Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 Awards Banquet

The 2012 IQSR awards banquet will be held this Saturday, October 27th at Dustin Hineman's house. Dustin's address is 6855 N. 200 W, Greenfield, IN 46140. You can see a map and get directions by clicking here. We will have food at 12:00 pm followed by the awards presentation. 

Please RSVP to Patti Pedigo at or me at if you will be able to join us so that we can get an idea of how much food we might need. I look forward to seeing all of you there. 


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Points are updated....Sportsman 500

The final point totals are posted!  Congratulations to our 2012 Track Champions.  Jeremy Brawner takes home the first ever Super Late Model championship at the Mini-Madhouse.  Todd Holloway won the Sprint Car Title.  Jason Cook wins his first track championship in the Sportsman Class and J.R. Parsley takes home the hardware in the Busch Class.  Each one was well earned, as we had some of the best racing ever this year, as well as some of the highest car counts.

We will wrap up the season this Saturday with the running of the Sportsman 500 and Richard Hindman Memorial Sprint Car 150.  We will keep the wings on them again this year.  We normally don't run a Limited  race, but if the car count is good, I have no problem running a Busch race as well.  We will run group qualifying, as we did last year for all the classes.  We will divide the field into groups no larger than 5 and you will score your best lap of your single 5 minute session as your qualifying time.  Come on out and get one last fix at the Madhouse in 2012!

Also, everyone mark your calendar for the Awards banquet on October 27th.  We will have it at Dustin Hineman's house again this year.  Thanks in advance to DBO for opening up his house to all of us.  I will post the address and directions after the race this weekend, as well as the time.

See you all on Saturday.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Rain Make up for Race #2 Victory Lane Photos

Below are the victory lane photos from the last race, which was the rain make up for Race #2.  Congrats to the winners.  Todd Holloway won both the Sprint Car and SLM races for the third race in a row and completed a Mini Madhouse Triple-Double.  Bill Herzog brought home the checkers in the Sportsman Class, and JR Parsley gets the win in the Bush series.

This coming weekend, Ingalls Motor Speedway and IQSR will host the third and final race of the 2012 Tri-State Series.  We have been fortunate to host a race for this series for many years, and we often have our best racing of the season during this race.  It is a points race for the club, with any racers who are not club members not receiving points.  I hope you will all come out and help IQSR put on a great show at the Mini-Madhouse.

The track will be open for practice on Friday.  Registration will open at 8:00 am on Saturday, with the track open for practice at 9:00 am.  For a complete schedule of events, click here.  Thanks to Orrin Sunde for his continuing commitment to one of the best racing series in the country.  He deserves a huge shout out from all of us for all of his efforts this year.

Hope to see you on Saturday!


 SLM winner Todd Holloway

 Sportsman winner Bill Herzog

 Bush winner JR Parsley

    Sprint Car winner Todd Holloway

Race #7 Victory Lane Photos

Race #7 was ran on August 11th, and it was Community Day.  Congrats to first time Madhouse feature winners Gregg Grahn and Jeff Grahn.  Todd Holloway did the double for the second race in a row.

 Sprint Car winner Todd Holloway

 Bush winner Gregg Grahn

 Sportsman winner Jeff Grahn

SLM winner Todd Holloway

Victory Lane Photos from Race #6

I thought it was about time I caught up on some web posting.  I am current on Lap Times, Points, and after the next couple posts, I will have all of the victory lane photos uploaded as well.  Sorry for the delay and congrats to all the winners.


 Sprint Car Winner Todd Holloway

 Bush Winner Derek Belcher

Sportsman Winner Jason Cook

Super Late Model winner Todd Holloway

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Points are updated!

Hello Racers! First, I'm sorry that I missed last nights race, but I decided to slice my hand open while preparing my cooler for the race track, and had to get a few stitches to close it up.  Thanks to Cookie, Tina, and J.R for running the show.  I hear I missed some close racing, congrats to the winners.  Photo's of last nights winners, as well as the winners from the two previous races will be posted soon.

I have updated the points.  You will notice quite a few changes, as I realized last week that I had been scoring a couple of regular racers, and they had not signed up as IQSR members.  This only affected the Sportsman series.  Since you must be a member of IQSR to score championship points, I had to make changes to nearly every race.  I also made a change to the Race #2 in the Bush Series.  Tim Creech was scored in that race as a Bush driver, but he is running for Sportsman points.  Since you are not eligible to score points in more than one class, I removed him from that race, and adjusted accordingly.  You can see the revised results of each race, as well as the updated yearly standings by clicking on the points tab above.  Click on the tabs at the bottom of that page to see each weeks race results.

