Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The " WCM " Sportsman Series

      On to the "Sportsman Guys". This race was top (2) and maybe even arguably the Best race of the day. One guy blisters the field while the rest battle it out over all (150) laps for the runner up spot. Top qualifier was rookie Jeremiah Ward in his #17 with a lap of 6.569 to win the first "WCM" Pole Award of 2012 and of his career. Dustin Hineman in the #38 runs a 6.616 to come home 2nd and laying down a 6.624 was the #46 of  Derick Belcher to round out the top (3). Ward backs up his pole run by winning his heat and Dave Brawner wins heat # 2.
      Starting  Line Up.
           Ward leads the field to the green followed by Brawner, #87 Jon Mason, #34 Jason Cook and Hineman rounds out the top (5). GGG / Mason inside of Brawner for 2nd / 87 pushes up the hill / 8 back to 87 inside in turns (1&2) / Cook after both down the BS / 34 clears and goes from 4th to 2nd on the first lap / Brawner clears 87 for 3rd and Hineman sticks his nose in the fight / CONTACT / 38 off BS wall / they continue to battle Hineman gets 4th and moves Mason back to 5th . Ward has driven away as these four (4) jockey for track position in the early laps. Lap ( 7 ) Brawner spins off turn (4) and hands Hineman 3rd followed by Mason and Belcher. RS / 17 pulls away from Cook . Best battle is for 5th between Belcher and the #12 of Ron Strubbe / 12 inside of 46 / brings the #27 of Steve Riddle with him / 46 falls to 7th / shorty after 12 has a problem and Strubbes day is done. Back up front  a great battle is brewing for 2nd / Hineman all over the bumper of Cook with Mason looking for a shot to pass both . Lap (26) Brawner spins and we line them back up. Green back in the air / Mason inside of Hineman for 3rd in (1&2) / 38 crosses over down BS / 38 inside in (3&4) / lap after lap this battle rages / 87 wares the 38 down and sets his sights on 2nd place Cook. Ward out to a big lead. Mason closing on Cook / 87 all over 34 for (15) laps  / 87 up to 2nd after wrestling  away from the 34 / 3 laps later Mason loses it off turn (4) and collects Cook / both TO THE TAIL . Hineman up to 2nd behind Ward followed by Riddle, Mason and  Cook all on the lead lap. 17 has set a blistering pace at this point     as we go back green . Lap 54 Cook gets a little revenge by spinning Mason off turn (4). RS / 17 pulls away . Lap 65 Ward laps Cook and we only have four (4) cars on the lead lap / Meanwhile Mason by Riddle for 3rd as the YF flies . RS / Belcher gets into our leader / 17 struggles to hang on / 46 makes more contact and the 17 spins / Cook gets by but so does our new leader Hineman and the 34 is still trapped (1) lap down . (Fuel Stop) Top (3) on the lead lap as we get ready for the 2nd half . Mason in 2nd and Ward at the tail in 3rd. GGG / 17 waste no time getting through lap traffic and begins to run down the 87 and takes the 2nd spot . Cook battles Hineman hard for the lead lap but is unsuccessful in his attempt . Ward by Cook and the 17 sets his sights on his lead back. Ward runs down the 38 / CONTACT / 17 up the hill / 34 door bangs the 17 / as the YF comes out for the 46 spinning on lap (81) . RS / Cook back behind the leader  / 34 checks up to not run over the leader / 17 outside of  34 in (1&2) / 17 crosses over down BS / 17 inside in (3&4) / Clear and Ward sets his sights on his lead back once again. Lap (89) Cook spins off turn (4) and is sent TO THE TAIL . RS / 17 and 87 jump the start / Mason gets by both  / Brawner spins off turn (4) and Hineman is given his lead back. GF / 17 working on the leader / 17 into the 38 / 38 spins / both sent TO THE TAIL . Reset the field  / Mason is the new leader with Cook back up front with a chance to get back on the lead lap. GF / Cook inside of Mason off turn (2) / 17 into the8 and the 8 spins / 34 back in this race. now we have (4) cars on the lead lap at lap (104) . RS / Mason high in turn (3) / Ward gets by and takes the lead / Next lap / 17 high off turn (4) / 87 inside of 17 / 38 nose inside 87 / 3 wide / 38 spins and somehow Cook is back to 2nd behind our leader Ward . RS / Ward pulls away / 34 , 87 and 38 are under a blanket . Lap 123 Hineman bounces off the BS wall mutiple times and comes down and takes out Brawner. RS / 34 losing a belt and  2nd and 3rd place with only (12) to go . (5) to go / 17 laps Cook / (3) to go and Ward is laying down some quick laps / 17 running down the 3rd place car of Hineman / 38 spins right in front of the leader and the 38 is down 1 lap and hands 3rd to Cook . YF and CF waive together and Jeremiah Ward wins his first career A-Main ( in his first try) at IMS in dominating fashion . Ward also lays down fastest lap of the day with a 6.166 . Mason comes home 2nd and is on his way to going after another track championship .........................................6

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