Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Final 2011 Edition of Cookie's Race Recap

The final points race of 2011 was held on Oct 8th at the World Famous "Ingalls Motor Speedway". Titles were on the line as we had 2 out of the 3 series yet to be decided. Would Todd Holloway hold on to his lead over Jerry Brawner in "Sportsman"? Would young Evan Brawner hold off Ron Strubbe to be crowned the youngest champion in club history? All four (4) drivers were feeling the pressure as they showed up at the "Madhouse" for the 9th time in 2011.

“Sprint Cars"
We begin this final 2011 edition of “Cookies Race Recap" with the Wild and Crazy” Sprint Car Class". Jerry Brawner has already clinched the 2011 title as he has taken five (5) A Mains this year.
The “Holloway Graphics" pole award was won by the #7 of Jeremy Brawner with a lap of 6.229. The #2 of Todd Holloway lays down a 6.341 to come home 2nd and Dave Brawner in the #16 runs a 6.428 to round out the top 3.
Jeremy backs up his pole run by winning round #1 of heat action. 2011 Champ Jerry Brawner in his #88 wins round #2
A Main
Starting lineup. #7 Jeremy leads the field to green followed by the #16 of Dave 2nd, #88 Jerry 3rd, #2 Holloway 4th and the #75 of Bill Herzog rounds out the 5 car field. Green Green Green. Lap 2 Jerry by Dave for 2nd, 1 lap later Holloway by the 16, 2 laps later Herzog by Dave and our winner from the last three (3) races drops to the tail. Jeremy pulls out to nearly a 10 CL (car length) lead until lap 14 when Herzog has a problem and is forced to the haulers. Restart, lap 17 Dave by Holloway to take 3rd. Lap 19 Todd pulls his #2 off the track. Lap 24 Jerry all over his boy Jeremy for the lead, 7 gets lose off turn #2, 88 takes the lead on the high side. Lap 25 Dave spins off turn #4. We go green for all the remaining 50 laps and we watch Jerry pull out to a 10 CL lead but Jeremy would run the 88 back down and get within 1. 88 would pull back out to a 3 CL lead and Jeremy hangs in and gets his 7 back to the rear bumper bar of Jerry. The Brawner boys were nose to tail with 10 to go but Jeremy bounces off the back stretch wall and losses a lot of ground to his dad. Jeremy did however lay down the fastest lap of the day with a 5.908. Jerry goes on to win his 6th race of the year and continues his dominance over the Sprint car guys and is crowned the 2011 “Sprint Car Champion". Jerry has won 2 out of the last 3 championships. Congrats PAPPY......
“Busch Boys "
On to the rookies. Evan Brawner goes in the final race with a slim 8 pt lead over Ron Strubbe. Let's see if the kid can handle the pressure of winning a title.
The "Small Town Pizza” pole was taken by no other then the point leader Evan with a lap of 6.716 and the kid extends his lead by getting the 5 bonus points. Strubbe lays down a 6.914 and comes home 2nd. The #23 Dave Hamstra qualifies 3rd with a 7.054.
We had two (2) heats per round and the kid backs up his pole run by sweeping heat #1. Evan also runs a 6.329 to run the fastest lap of the day in round #1. Heat #2 and last race winner J.R. Parsley in his #55 takes round #1. The #32 of Chris Brawner takes round #2. Strubbe finishes 2nd in both rounds and loses more ground to the "kid". Ron now trails Evan by 15 going into the Main.
The point leader leads the seven (7) car field to the green followed by Strubbe, Parsley, Chris and the #9 of Derek Belcher rounds out the top 5. Green flies and Strubbe doesn't get going allowing Parsley to grab 2nd on lap 1. Lap 3 the # 72 of Terrance Garrett passes Chris going into turn 3, 72 clips the grass and pushes up into Belcher, 9 goes head on into the turn 4 wall. Restart, Parsley after the “kid" for the lead, Evan bounces off the front stretch wall and Parsley takes the point. J.R gets a little too excited and spins his 55 off turn 4. Evan retakes the lead followed by Strubbe, Chris and Belcher. Back to green, Belcher inside of Chris for 3rd, 9 pushes off turn 2 and Chris clears Belcher down the backstretch. Meanwhile Strubbe gets lose off turn 2 and is slow down the backstretch allowing Chris to take 2nd. Lap 15 Parsley trying to get back up front gets into Belcher and the yellow is out. Restart, Garrett doesn't get going, Belcher