Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Holloway Graphics" Sprint Car Series

     Time for the (Wild and Crazy)  sprint cars. Jeremy Brawner in the # 7 grabs his first career " Holloway " Graphics pole award with a lap off 6.226.coming home 2nd in time trials was the # 2 of  Todd Holloway with a lap of 6.245 and rounding out the top (3) was the #88 of Jerry Brawner .

     Heat Action
         These winged monsters were bookin round the madhouse in the heat of heat action. Holloway and Jerry win their fast paced 35 laps. Holloway and our pole sitter in the 7 ran the fastest two (2) laps of the day separated by .001.
                Holloway out front of the field for (75) laps of pure speed. Pappy 2nd followed by Jeremy, Rookie Evan Brawner in the #16 and rounding out the top (5) is the # 5 of Mike Fenstermaker. GGG Holloway drives away and quickly laps the other # 5 of Jim Dickey. Lap 9 Dickey spins off turn (4). RS / 88 after the 2 / pappy cant get it done / 7 after the 88 / 7 clears pappy for 2nd  with Evan hanging with the two (2) sprint car vets. Lap (21) 16 spins as he works around a lap car. Back to full speed and the kid waste no time passing two (2) lap cars and the 4th place car of Fenstermaker. Lap 32 / 7 trying to work around Dickey / CONTACT / 5 hard into BS wall and the rook has to be carried to the trailer. Lap (46) / Hollway making a snoooooozer out of it pulls out to a HUGE lead / 7 pushing  hard hits the BS wall  / 7 loses a belt and his 2nd place position . Lap (51)  / 7 by Evan for 3rd . (20) to go / top four (4) spread out but are all running equal lap times. Lap ( Here We Go) (57) Leader runs up on Fenstermaker / 2 into the back of the 5 and collects Jeremy / 88 and 16 make it through the mayhem / 7 and 2 forced to the pits. Pappy up front for the first time today as the Kid looks to school his uncle and show he belongs in this class. RS (15) to go / 88 pulls away until lap (65) Pappy loses a belt and hands the lead to the rook. Closing laps / 88 all over the 16 / 88 inside in (1&2)  / 16 crosses over and clears pappy down the BS / 88 inside again in (1&2) / Wheel Banger / 88 clear off turn (2) and heads for the WF (White Flag). Final Lap / 16 pushing hard but cant run down the 88 and Pappy wins the first "Holloway Graphics" Sprint Car Series feature of 2012. Young Evan continues to impress us all with his fearless driving and he proved today he is a Sprint Car driver. Good Job 16

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