Check back in the next few days for the victory lane photos, as well as lap times from last nights race.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 NCS Race #4 Results

Round 4 of the 2012 QSAC NCS series is in the books, and aside from dodging a few rain drops, the event was a huge success.  The track got over 5 inches of rain on Thursday and Friday, but we still managed to complete the event on schedule.  Rain seems to be a common theme at the NCS races this year, but luckily we were able to run the heats under the lights on Friday, and mother nature gave us a beautiful day on Saturday for the Mains.  

I would like to extend thanks to the entire IQSR membership for helping host a great event, whether by offering help to the racers from out of town, or helping in the pits with fuel, etc.  All of those things are greatly appreciated.  Special thanks to Patti Pedigo and Dave Brawner for heading up the Registration and Tech, and also to Jerry Brawner and Jason Cook for making sure the track was in shape for racing, and for making sure everyone had what they needed as they arrived to the track and got their pits set up.  Thanks to Tina Parsley for helping in the booth and to QSAC Co-Chair Mike Sadler for helping me with the drivers meetings, and the QSAC rules and procedures.  Lastly, thanks to all of the racers for coming out for fun and fellowship at the Mini-Madhouse.  We had 47 cars sign in for the event, and I don't think anyone left disappointed.  I appreciate all of the positive feedback I received from the racers about the track and the event.  IQSR looks forward to hosting another QSAC event, and I hope to see all of you back at the track in the near future.

Photos are posted below of the winners.  You can access the full results by clicking on the Times tab above, or by clicking here.  You can also see many more photos of the other racers that took home awards, as well as concourse photos, and photos from the pits by clicking on the Photos tab above.

Concourse winners, left to right, 
Mickey Flora, Rusty Frady, Jeremiah Ward, Randy Brown, and Jason Cook

Limited Sportsman Winner J.R. Parsley 

Sportsman Winner Bill Herzog 

Sprint Car Winner Todd Holloway 

Super Truck Winner Greg Hilber 

Super Late Model Winner Brent Gottfried

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NCS Race #4 News

Ingalls Motor Speedway and IQSR are proud to host Round 4 of the 2012 QSAC NCS series.  We extend a warm welcome to all that make the journey to race with us at the Mini-Madhouse this coming weekend, as well as anytime you're in the neighborhood.  At the time of this posting, rumor has it we already have some out of town visitors at the track.  I look forward to an awesome weekend of racing and fellowship.  

Click here for a schedule of events, or paste the following in your browser.

For those of you that may travel in an RV to the track, there are now (4) 30 amp hook ups at the track.  There are (2) on the light pole for turn #3, as well as (2) on the light pole in turn #1.  They are first come first serve.  There is plenty of room to get (2) RV's behind the scoring shack, and I ask that the first two that show up use those spots, that way it will be easier to get those positioned, and allow other racers to set up pits around you.  I don't think there will be any issues with soft ground this year, as we are like many others in the midwest and around the country, and are in the middle of a moderate to severe drought.  Please keep that in mind if you are a smoker, or are using a grill of any kind.  The ground is very dry, and the risk of fire is there.

The number one thing this weekend is to have fun.  IQSR is a very friendly group, so if you have questions, please don't be afraid to approach any of us.  Ingalls Motor Speedway is a short track and things can get intense, but at the end of the day, we are all in this to have fun, first and foremost.  I hope that is something that each of you take home this weekend.

See you all at the track

Jon Mason

Race #5 is in the books, and it was another great turnout.  We had 33 cars across the four classes.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and getting your racing fix at the Mini-Madhouse.  Thanks to Sonny, Allen, Mark, and Doug for making the trip from Illinois to race with us.  Race winners are pictured below.

Next up is the NCS race this coming weekend.  Qualifying kicks off Friday at 1 pm, with the track opening for practice at 9 am.  We will run the mains starting at 10:30 am on Saturday.  Hope to see all of the members representing the great club we have.  I will post the full schedule later tonite.

 Sprint Car winner Jeremy Brawner

 Bush winner JR and his #1 fan!  That's two in a row for JR!