checks up and Parsley by both to move up to 4th. Lap 23 Garrett spins off turn 2. Restart, top 4 nose to tail. Lap 28 Parsley all over Strubbe for 3rd,12 lose off turn 4, Parsley to the inside in turns 1 and 2, no contact, 12 climbs the hill off turn 2 and hits the turn 2 wall HARD, 55 takes 3rd, Belcher takes 4th and Strubbe falls to 5th. Lap 29 Garrett spins off turn 4. Restart, Parsley after Chris for 2nd, 55 makes the pass in 1 and 2, Chris crosses over down the backstretch and retakes the runner up spot. Belcher closes up on this battle, 9 drives it in deep into turn 1, Belcher into Parsley, 55 and 9 to the tail. This moves Strubbe back to 3rd. Restart, Belcher into Garrett coming to the green. GF (green flag), Evan pulls away as 2nd through 5th are nose to tail coming to fuel. Strubbe tries Chris for 2nd, 12 inside of the 32, Strubbe into Chris, 12 checks up, Parsley makes it three (3) wide into turn 3, 55 slams the 12 and Strubbe ends up on his lid in turn 4 on lap 45. 3 to go to fuel as Garrett spins coming to the green and we bring em to fuel. We reset the field with Evan leading followed by Chris, Belcher, Strubbe and Parsley all on the lead lap. The “kid" is 50 laps from winning the title. GF is out to start the 2nd half but Belcher spins coming to the line. We get back to racing and on Lap 61 Parsley gets into the left rear of Strubbe, 12 through the 3 and 4 grass, Strubbe tries to hold on, 12 pushes up off turn 4, Strubbe gets into Chris, 12 spins, Strubbe and Chris are sent to the tail. Tough break for the 32 as I don't feel he had anything to do with this crash. Parsley up to 2nd followed by Belcher. Now it gets interesting! Leader comes up on the lap car of Roger Dyer in the #21 car, 21 slow off turn 4, Dyer right in the groove, Evan nowhere to go, 16 runs over the 21 and Evan is sent to the tail with 30 to go. Parsley is your new leader followed by Belcher, Chris, Strubbe and Evan. Lap 75 Belcher all over Parsley for the lead, but the 9 spins off turn 2. Chris up to 2nd, Strubbe and Evan 3rd and 4th. GF top 5 are under a blanket for 5 laps, Evan by Strubbe for 3rd and the kid is on his way back to the front. Lap 82 Belcher and Dyer get together off turn 4 and the 9 goes HARD into the turn 4 wall again. GF, Parsley with a GREAT restart as they are 3 wide for 2nd, Strubbe inside of Evan, contact, Evan inside of Chris, Evan never lifts and comes out to take 2nd, Chris holds on to 3rd and Strubbe gets into the grass and is lose off turn 4 allowing Belcher to get by to take 4th. HERE COMES THE KID. Lap 89 Dyer spins. Lap 93 Belcher spins going into turn 3 collecting Strubbe. Parsley leads with 5 to go as we get our final restart. 2 to go, 55 comes up on the lap car of Dyer, 21 spins off turn 2 and takes out the leader. Evan gets by and takes the white flag with the yellow. Evans championship luck continues as he is handed his 5th win of 2011 and takes home his first of I'm sure many championships. Evan becomes the youngest Champion in club history in spectacular fashion. Evan wins by 19 pts over Strubbe. Ron comes home 2nd in the points and in the race. The 12 had a great year as he found victory lane twice this season. Belcher comes home 3rd in the race. Derek also got his first career win at the "Mini Madhouse” this year. Chris comes home 4th followed by Parsley all on the lead lap. Nice Job Guys!!! It was a blast writing about you guys this season.
The battle for the "Sportsman" title. Todd Holloway comes into the final race of 2011 with a slim 4 point lead over Jerry Brawner. Both of these guys are true champion and they showed it here today.
The “Mainsource" pole award was won by the #88 of Jerry Brawner with a lap of 6.411. Jerry proves he is the "Iceman" as he grabs the 5 bonus pts and is now the new point leader by 1 pt over Holloway going into the day of heat action. Jerry Morgan in his #21 runs a 6.522 to get his best career starting spot. Morgan has struggled in his first year in our premier series but is starting to settle in and is been running real well lately. Todd Holloway grabs 3rd in his #2 with a 6.564. This will put our point leaders in the same heat.
Heat Racin
