Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sportsman 500 and Richard Hineman Memorial Sprint Car 150

We capped off a great season with the 2011 version of the Sportsman 500 and Richard Hineman Sprint Car 150 at the Mini Madhouse on October 15th. We qualified in groups to set the starting lineup for the 500, with each group running a 20 lap race against the clock, with each racer using his fast lap for his qualifying speed. Todd Holloway started on the pole, and aside from an early mishap that saw him have to work his way up thru the pack once or twice, the 2 car took the 500 in dominating fashion. Randy Baker took home the checkers in the Sprints.

Thanks to everyone that came out for one last day of racing this year. I also would like to thank all that helped out around the track this year, and to all the racers for your support in my first year as IQSR president.

Sportsman 500 winner Todd Holloway and Richard Hineman Memorial Sprint Car 150 winner Randy Baker

Race #9 Results

I have posted the points for Race #9, and updated the yearly standings. Congrats to our 2011 Points Champions! Bush Champ, Evan Brawner, becomes the youngest racer to take home a points championship in the history of IQSR. Jerry Brawner pulls off the double this year and takes the Sportsman and Sprint Car Titles. Both of them capped off a great season with a win on Saturday. Also winning on Saturday was Bill Herzog, who closed out the season with three strong runs, winning the last three races at the Madhouse this year in the very competitive Sportsman class.

Bush Winner Evan Brawner

Sprint Car Winner Jerry Brawner

Sportsman Winner Bill Herzog

2011 Bush Champion Evan Brawner

2011 Sprint Car and Sportsman Champion Jerry Brawner, pictured with future IQSR racer "Mad" Max Hineman.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cookies Race Recap - 2011 Race #8

Editor's note: Cookie submitted the recap to me a couple days ago, but I have not had a chance to post it until this morning.....better late than never I guess.....Since I had also been slacking on posting the victory lane photos, I have included those at the bottom. See you all this afternoon.....On to last weeks action.....

Race #8 at the World Famous “Ingalls Motor Speedway" was held on Sept 24th. We got us a picture perfect Indiana day. 22 entered and only 3 were coming away with a “Madhouse" win. The power to be decided to move this one to a day race to try and avoid another battle between Mother Nature and the track. Jon Mason made the right call as we got to witness some great short track action.

Sprint Cars
we start the recap with the "Sprint Cars" as one car stunk up the show. The "Holloway Graphics" pole award was won by the #16 of Dave Brawner with a lap of 6.341. Dave coming off back to back wins at the madhouse. Jerry Brawner in his #88 car runs a 6.361 to take 2nd and 3rd with a 6.370 was laid down by the #7 of Jeremy Brawner.
Dave backs up his pole run by winning round #1 of heat action. The #2 of Todd Holloway wins round #2.
We had 6 entries but only 3 would start the feature. Jerry, the #75 of Bill Herzog and Jason Cook in his #6 found cracks in all three frames and were forced to pull their cars.
The Main goes green with Dave up front followed by Holloway and Jeremy. As I said Dave comes out and stinks up the show by leading all 75 laps and pulling out to nearly a 3/4 track lead over his little brother Jeremy as we go caution free. Jeremy does however run the fastest lap of the day with a 5.976 in the main. Holloway had belt slipping early on and comes home 24 laps down in 3rd. Dave has won 3 in a row and he and his dad have swept all 8 races at "Ingalls". With only one race to go in the 2011 season Jerry has clinched the "Sprint Car" title.