 Sportsman winner Jason "Cookie" Cook

Jeremy Brawner and a mostly willing fan pose for Jeremy's second win of the night!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NCS News

Some good news for round four of the NCS! The extra fuel charge will be waved for this event. I was able to secure a great deal from our local VP racing headquarters. They have helped us in the past and came through again. We decided with the cost of travel and every thing else we would pass the savings on to you, the racer. Its not much but every little bit helps. The race fees will be the normal ncs fee minus the extra fuel charge. Fuel will be availabe Friday through Sat. We will be using VP 110. 

Thanks Todd

Monday, July 9, 2012

Race #4 - 6-30-12

We had another great turnout out the Madhouse on June 30th.  We had 26 cars come out for some Saturday night short track action.  Unfortunately, we had to shorten the program after a short rain delay during qualifying, followed by a long delay after the first round of heats.  We were forced to cancel the second round of heats, and move directly into the mains, which were all shortened to 75 laps. The winners are pictured below.  I have also posted lap times and updated the points.

See you all this Saturday night for another round at the Madhouse.  The following week, IQSR will host NCS Race #4 so everyone bring out the cars this coming weekend for a final tune-up before the big race!  We need all of our members to come out and welcome the racers from across the country, and to show everyone how exciting racing at the Madhouse can be!

 Bush Winner J.R. Parsley and his wife Tina

 Sprint Car Winner Todd Holloway

 Sportsman winner Sonny Brown

Super Late Model winner Jeremy Brawner

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Race #3 Points and other news

Race #3 was our first night race of the year, and it was great to get back under the lights.  The track was fast, even in the heat of the day.  As you may have already noticed, points have been updated and as of today, I have also uploaded the lap times. 

A couple items were discussed at the drivers meeting that I would like to go over here for anyone who missed them.  First and foremost, there will be racing on the Big Paved Oval at the Marion County Fairgrounds during the fair.  There will be a race this coming Sunday, June 24th, Tuesday night, June 26th, and Friday night, June 29th.  Stay tuned for exact times.  Derek Belcher is organizing the races, so thanks to him for continuing to try and give the sport some great exposure.  I have heard that it is quite a spectacle to see the fans line the fence for the Friday night race especially, so come out and support Derek's and others efforts to keep Quarter Scale Racing on the Big Paved Oval, and help put on a great show for some potential new fans!   

Secondly, we are going ahead with the Brick Winners Circle in the infield.  We will open up the opportunity for anyone that wishes to purchase a brick and have it included in the Winners Circle.  I am in the process of determining exactly how many lines of text and characters we can have on each brick, and as soon as I get the information, I will compile an application to submit the information that we will need to have the bricks engraved.  We will take applications for the rest of this season, and then install the bricks at the end of the season.  I hope to have a design to share at the next race, which will also determine the maximum number of bricks that we can have.  

Victory Lane Photos are below.  Congrats to Race #3 Winners Chris Brawner, Todd Holloway, Jason Cook, and Jeremy Brawner.  Thanks also goes out to Holloway Vinyl Signs and Graphics for the new sign on the backstretch, it turned out great!

Bush Feature Winner Chris Brawner

 Sprint Car Feature Winner Todd Holloway

 Sportsman Feature Winner Jason Cook

Super Late Model Feature Winner Jeremy Brawner

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The "Madhouse" Super Late Model Series (SLM)

     We begin a new chapter at IMS with the introduction of the Madhouse SLM series. John Foster in his #33 wins the first ever (Madhouse) pole award with a lap of 6.276. Todd Holloway comes home 2nd in his # 2 car with a lap of 6.373 and a 6.440 was put down by the #98 of Jeremy Brawner to come home 3rd .                                              