We get two (2) heats per round and Jerry and Todd split heat #1. The point leaders went at it for all 100 laps of heat action. In the end both score 1 pt more than the other and Jerry still leads by 1 pt going into the main. Heat #2 was a great battle also as the #33 of John Foster and Bill Herzog in his #75 get themselves heat wins.
The Race to settle a Championship
Starting Lineup. Pole #88 Jerry, 2nd #2 Holloway, 3rd #33 Foster, 4th #75 Herzog and #7 Jeremy Brawner rounds out the top 5. #21 Morgan 6th, #8 Dave Brawner 7th, #87 Jon Mason 8th, #38 Dustin Hineman 9th and #26 Jeff Grahn completes the all star field.
We get our first caution on lap 3 when Mason and Dave get together off turn 2. Restart and hang on to your hats cuz its bout to get good. Holloway after Jerry for the lead, 88 keeps it on the bottom, 2 checks up, Foster after Holloway on the high side, 33 checks up, Herzog tries to follow Foster, 75 checks up, Jeremy by passes both down the BS (Back Stretch), Jeremy doesn't stop there, 7 after Holloway, 7 inside in 3 and 4, door to door down the FS (Front Stretch), still side by side into turn 1, 7 clears off turn 2, Holloway crosses over, Jeremy comes across the nose of Holloway and the 2 spins. 33, 87, 8 and 38 all get collected. (WHEW)!!! Jeremy and Holloway are sent to the tail on lap 8. Herzog up to 2nd followed by Morgan, Grahn from last to 4th and Hineman rounds out the top 5. Restart, 88 pulls away as Grahn goes after Morgan for 3rd, 26 inside down the BS, Grahn clips the 3 and 4 grass, Morgan fights back off turn 4, banging doors down the FS, Grahn clears off turn 2 and takes the 3rd spot. Lap 14 Dave gets into the back of Hineman as the 38 lays back to let the 26 and 21 sort out their battle. Jeremy and Holloway are back up to 5th and 6th. Restart, 88 pulls away from Herzog, Morgan gets lose off turn 4, Jeremy gets the 4th spot on the high side down the FS, Morgan gets into Holloway going into turn 1 and we stay green. Lap 20 Jeremy takes the 3rd spot from Grahn and sets his sights on the leaders. Lap 22 Holloway by Morgan for 5th as Hineman goes head on into the turn 3 wall. Lap 25 Mason and Dave get together again in turn 3. Holloway after Grahn for 4th but Mason spins coming to the green. Back to racing, top 3 pull away, Lap 32 Grahn loose off turn 4 allowing Holloway to take 4th. Meanwhile Foster and Hineman get by Morgan and the 21 has fallen back to 8th. Lap 38 Herzog gets lose off turn 2, 75 gets into the turn 3 and 4 grass, he is high off turn 4, Jeremy smells blood and takes the runner up spot as Hineman gets lose coming into turn 3, clips grass and goes head on into the " Pit Road Point". Jerry had pulled out to a 7 CL (Car Length) lead. Restart, Holloway gets a bad start, Grahn checks up, Foster inside the 26 off turn 2, side by side onto the BS, Grahn gets lose coming off the BS concrete and the 26 spins down into the 33 on lap 43. So let's reset the field coming to lap 50. 88 still our only leader of the day followed by Jeremy, Herzog, Holloway and Morgan back to 5th. Restart, Holloway after Herzog, 2 drives it in deep in turn 3, 75 closes the door, both through the grass, 3 wide with Jeremy off turn 4, 7 holds on to 2nd, Herzog and Holloway get their cars under control and the 75 hold on to 3rd. Lap 47 Holloways persistence pays off as he takes the 3rd spot from Herzog. Top 5 spread out. Lap 52 Herzog gets his rhythm back and takes 3rd back from the 2. Lap 56 Holloway and Herzog start to slug it out again and Holloway gets into Herzog off turn 2 and both are sent to the tail. Morgan back up to 3rd followed by Foster and Grahn as we have 15 to go till fuel. Lap 62 Foster inside of Morgan, 21 fights back, Grahn makes it 3 wide, 26 inside, Grahn clears and moves up to 3rd, Morgan gets to the bumper of the 26, contact in 1 and 2, Grahn holds on, 21 climbs the hill, Foster gets by, Herzog pounces and passes the 21, Holloway not to be left out gets by Morgan and the 21 has fallen back to 7th. Lap 65 Foster spins off turn 4. Jerry and Jeremy still out front followed by Grahn, Herzog and Holloway. Lap 69, Grahn loss off turn 2, 26 comes across the nose of Herzog. 26 and 75 to the tail. Holloway back to 3rd followed by Morgan and Foster. Holloway want to get back up to Jerry before the fuel stop, 2 after Jeremy for 2nd, Holloway gets into the back of the 7 and both are sent to the tail as we bring em in for go go juice. 88 leads, Morgan, Foster, Grahn, Jeremy and Holloway all on the lead lap.