Busch Boys
On to the "Rookie" class. REWIND... We go back to race #7 as young Evan Brawner came into the night with only a 2 pt lead over Ron Strubbe. The "Kid" dominated the race to get his 4th win of 2011 and extending his lead over Strubbe to 10. We head in to Race #8 with 2 races left to decide who is taking home the champions hardware.
The “Small Town Pizza" pole award was won by up and comer Chris Brawner in his #32 car. Chris runs a 6.709 and takes the 5 bonus pts away from Evan and Ron. The #16 of Evan narrowly misses the pole as he puts down a 6.790. A 6.825 grabs 3rd by the #12 of Strubbe.
Evan comes out right away and shows the guys the he is the man to beat as he takes round #1 of heat racing. The #55 of J.R. Parsley with his new paint scheme has improved every week and he captures the win in round #2.
On to the 100 lap "War of Attrition". The point leader leads the 5 car field to the green. Parsley 2nd, Strubbe 3rd, Chris 4th and the # 23 of Dave Hamstra rounds out the field. GREEN GREEN GREEN. Lap 5 Strubbe after Parsley for 2nd, they both get out of shape, Chris takes advantage and passes both moving the 32 up to 2nd. The 55 and 12 swap 3rd multiple time as the battle it out for 10 laps. Strubbe eventually takes the spot. Evan out to a huge lead and looks to lap the 55 and 12 as they are still fighting each other for 3rd. Evan runs down Parsley, 55 feeling the 16 breathing down his neck, Parleys pushing hard spins out of turn 2 right in front of the leader. 55 remains on the lead lap. Back to Racing, Evan pulls away as Strubbe goes after Chris for 2nd, 12 inside off turn 2, contact and Strubbe spins on lap 28. 32 and 12 to the tail moving Parsley back up to 2nd. Evan pulls away again on the restart as Parsley gets high off turn 2 allowing Chris to get to his inside, Contact made and the yellow is back out at lap 31. Strubbe back to 2nd. Restart and we watch Strubbe get in to turn 1 high, Parsley by the 12 off turn 2 but Strubbe fights back and takes the spot back in 3 and 4. Lap 37 Parsley high in 1, Chris closes up to fast and spins the 55. The kid has led all 40 laps as we come up on the fuel stop. Lap 43 Strubbe clips the grass in turns 1 and 2 ,12 slow down the backstretch, 3 wide in turns 3 and 4, Strubbe inside, Parsley outside and Chris ( the meat in a wreck sandwich), Chris into Parsley, 32 across the nose of Strubbe and Chris spins. 55 in 2nd. We made of had a few mishaps but in this reporters eyes this was the best 50 laps I've seen you guys run. Evan still your leader as the 55 spins on lap 50, Parsley has to bring it to fuel at the tail. Strubbe sits in 2nd followed by Chris. We start the 2nd half with full tanks and full hearts as all 4 cars capable of winning this race. Lap 54 Parsley inside of Chris, they battle down the backstretch, contact made and the 55 is sent head on into the backstretch wall. Lap 61 Parsley lose off turn 4 and Chris can't keep his 32 out of the 55. Restart, Strubbe takes a shot at the leader but the 16 hangs on and pulls away. Lap 75 55 gets high in turn 1 and Chris spins the 55 yet again. We get a long 1/4 lap green flag run as Chris and Parsley get tangled up again. These 2 cars making this points battle even more intense. Lol. Lap 82 Hamstra around in turn 1. 15 to go, Strubbe knows his chances are running out. GREEN back in the air, Strubbe looks high, tucks it back in down the backstretch, inside for the 12 and we have only the 2nd leader of the day off turn 4. 1 lap later, Evan battles back and gets door to door with Strubbe in 3 and 4, 12 gets loose on the high side off turn 4, contact made and Strubbe spins. This hands the lead to Parsley with only 12 to go. Back to the fight, Evan by Strubbe off turn 2, 12 crosses over and gets to the kids inside down the backstretch, contact made and the kid goes into the turn 3 wall. 3 to go, Chris loose off turn 2, 32 high in 3 and 4, 12 and 16 clip the grass and push up into Chris. All three crash. We get s shot at a Green, White, Checker but Evan gets into Strubbe coming to the green. J.R. Parsley survives and gets his 1st career A-Main win at the infamous “Mini Madhouse". Chris comes home 2nd followed by Strubbe and Evan. Strubbe shaves 2 points out of Evans lead and is within 8 pts of the kid going into the final race. This points battle will probably come down to the last lap on Saturday.