     Top (2) in qualifying win their heat races and line up on the front row for the feature . Jeremy lines up 3rd with #88 Jerry Brawner and the #21 Jerry Morgan rounds out the top (5). Everyone on pins and needles to watch these bad azz machines get around the Madhouse . Green / NO WAIT / YF  comes out before we complete a lap / racers ask director for a complete restart / director agrees but because of a couple bad speakers and a bunch of deaf old men we line up in the wrong order.  LOL . Moving on . GGG / Lap (2) Holloway spins off turn and collect the #92 of Jason Crist who makes his return to IMS . Line up coming to the green is Foster , Pappy , Morgan , Jeremy and Holloway . GF / 98 and 2 by Morgan / 21 spins on lap (8) . RS / 2 outside 98 in (1&2)  / 2 tucks back in off (2) / cross over down BS / 2 in the grass in (3&4) / side by side down FS  and into turn (1)  / holloway grabs 3rd off turn (2). Lap (12) 92 spins on the BS. Coming back to the GF / Foster brings them down real sloooow / 33 gases it and leaves them all sitting / 2 after the 88 for 2nd  / 88 shuts the door / 98 after the 2 / Jeremy inside in turns (1&2) / CONTACT / 98 takes 3rd / (1) lap later 98 lose off turn (2) and Holloway goes to the outside down the BS to retake 3rd. Holloway not done / Runs down the 88 / 2 takes 2nd off turn (4) / 98 takes advantage of his dad and takes 3rd  moving Pappy back to 4th . Jeremy back after Holloway / 98 grabs 2nd off turn (4) / 2 retakes the spot off turn (2) / this goes on like this for 3 laps until lap (24) when the 98 gets inside of the 2 off turn (4) / CONTACT / 98 spins and Holloway joins him at the tail. GGG / 2 waste no time getting back up to Pappy and passing him for the 2nd spot just as the 92 spins on lap (28) . RS 98 roughs up his dad not once but twice in (2) laps to take 3rd away . Lap (42) / Foster laps Crist  into turn (1) / 92 spins off turn (2) and collects Jeremy / Meanwhile 88 loses a belt and (6) laps. BOUT TO GET GOOD / GF / Top (3) nose to tail / 98 working on the 2 / Jeremy love taps the 2 off turn (2) door to door down BS / CONTACT / 2 climbs the hill off of turn (4) / 98 clear and up to 2nd. Top (3) running down the back of the pack / 98 closes up on the 33 as they work lap traffic / 2 still right on the rear bumper of 98 / Jeremy gets lose off turn (4) as he trys to get around a lap car / Holloway smells blood and takes back  2nd . Lap (56) 92 spins . RS Lap (60) / Foster lose off turn (2) / NEW LEADER Holloway becomes only 2nd leader of the day / 33 losing the handle on the car and Foster loses 2nd to the 98. Lap (66) 21 spins. We now watch the top (3) run nose to tail to fuel. /FS/ They come back out and run (49) laps and the 2 is stealing the show as top (3) spread out . Lap 124 / 88 spins andthe 98 gets one more shot at getting the first EVER feature  win  in this new series. (25) to go / TODD (HOLLYWOOD) HOLLOWAY walks the dog in the closing laps and wins the inaugural   Madhouse (SLM) 150 . Key Stat. / 2 cars under 6 sec.....2 ran a 5.959 and 98 ran a 5.976.........Great show and now i start on Last Saturdays race witch was blast to watch and race in.........6                      