2nd Half
Jerry has led all 75 laps, but that would all come to an end as Morgan gets into the leader coming to the restart. John Foster inherits the lead. 33 is only the 2nd leader of the day. Herzog (looking to continue his winning ways) is in 2nd followed by Mason, Grahn, Holloway and Jerry. Holloway retakes the point lead by 3 pts as they are running. OMG (O MY GOSH) it is bout to get goooooooood. Restart, Mason bad restart, Grahn checks up, Jeremy outside of the 26, Holloway into the back of the 26, Jerry into the back of Holloway, Grahn sidewaaaays off turn 2, 3 WIDE, 2 and 88 get by as the 26 gets it under control. WAIT Where did he come from??? Morgan gets by all 3 and moves up to 4th. Holloway and Jerry continue their battle for the title, bang doors down the BS, 88 gets by off turn 4, 2 crosses over, 88 forced high and SLAMS the turn 2 wall on lap 84. Morgan and Grahn get by Mason and now run 3rd and 4th. Restart, Holloway and Jerry make short work of the 87 and 26. Lap 91, Holloway inside of Morgan, contact, Jerry comes in and gets into Holloway. Contenders for the 2011 title can't get away from each other. Restart, 2 and 88 again make short work of Mason and Grahn. Upfront Foster is still your leader as Jeremy gets racy and mouts a challenge on Herzog for 2nd, 7 goes high, contact, 7 up the hill, Morgan takes advantage and grabs 3rd. Lap 97 we get a change of the lead as Herzog runs the leader down, 75 deep into turn 1 and Herzog grabs the lead off turn 2. Lap 98, Holloway all over the rear deck lid of the 7, contact off turn 2 and they both are sent to the tail. Jerry back up to 4th and is back out front in this up and down points battle. Restart, Herzog takes a high unique line coming to the green, 75 across Fosters nose, 33 checks up, Morgan takes advantage and moves his 21 up to 2nd. Jerry by Foster 1 lap later to take 3rd, 2 laps later Holloway by the 33 and Foster is back to 5th. We go on a 23 lap GF (Green Flag) run as Jerry and Todd battle hard for this title. Herzog out to a big lead as he laps Mason on lap 108. Lap 111 Jerry by Morgan for 2nd coming off turn 2, Holloway takes 3rd from the 21 going into turn 3. Herzog out to a 1/2 track lead as he laps Grahn. Lap 121 Holloway gets by Jerry, Todd back to the point lead, the 2 starts to run down the leader with the 88 close behind and the lead is down to a SA (Straight Away). Lap 123 Holloway loops his 2 car as Mason spins off turn 4. Jerry back up to 2nd and possibly the 2011 title.25 to go as we rest the field, Herzog leads followed by Jerry, Morgan, Jeremy and Foster round out the top 5. Holloway lurks in 6th. Restart, takes Holloway 2 laps to get around Foster for 5th. Herzog out to a big lead as Jerry is fighting a car that has only 1 steering servo working. Lap 134 Holloway lose off turn 2, Contact and Holloway is forced to the tail along with Foster. We go green to the end as Herzog pulls away and wins his 3rd straight A Main at the "Madhouse". Jerry Brawner comes home 2nd and wins back to back "Sportsman" title. Morgan finishes 3rd, Jeremy 4th and Foster rounds out the top 5. Holloway comes home 6th and comes up short on winning another championship. It however was not from lack of effort. Todd is a true competitor and is one of the main reasons I work so hard to be up front running with him. Jerry wins the 2011 title by 17 pts.
What a fantastic year to be a part of this club. We saw great short track racing all season. We all need to be proud of what we are building here in this great community of Ingalls. Thank You to our sponsors, Mainsource Bank, Holloway Signs and Graphics, Smalltown Pizza and True Value hardware. Thanks to the wives and families who come out every race to support us and pitch in to make our racing program successful. We have lots of room for improvement but the sky is the limit for this race track. Congratulation to Jerry Brawner and "Crown Racing" on their sweep of the championships.
Thanks for reading
Jason Cook AKA Cookie

