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Cookies Race Recap ( race from may 12th 2012)

  First edition of CCR (Cookies Race Recap) of 2012. Sorry it took so long . I have a 2 yr old that is taken up all my time .This is from May 12th and the recap from last Saturday is in the works.

   The 2012 season at the (world famous) Ingalls Motor Speedway (IMS) kicked off May 12th . it was a picture perfect day in the heart of Central Indiana. We had (31) entrys throughout the four (4) classes. The day began with a intense inspection process as our new tec inspector went through each and every car and did a great job talking to the the racers and explaining any and all question that they had. Dave Brawner stepped up to the plate to insure we all have a equal playing field.

            We start out this first edition if (CCR) as always with the Bush Boys. The (STP) Small Town Pizza pole award went to new comer Tim Creech in his #98 car with a time of 6.823. Donnie Hargraves returns to IMS in his #66  and comes home 2nd with a time of 6.923. Rounding out the top (3) in time trials was the #32 of Chris Brawner. the day was cut short due to the threat of rain so the powers that be put it up to vote and all the racers agreed to just run one (1) round of heat action.

             Creech and Hargraves win their respected heats and Line up in the top two (2) spots for the main. Brawner lines up 3rd followed by #55 J.R Parsley  and #73 Steve Koser rounds out the top five (5). We take the green and we get our first of many cautions as Brawner makes short work of Hargraves to take 2nd. Lap (5) Creech spins and hands the lead to Brawner. GF (Green Flag) Brawner gets out to a big lead until lap (17) when Creech and new comer Rusty Frady in the #30 get together. RS (Re Start) on lap 21 and Creech charges back up to 4th. Quick YF (Yellow Flag) and we get back to racing with Brawner leading followed by Parsley, Koser and Creech / 98 by koser for 3rd and Creech continues his charge back to the front / Meanwhile we get our 2nd lead change as Parsley powers his #55 by Brawner. Koser starts to struggle with the handling on his 73 as he brings out a couple quick YFs. Coing up on half way and the GF is back out / Creech by Brawner for 2nd / top (3) nose to tail when Koser spins and they head into the pits for fuel. 50 TO GO / GGG ( Green Green Green) Brawner closes up on Creech / 98 in the grass in 3&4 / 32 gets into the 98 / TO THE TAIL for both. We reset the field coming to lap (55) / Parsley leading follwed by Koser, #23 Dave Hamstra, Brawner and Creech all on the lead lap. 32 takes the 23 / leader spins as does Koser  and both sent TO THE TAIL. Brawner back in front with Hamstra and Creech. Back to full speed / 98 door bangs the 23 down the BS (Back Stretch) to take 2nd / Parsley pushing hard to get back to front / 55 closes up 23 / 55 inside down FS ( Front Stretch)  / CONTACT / both sent TO THE TAIL. J.R I lv ya man and this is me telling it like it Parlsley pushing his hot rod to its limits in the closing laps of this race was involed in a couple of accidents and the end result was the end of Hamstras day.( tough Luck 23 you looked good). We get us a (10) lap shootout as Creech wanting to get his first career Madhouse feature win but the guy in the 32 wants his first Main victory......... GGG and Brawner roles out to lead all the way to the CF (checker flag) . Chris ( Chocolate) Brawner Wins his first EVER  feature at IMS.   Creech comes home 2nd with the 55 and 73 round out the four cars on the lead lap. Frady not mention much in this recap is cus he stayed under my radar and comes home 5th only (1) lap down.. Nice job 30!! Key Stat (KS) The fastest lap of the was was ran by not one but two of these boys. 98 and 55 ran a 6.556 in early Heat Action.

          I ran this race from the booth and I would like to thank all of you guys for doing a GREAT JOB listening to my instructions and for good sportsman after a caution filled race. STAY TUNED cus next race you guys rebounb with some of the best racin ive seen among rookies since a few of us Crown boys were workin our way up..................6                    

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