The " WCM " Sportsman Series

      On to the "Sportsman Guys". This race was top (2) and maybe even arguably the Best race of the day. One guy blisters the field while the rest battle it out over all (150) laps for the runner up spot. Top qualifier was rookie Jeremiah Ward in his #17 with a lap of 6.569 to win the first "WCM" Pole Award of 2012 and of his career. Dustin Hineman in the #38 runs a 6.616 to come home 2nd and laying down a 6.624 was the #46 of  Derick Belcher to round out the top (3). Ward backs up his pole run by winning his heat and Dave Brawner wins heat # 2.
      Starting  Line Up.
           Ward leads the field to the green followed by Brawner, #87 Jon Mason, #34 Jason Cook and Hineman rounds out the top (5). GGG / Mason inside of Brawner for 2nd / 87 pushes up the hill / 8 back to 87 inside in turns (1&2) / Cook after both down the BS / 34 clears and goes from 4th to 2nd on the first lap / Brawner clears 87 for 3rd and Hineman sticks his nose in the fight / CONTACT / 38 off BS wall / they continue to battle Hineman gets 4th and moves Mason back to 5th . Ward has driven away as these four (4) jockey for track position in the early laps. Lap ( 7 ) Brawner spins off turn (4) and hands Hineman 3rd followed by Mason and Belcher. RS / 17 pulls away from Cook . Best battle is for 5th between Belcher and the #12 of Ron Strubbe / 12 inside of 46 / brings the #27 of Steve Riddle with him / 46 falls to 7th / shorty after 12 has a problem and Strubbes day is done. Back up front  a great battle is brewing for 2nd / Hineman all over the bumper of Cook with Mason looking for a shot to pass both . Lap (26) Brawner spins and we line them back up. Green back in the air / Mason inside of Hineman for 3rd in (1&2) / 38 crosses over down BS / 38 inside in (3&4) / lap after lap this battle rages / 87 wares the 38 down and sets his sights on 2nd place Cook. Ward out to a big lead. Mason closing on Cook / 87 all over 34 for (15) laps  / 87 up to 2nd after wrestling  away from the 34 / 3 laps later Mason loses it off turn (4) and collects Cook / both TO THE TAIL . Hineman up to 2nd behind Ward followed by Riddle, Mason and  Cook all on the lead lap. 17 has set a blistering pace at this point     as we go back green . Lap 54 Cook gets a little revenge by spinning Mason off turn (4). RS / 17 pulls away . Lap 65 Ward laps Cook and we only have four (4) cars on the lead lap / Meanwhile Mason by Riddle for 3rd as the YF flies . RS / Belcher gets into our leader / 17 struggles to hang on / 46 makes more contact and the 17 spins / Cook gets by but so does our new leader Hineman and the 34 is still trapped (1) lap down . (Fuel Stop) Top (3) on the lead lap as we get ready for the 2nd half . Mason in 2nd and Ward at the tail in 3rd. GGG / 17 waste no time getting through lap traffic and begins to run down the 87 and takes the 2nd spot . Cook battles Hineman hard for the lead lap but is unsuccessful in his attempt . Ward by Cook and the 17 sets his sights on his lead back. Ward runs down the 38 / CONTACT / 17 up the hill / 34 door bangs the 17 / as the YF comes out for the 46 spinning on lap (81) . RS / Cook back behind the leader  / 34 checks up to not run over the leader / 17 outside of  34 in (1&2) / 17 crosses over down BS / 17 inside in (3&4) / Clear and Ward sets his sights on his lead back once again. Lap (89) Cook spins off turn (4) and is sent TO THE TAIL . RS / 17 and 87 jump the start / Mason gets by both  / Brawner spins off turn (4) and Hineman is given his lead back. GF / 17 working on the leader / 17 into the 38 / 38 spins / both sent TO THE TAIL . Reset the field  / Mason is the new leader with Cook back up front with a chance to get back on the lead lap. GF / Cook inside of Mason off turn (2) / 17 into the8 and the 8 spins / 34 back in this race. now we have (4) cars on the lead lap at lap (104) . RS / Mason high in turn (3) / Ward gets by and takes the lead / Next lap / 17 high off turn (4) / 87 inside of 17 / 38 nose inside 87 / 3 wide / 38 spins and somehow Cook is back to 2nd behind our leader Ward . RS / Ward pulls away / 34 , 87 and 38 are under a blanket . Lap 123 Hineman bounces off the BS wall mutiple times and comes down and takes out Brawner. RS / 34 losing a belt and  2nd and 3rd place with only (12) to go . (5) to go / 17 laps Cook / (3) to go and Ward is laying down some quick laps / 17 running down the 3rd place car of Hineman / 38 spins right in front of the leader and the 38 is down 1 lap and hands 3rd to Cook . YF and CF waive together and Jeremiah Ward wins his first career A-Main ( in his first try) at IMS in dominating fashion . Ward also lays down fastest lap of the day with a 6.166 . Mason comes home 2nd and is on his way to going after another track championship .........................................6

"Holloway Graphics" Sprint Car Series

     Time for the (Wild and Crazy)  sprint cars. Jeremy Brawner in the # 7 grabs his first career " Holloway " Graphics pole award with a lap off 6.226.coming home 2nd in time trials was the # 2 of  Todd Holloway with a lap of 6.245 and rounding out the top (3) was the #88 of Jerry Brawner .