we wrap up race #8 with some more off the hook "Sportsman" action. REWIND... Todd Holloway leads Jerry Brawner by 17 pts going into race #7. Bill Herzog survives the "Dew 150" a gets the win. Jerry comes home 2nd and cuts into Todd’s lead. We go into race #8 with the top 2 separated by 9.
Race #8. The #2 of Todd Holloway grabs the "Mainsource" pole award with a lap of 6.382, takes the highly important bonus points. Herzog in his #75 car runs a 6.430 to get 2nd and the #88 of Jerry 3rd with a 6.531.
We had 2 heats per round as Jerry gets 2 pts back from Todd by sweeping both rounds in heat #1. Herzog sweeps heat #2 and runs the fastest lap of the day with a 6.110.
Starting grid. 75 on the pole, Jerry 2nd, Holloway 3rd, #21 Jerry Morgan 4th and Dustin Hineman in the #8 rounds out the top 5. Starting 6th #33 John Foster, 7th Cook #6, 8th Jeremy Brawner #7, 9th Kevin Ligon #4 and Jon Mason in the #87 rounds out the 10 car field.
Green is in the air and the top 3 pull away until lap 6 when Cook spins off turn 4. Herzog pulls away on the restart as Holloway is all over Jerry for 2nd. Lap 13, Morgan high in turn 1, Hineman grabs 4th, 8 gets loss off turn 2 and gets into the 21, both go to the tail. Jeremy in the 7 is up to 4th followed by Foster. Green back out and 75 pulls away again as 2nd, 3rd and 4th are nose to tail. Lap 20 Morgan and Cook get together on the front stretch. Lap 24 the 4 of Ligon after Foster for 5th as Hineman is after Ligon, 8 and 4 make contact and spin at the start/finish line. Once again Herzog is able to pull away on the restart as the point leaders battle it out for 2nd. Holloway gets the runner up spot from the 88 on lap 30. Lap 35 Hineman by Morgan for 6th. Lap 37 Leader laps Mason and Ligon. Lap 75 puts Cook a lap down as the best battle on the track is between Holloway and Jerry for 2nd. Lap 51 Hineman loses it in turns 1 and 2. Top 5 remain the same as we go back green, top 3 pull away, Holloway after the lead as they pull away from Jerry. Lap 67 Cook spins off turn 2. 6 laps till fuel as all 7 lead lap cars maintain their spots going into halftime. We start the 2nd half but Morgan spins off turn 2. Green is out for 10 laps as Herzog and Holloway pull away. Best battle is for 4th, Foster gets his 33 inside of Jeremy, side by side into 3 and 4, both push up and Hineman comes through passing both and moving the 8 up to 4th. 33 gets by the 7 and Jeremy is back to 6th. Herzog pulls away from Holloway and the 2 is falling back into the clutches of Jerry. Lap 90, Ligon forces Mason high off turn 2, contact made and the 4 spins. "Déjà vu", Restart, Hineman gets a bad restart allowing Foster to get to his inside, side by side in 3 and 4, both push up and Jeremy bypasses both to take over 4th, 8 and 33 continue their battle off turn 4 as Morgan decides he want a piece of the fun, 21 tries to take both on the inside, Foster gets lose off 4 and spins right down into Morgan on lap 94. 21 keeps his spot and is up to 5th. GREAT restart as Holloway goes after Herzog, 2 goes low in 1, gets lose off 2 and loses his momentum, Jerry all over the 2 but Holloway holds on and resets his focus back on the leader. Lap 100 Herzog comes up on lap car of Cook, 75 forced to check up, Holloway back to the rear deck lid of the leader, 2 goes for the lead in every corner for 2 laps, Holloway deep into 1, clips the grass and gets door to door with Herzog, side by side into turn 3, 2 clips the grass and the 75 holds on to the lead. 1 lap later, Holloway pushing hard, clips grass in 3 and 4 again and is unable to hold on, 2 pushes up and bounces off the front stretch wall, Jerry gets by to take 2nd, Holloway continues to fall back as Jeremy gets by and Morgan and Holloway fight for 4th, 21 clears the 2 and the point leader is back to 5th. Lap 113 Cook and Foster get together on the front stretch. 30 to go as the 75, 88 and 7 pull away from Morgan and Holloway. 21 trying to stay out front of the 2, Morgan can't get off turn 2 and Holloway gets into his back bumper spinning Morgan and collecting Hineman. Foster up to 4th. 75 and 88 pull away on restart as Foster after Jeremy for 3rd, and the 7 holds on to the spot. Lap 133 Morgan and Mason get together on the front stretch. 15 to go as we go back racing. Lap 139 Ligon spins off turn 2. Lap 142 Cook and Mason tangle up in 1 and 2. 6 to go, Holloway by Hineman for 5th, 4 to go 2 gets Foster for 4th, Holloway doing all he can to get every spot. Lap 148 Morgan into Foster in turn 1. We finish this one under caution. Bill Herzog leads flag to flag to win Back to Back races at “THE MADHOUSE". Jerry comes home 2nd and shaves 5 pts off Holloways lead, 88 has gain 13 pts in the last two races and is now within 4pts going into the finally this weekend. Thank you to all that let me know you enjoy my play by plays. This one’s for you guys. I regret to announce I will not be here this week for the final points race but I will recap it when I return. Till next time.............6

First time Madhouse winner JR Parsley and wife Tina. Congrats on your first win!! Thanks go out to Tina and JR for helping in the booth all day. I appreciate it very much!

Sprint Car winner Dave Brawner, pictured with his little buddy "Mad" Max Hineman.

Sportsman Winner Bill Herzog

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Race #9 - This Saturday

We will run the race this coming Saturday during the DAY. Drivers meeting will be at 1 pm, with qualifying shortly thereafter. It was scheduled to be a night race, but I don't want to get in trouble with the dew like we did for race #7. Please spread the word to anyone that may not see this post. I will be posting this on Hobby Talk as well.

You may have already noticed, but the points have been updated, and lap times posted. I will try and get the victory lane photos from Race #8 posted tonite when I get home.

See you Saturday!

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