Thursday, February 2, 2012

Madhouse Monthly

Greetings all. For 2012 I will lending a hand with our website. This will be a slow process as we all know I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. Having access to the site will allow me to post news, results, pics and the of course ( back by popular demand) "Cookies Race Recap".

Would like to take this time and congratulate the newly elected Vice President Dave ( Snake ) Brawner (perfect nickname for a politician) . Todd Holloway and John Foster will make great board members as they both have been dedicated IQSR members over the years. Mrs Pedigo for stepping up to take care of our funds. Last but not least starting his second year as our leader Jon Mason. Congrats to all of you and it is clear our little club is in the right hands.

The whole IQSR family would like to send out a thank you to Randy Brown and John Smith of " S&P Motorsport s" for allowing us to come down to his booth at the "Indy Circle Track Expo" and letting us promote the " Mini Madhouse". From what I hear it was a total success. I personally would like to thank Dave Brawner for stepping up and filling in for me as I was the one that was suppose to go. I know he did a 10Xs better job then I could have done .

Stay tuned for updates and news in the weeks to come.

Thank You
Jason (6) Cook
"Media Relations"

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