     Heat Action
         These winged monsters were bookin round the madhouse in the heat of heat action. Holloway and Jerry win their fast paced 35 laps. Holloway and our pole sitter in the 7 ran the fastest two (2) laps of the day separated by .001.
                Holloway out front of the field for (75) laps of pure speed. Pappy 2nd followed by Jeremy, Rookie Evan Brawner in the #16 and rounding out the top (5) is the # 5 of Mike Fenstermaker. GGG Holloway drives away and quickly laps the other # 5 of Jim Dickey. Lap 9 Dickey spins off turn (4). RS / 88 after the 2 / pappy cant get it done / 7 after the 88 / 7 clears pappy for 2nd  with Evan hanging with the two (2) sprint car vets. Lap (21) 16 spins as he works around a lap car. Back to full speed and the kid waste no time passing two (2) lap cars and the 4th place car of Fenstermaker. Lap 32 / 7 trying to work around Dickey / CONTACT / 5 hard into BS wall and the rook has to be carried to the trailer. Lap (46) / Hollway making a snoooooozer out of it pulls out to a HUGE lead / 7 pushing  hard hits the BS wall  / 7 loses a belt and his 2nd place position . Lap (51)  / 7 by Evan for 3rd . (20) to go / top four (4) spread out but are all running equal lap times. Lap ( Here We Go) (57) Leader runs up on Fenstermaker / 2 into the back of the 5 and collects Jeremy / 88 and 16 make it through the mayhem / 7 and 2 forced to the pits. Pappy up front for the first time today as the Kid looks to school his uncle and show he belongs in this class. RS (15) to go / 88 pulls away until lap (65) Pappy loses a belt and hands the lead to the rook. Closing laps / 88 all over the 16 / 88 inside in (1&2)  / 16 crosses over and clears pappy down the BS / 88 inside again in (1&2) / Wheel Banger / 88 clear off turn (2) and heads for the WF (White Flag). Final Lap / 16 pushing hard but cant run down the 88 and Pappy wins the first "Holloway Graphics" Sprint Car Series feature of 2012. Young Evan continues to impress us all with his fearless driving and he proved today he is a Sprint Car driver. Good Job 16

Cookies Race Recap ( race from may 12th 2012)

  First edition of CCR (Cookies Race Recap) of 2012. Sorry it took so long . I have a 2 yr old that is taken up all my time .This is from May 12th and the recap from last Saturday is in the works.

   The 2012 season at the (world famous) Ingalls Motor Speedway (IMS) kicked off May 12th . it was a picture perfect day in the heart of Central Indiana. We had (31) entrys throughout the four (4) classes. The day began with a intense inspection process as our new tec inspector went through each and every car and did a great job talking to the the racers and explaining any and all question that they had. Dave Brawner stepped up to the plate to insure we all have a equal playing field.

            We start out this first edition if (CCR) as always with the Bush Boys. The (STP) Small Town Pizza pole award went to new comer Tim Creech in his #98 car with a time of 6.823. Donnie Hargraves returns to IMS in his #66  and comes home 2nd with a time of 6.923. Rounding out the top (3) in time trials was the #32 of Chris Brawner. the day was cut short due to the threat of rain so the powers that be put it up to vote and all the racers agreed to just run one (1) round of heat action.

             Creech and Hargraves win their respected heats and Line up in the top two (2) spots for the main. Brawner lines up 3rd followed by #55 J.R Parsley  and #73 Steve Koser rounds out the top five (5). We take the green and we get our first of many cautions as Brawner makes short work of Hargraves to take 2nd. Lap (5) Creech spins and hands the lead to Brawner. GF (Green Flag) Brawner gets out to a big lead until lap (17) when Creech and new comer Rusty Frady in the #30 get together. RS (Re Start) on lap 21 and Creech charges back up to 4th. Quick YF (Yellow Flag) and we get back to racing with Brawner leading followed by Parsley, Koser and Creech / 98 by koser for 3rd and Creech continues his charge back to the front / Meanwhile we get our 2nd lead change as Parsley powers his #55 by Brawner. Koser starts to struggle with the handling on his 73 as he brings out a couple quick YFs. Coing up on half way and the GF is back out / Creech by Brawner for 2nd / top (3) nose to tail when Koser spins and they head into the pits for fuel. 50 TO GO / GGG ( Green Green Green) Brawner closes up on Creech / 98 in the grass in 3&4 / 32 gets into the 98 / TO THE TAIL for both. We reset the field coming to lap (55) / Parsley leading follwed by Koser, #23 Dave Hamstra, Brawner and Creech all on the lead lap. 32 takes the 23 / leader spins as does Koser  and both sent TO THE TAIL. Brawner back in front with Hamstra and Creech. Back to full speed / 98 door bangs the 23 down the BS (Back Stretch) to take 2nd / Parsley pushing hard to get back to front / 55 closes up 23 / 55 inside down FS ( Front Stretch)  / CONTACT / both sent TO THE TAIL. J.R I lv ya man and this is me telling it like it Parlsley pushing his hot rod to its limits in the closing laps of this race was involed in a couple of accidents and the end result was the end of Hamstras day.( tough Luck 23 you looked good). We get us a (10) lap shootout as Creech wanting to get his first career Madhouse feature win but the guy in the 32 wants his first Main victory......... GGG and Brawner roles out to lead all the way to the CF (checker flag) . Chris ( Chocolate) Brawner Wins his first EVER  feature at IMS.   Creech comes home 2nd with the 55 and 73 round out the four cars on the lead lap. Frady not mention much in this recap is cus he stayed under my radar and comes home 5th only (1) lap down.. Nice job 30!! Key Stat (KS) The fastest lap of the was was ran by not one but two of these boys. 98 and 55 ran a 6.556 in early Heat Action.

