Friday, September 23, 2011

Race #7 Results

We ran race #7 on Sept. 10th, and it was interesting to say the least. There was a heavy dew falling from the time the sun went down, and it made for some slick track conditions in the later rounds. Couple that with a wet infield and a full moon, and well........lets just say the Madhouse lived up to its name on this night.....

Below are the photos of the winners. We had another first time winner in the Sportsman class. Congrats to Bill Herzog for taking the win from Jerry Brawner with only a few laps remaining. Chris Hogue came home third in his first start in the Sportsman class at the Mini Madhouse. Dave Brawner takes his second win in a row in the Sprints, with Pappy Brawner second and brother Jeremy coming home third to complete the all Brawner podium. Evan Brawner wins his 4th race this year in the Bush series, with Derek Belcher continuing his strong run and taking second, and Ron Strubbe rounding out the top 3.

I have posted the points and results from the race. As you will notice, the finishing order of the Bush and Sportsman features have been adjusted. I will talk about the decision that I made to do what I thought was fair, and what followed the QSAC rules that we race by, in the drivers meeting on Saturday. I would appreciate if you would save any comments that you may have until then.

Don't forget that the race will be a DAY race this week due to the cool weather. Qualifying starts at 1 pm.

Bush Winner Evan Brawner

Sprint Car winner Dave Brawner

Sportsman winner Bill Herzog

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