Thursday, March 8, 2012

Madhouse Monthly (March 2012)

The 2012 season at the World Famous (Mini Madhouse) is approaching at a rapid pace. I'm sure all the IQSR drivers and teams are hard at work getting them hot rods ready. Track over all in good shape from our mild Indiana winter. The Ingalls community is in for a stellar summer of GREAT short track action.

Only news I have to report is on the Park Board meeting that Preident Mason and Tressure Patty Pedigo presented the park with the largest check in track history. Standing O to all that made that possible. Also discussed was the signing of a new 10 year lease with the town. Happy to report the Town and Park love us being apart of their tight nit community and look forward to many years of the (Madhouse). I do believe talks between the local schools, fire depatatment and other organizations about teaming up with IQSR to do some special events together over the 2012 season. Hope to know more in time for the April edition of the "Madhouse Monthly".

All over this wonderful country of ours ( and A HUGE thank you to the Men and Woman out there fighting to keep it wonderful) Racers and manufactures alike are hard at work getting ready for the season to start. Some have already began racing in 2012.Lucky Dogs. We at Ingalls welcome and look foward to seeing all the magnificent chassis out and beating and banging at the (Madhouse). We here in Indiana are proud to be part of QSAC.

I'm hoping to get interviews with the new owners of WCM and a invitation goes out to all manufacts to send me a shout and I would be happy to inform the masses of the work and progress your company's are doing for the 2012 season and beyond.

Thank you for reading .........Jason (6) Cook.....
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