          I ran this race from the booth and I would like to thank all of you guys for doing a GREAT JOB listening to my instructions and for good sportsman after a caution filled race. STAY TUNED cus next race you guys rebounb with some of the best racin ive seen among rookies since a few of us Crown boys were workin our way up..................6                    

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sorry for the delay, but I have posted lap times from our first race, which was actually race #2 because of the rain out.

Based on the length of the program during that race, we will start qualifying at 4 pm on Saturday for this first night race.  With the new class we are running this year, I think the programs are going to be a little longer than they were last year and we need to be completed before 11 pm.  Please make sure to pass this info along to anyone you guys know that may not have access to this information.

See you all on Saturday!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Race #2 - 5/12/12

Our first race of 2012 is under our belts and all in all, I think it was a great day for everyone. We had 31 cars across 4 classes, WOW! What a great turnout for a holiday weekend! We got started a little late, thanks to a couple issues getting the scoring system ready for the new class, but we were able to get through it, and now that it is set up we should not experience it in the future. Mother nature got in my head a little, and with rain in the area, we as a group decided to shorten the program. Even with one less heat race, I for one had a very good time racing with everyone in the Sportsman class, and also enjoyed watching the other classes mix it up. I certainly look forward to the exciting times we will have this year at the "Mini-Madhouse".

 I would like to extend many thanks to all that helped put on a great show yesterday. Special thanks to Patti Pedigo for her help in getting everyone signed up and also to Dave Brawner for taking on the huge responsibility of technical director. Both did a great job yesterday. Thanks to Tina, Cookie, J.R., and Todd for helping in the booth calling and scoring races. Not only is it a big help to me personally, it is great to have several people that know how the booth and scoring system run, so that when unexpected things arise, we can help each other and still have a smooth program.

 I have posted the results and points. You can access them by clicking on the points tab at the top of the page, or by clicking here. You will see points for two (2) heat races, even though we only ran one (1) per class. Heat points count double when we only run one round. I will leave the complete recap for Cookie later this week, but congratulations to our winners. Todd Holloway took home the checkers in the first ever Super Late Model feature, Jerry Brawner continued his winning ways in the Sprints, newcomer Jeremiah Ward took home the victory in Sportsman, and last but not least Chris Brawner got his first IQSR victory in the Bush Class. I forgot to snap victory lane photos this week, my apologies to the the winners. I will take them at the next race and post them with the winners from Race #3.

 I'll get lap times posted in the next couple days. Thanks again to all that came out and enjoyed the day with us, I am more excited than ever to be a part of such a great club. I know we will have many more great races and good times this year!

 Jon Mason

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tomorrows Race is Cancelled

I have been watching the weather reports over the last couple days, and it appears that Mother Nature is going to get the better of us this time. The reports that I am looking at show a 60-70% chance of rain, coupled with temperatures that are going to be in the low 50's. This just doesn't seem like it is worth the risk, so with that said, I am cancelling the race for tomorrow. The make up day will be August 25th, which is the first rain date that was built into the schedule. The next race is May 12th, and I am looking forward to seeing all of you then. Jon

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Madhouse Monthly (March 2012)

The 2012 season at the World Famous (Mini Madhouse) is approaching at a rapid pace. I'm sure all the IQSR drivers and teams are hard at work getting them hot rods ready. Track over all in good shape from our mild Indiana winter. The Ingalls community is in for a stellar summer of GREAT short track action.

