Paluchniak with Dave and Ligon 1 lap down, Mason, Jerry, Riddle and Cook. 6 gets by the 27 on the restart as Jerry gets by Mason, 87 gets loose off turn 2, Cook checks up, Riddle gets into the 6 and Cook spins collecting Jeremy. The 7 keeps his spot and is now up to 4th behind Holloway, Jerry is up to 2nd and the 5 leads. Lap 68 2nd, 3rd, and 4th get by the lap car of Ligon as Mason spins off turn 2. 5 to go to fuel we watch Holloway all over Jerry for the runner up spot, as they come to the white flag for halftime, the 88 gets loose off 4 and spins. We roll back out with full tanks and we all know one mistake could take you out of any shot at getting the win. Paluchniak leads followed by Holloway, Jeremy up to 3rd, Cook, Riddle, Mason and Jerry all on the lead lap. Green is out to start the 2nd half and on lap 78 the 5 gets loose down the backstretch, Holloway takes advantage and takes back the lead off of turn 4. Jeremy by Paluchniak in turn 1 to take 2nd. Rest of field comes down the frontstretch on lap 84 and Ligon gets into Riddle, 4 spins as Jerry comes in and slams Ligon. 4 on his lid. Cook back up to 4th. Lap 89 Paluchniak gets into Jeremy as they fight for 2nd, both climb the hill in turn 2 and Cook goes low and takes 2nd. 5 holds on to 3rd and the 7 is trying to get his timing back but Jerry smells blood, 88 takes 4th from his boy and Jeremy goes from 2nd to 5th in 2 laps. Cook loose off turn 2, 5 checks up and goes high and gets loose, overcorrects and hits the backstretch wall. We get us yet another action packed restart. Jerry gets inside of Cook in 1 & 2, they trade paint in 3 & 4, Jeremy gets by the 6 to take 3rd and the Brawners are hunting a Holloway but Cook fights back and retakes 3rd. Lap 98 Mason gets into Dave and Ligon gets collected. We let them tires cool down and Holloway and Jerry pull away. Jeremy and Cook continue their fight but the 7 proves to be too much and regains 3rd from the 6. Lap 105 Hineman spins Riddle down the frontstretch collecting Paluchniak. Mason back to 5th. Holloway pulls away from Jerry on the restart, Jeremy makes a great pass in 3 & 4 to take 2nd from his dad in the 88. Behind this action, Cook gets loose off 4 and 2 and Mason "like stink on poop" takes 4th from Cook. Lap 112 Paluchniak, Hineman, and Dave are 3 wide, all three spin. Back to the dogfight and we watch a great fight for the lead as Jeremy goes after the 2 but can't get it done. 2 laps later the 7 takes the top spot from Holloway but Holloway fights back and gets his 2 back out front down the frontstretch. Top 3 having a GREAT battle as Cook gets back by Mason for 4th. Lap 123 Hineman spins on the Backstretch. Mason jumps Cook on the restart and the 87 back in front of Cook. Lap 131 Holloway gets loose and Jeremy grabs the LEAD, 2 trying to collect it as Jerry goes high, Holloway makes contact and spins the 88. Cook and Riddle get by Mason and are now up to 2nd and 3rd. 87 and 5 are in 4th and 5th. Jeremy gets a great restart. Lap 137 Holloway inside of Mason, Mason inside of Paluchniak, 87 and 2 spin. Jerry back up to 5th. Lap 141 Jerry and Holloway get by Riddle, 2 gets into 88 and Holloway spins. Jerry up to 3rd and Cook is the meat in a Brawner sandwich. Lap 147, Cook gets a bad restart and gets high off of turn 4, 6 comes across the nose of the 88, Cook spins and both are sent to the tail. We reset the field for a 1 lap shootout with Jeremy leading, Riddle 2nd, Paluchniak 3rd, Mason 4th, Holloway 5th, Cook and Jerry all on the lead lap and a shot at a win. Holloway and Cook by Mason as Paluchniak gets by Riddle for 2nd. Going into turn 3 Holloway inside of Riddle as Cook comes in low and Mason high, 4 wide coming off turn 4 for 3rd, 2 and 27 get together, they come down on the 6, Cook spins, Mason gets to the line ahead of Holloway and Riddle, Cook comes to rest on the finish line and Ligon comes in and " Duke of Hazards’ " the 6 car and the 4 flies across the line. Mason scores his best career sportsman finish coming home 3rd. Paluchniak gets a hard fought 2nd and Jeremy Brawner gets his first career sportsman win. Congrats 7. Holloway holds on to a 17 point lead over Jerry as we come to the end of 2011 season. A lot of racing to be done and its anybody’s game...Thank you to our sponsors, Mainsource Bank, Holloway Graphics and Small Town Pizza. Great Night with good friends. Racing at the Mini Madhouse just continues to get better and better. The quality of cars and racers makes me proud to be part of this club.............6

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