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

News from the Awards Banquet

The 2011 Season at the Mini-Madhouse was officially concluded with the awards presentation this past Saturday. Congrats go out to all of the racers that took home a trophy, and to our most Recent Champions, Evan Brawner in the Bush Class, and Jerry Brawner, who swept the top two classes this year and took home the BIG clocks in the Sprint Car and Sportsman classes. You can see photos of all that took home the hardware by clicking on the Photo Tab above. Thanks go out to Dustin and Beth Hineman for allowing us to meet in the "barn". Also to Jerry and Penny Brawner for organizing the event and to all that brought food. Thanks to Todd Holloway for his efforts in making the awards. Last but certainly not least, thanks again to all the racers for making it a great year, I look forward to doing it all over again in 2012!

There were several things discussed at the meeting. With the growth the club has experienced over the last few years, it was decided that we would try and form a "board". It will consist of five club members and will include a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and two other Committee members. This group will share the duties of operating the club, and will also make decisions regarding competition, scheduling, upgrades to the track, etc. There was a sign up sheet that was started at the meeting, and will be continued here until January 1st. After that time, I will post the list of candidates, and we will vote as a club in the spring on the first day of track clean up as to who will make up the board. You can sign up for ANY position on the board, including President. Anyone who wants to sign up can do so by emailing me at jmason73@sbcglobal.net.

We also discussed the addition of the Super Late Model Class to QSAC. It was decided that we will run a points class at Ingalls this year for the SLM cars, provided that (3) cars show up each week, as it is with any class. There was much debate over how to integrate the new class into the club, as well as who would be eligible to run the class, etc. For the purposes of IQSR, it is suggested that you use the class system as stepping stones, and run at least a year of Bush, then a year of Sportsman, then finally move up to the SLM series. This is a great way to gain experience, and maximize your chances of being competitive and having as much fun as you possibly can. With all that said, anyone can run any series they choose to. You will sign up for a particular class at the beginning of the year, and you will only be able to accumulate points in that series for the entire year. This will give the guys that want to run for a Sportsman title a chance to do so, while still allowing SLM guys looking to maximize the laps they run every week by running two classes. You will still be able to accumulate Sprint Car points while running either SLM or Sportsman. Per QSAC rules, you cannot run Sprint Cars and Bush. The Super Late Model Series will use all rules from the Grand National Series (QSAC Rulebook available at qsac.org.) except the body rules. It will follow the roof height and spoiler rules however. Below is a picture of a couple cars that Crown Racing had at the meeting.

We also discussed various track and facility upgrades, including upgrading the electrical around the track to accommodate more RV's that come in for the National and Tri-State events. We will proceed with that as soon as the weather permits. Any members skilled and/or licensed in electrical work that would like to lend a hand please let me know. We also discussed the addition of a roof over the drivers stand. We will look at this more during spring clean-up. Most that attended liked the idea. Finally, we discussed the future need to re-pave the track. We will begin looking at that more seriously around the end of next year. We will talk to qualified contractors to determine the best way to proceed with the project and determine the costs involved.

Thanks again to all of you for your support of me this past year.

Happy Holidays to all!

Jon Mason

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