Only news I have to report is on the Park Board meeting that Preident Mason and Tressure Patty Pedigo presented the park with the largest check in track history. Standing O to all that made that possible. Also discussed was the signing of a new 10 year lease with the town. Happy to report the Town and Park love us being apart of their tight nit community and look forward to many years of the (Madhouse). I do believe talks between the local schools, fire depatatment and other organizations about teaming up with IQSR to do some special events together over the 2012 season. Hope to know more in time for the April edition of the "Madhouse Monthly".

All over this wonderful country of ours ( and A HUGE thank you to the Men and Woman out there fighting to keep it wonderful) Racers and manufactures alike are hard at work getting ready for the season to start. Some have already began racing in 2012.Lucky Dogs. We at Ingalls welcome and look foward to seeing all the magnificent chassis out and beating and banging at the (Madhouse). We here in Indiana are proud to be part of QSAC.

I'm hoping to get interviews with the new owners of WCM and a invitation goes out to all manufacts to send me a shout and I would be happy to inform the masses of the work and progress your company's are doing for the 2012 season and beyond.

Thank you for reading .........Jason (6) Cook.....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Madhouse Monthly

Greetings all. For 2012 I will lending a hand with our website. This will be a slow process as we all know I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. Having access to the site will allow me to post news, results, pics and the of course ( back by popular demand) "Cookies Race Recap".

Would like to take this time and congratulate the newly elected Vice President Dave ( Snake ) Brawner (perfect nickname for a politician) . Todd Holloway and John Foster will make great board members as they both have been dedicated IQSR members over the years. Mrs Pedigo for stepping up to take care of our funds. Last but not least starting his second year as our leader Jon Mason. Congrats to all of you and it is clear our little club is in the right hands.

The whole IQSR family would like to send out a thank you to Randy Brown and John Smith of " S&P Motorsport s" for allowing us to come down to his booth at the "Indy Circle Track Expo" and letting us promote the " Mini Madhouse". From what I hear it was a total success. I personally would like to thank Dave Brawner for stepping up and filling in for me as I was the one that was suppose to go. I know he did a 10Xs better job then I could have done .

Stay tuned for updates and news in the weeks to come.

Thank You
Jason (6) Cook
"Media Relations"

2012 IQSR Board Member Election Results

The election results are in, and the newly formed IQSR Board will be as follows:

President – Jon Mason
Vice President – Dave Brawner
Treasurer – Patti Pedigo
Committee Members – Todd Holloway and John Foster

Thank you to all that voted, and especially to the ALL of the candidates. I look forward to working with all of you this year to continue, and build upon the success of the club.

Jon Mason

Monday, January 16, 2012

Brick infield winners circle!

Happy New Year to all. It was a rough year for lots of people in 2011 lets hope 2012 turns out better for so many. When the Mini Madhouse was being built Mike Johnson and Rick Gauger and others put together a plan to raise funds to buy the things we as a club needed. At the time some people donated different things including time, money, ideas etc. Along the way we as a group collected money to help with things by selling engraved bricks to build a winners circle so to speak in the infield. We had people from our club and lots of other clubs purchase these. As time went buy and people left the club and new ones entered this was over looked and forgotten about, by no ones fault. While I was still the president it was brought to my attention that we had over looked this. The next problem was to find a list of the people that we owed this to for there generosity way back then. I got a phone call this weekend from Mike Johnson that he had found the list with all the names from the past and present on there. I talked to Jon Mason about us going ahead with this plan as the money to do this will not be much, plus how cool would be to see this winners circle with all the names. This would also be a good time to sell more of these to all of our new members that we have picked up over the years. This would really add a cool touch to our track and continue to help promote our club and track and any of us that race there. The money raised can be added to the re-paving fund. I'm not sure off the top of my head what the cost was but it was very affordable. If we sell just a couple more bricks it would pay for us to do the work. Be very cool to do this this spring before our NCS race. We could even add a brick that depicts the start of the club and the start of the track itself. I will have more info once I get a hold of the paper from Mike. Thanks
Todd Holloway

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Schedule

I have posted the 2012 Schedule. You can view the schedule by clicking here, or by clicking on the schedule tab above.

Jon Mason

2012 Club Officers

I have emailed a ballot for electing the club officers as discussed at the awards banquet at the end of last season. I created a new email group in this process, so if you did not get the email containing the ballot, please send me an email at I will forward a ballot to you, as well as update the email list so you will be included in future mailings. Voting closes on January 31, 2012 and results will be posted here on February 1, 2012.

Thank you for your support of IQSR.

Jon Mason
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