Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 NCS Race #4 Results

Round 4 of the 2012 QSAC NCS series is in the books, and aside from dodging a few rain drops, the event was a huge success.  The track got over 5 inches of rain on Thursday and Friday, but we still managed to complete the event on schedule.  Rain seems to be a common theme at the NCS races this year, but luckily we were able to run the heats under the lights on Friday, and mother nature gave us a beautiful day on Saturday for the Mains.  

I would like to extend thanks to the entire IQSR membership for helping host a great event, whether by offering help to the racers from out of town, or helping in the pits with fuel, etc.  All of those things are greatly appreciated.  Special thanks to Patti Pedigo and Dave Brawner for heading up the Registration and Tech, and also to Jerry Brawner and Jason Cook for making sure the track was in shape for racing, and for making sure everyone had what they needed as they arrived to the track and got their pits set up.  Thanks to Tina Parsley for helping in the booth and to QSAC Co-Chair Mike Sadler for helping me with the drivers meetings, and the QSAC rules and procedures.  Lastly, thanks to all of the racers for coming out for fun and fellowship at the Mini-Madhouse.  We had 47 cars sign in for the event, and I don't think anyone left disappointed.  I appreciate all of the positive feedback I received from the racers about the track and the event.  IQSR looks forward to hosting another QSAC event, and I hope to see all of you back at the track in the near future.

Photos are posted below of the winners.  You can access the full results by clicking on the Times tab above, or by clicking here.  You can also see many more photos of the other racers that took home awards, as well as concourse photos, and photos from the pits by clicking on the Photos tab above.

Concourse winners, left to right, 
Mickey Flora, Rusty Frady, Jeremiah Ward, Randy Brown, and Jason Cook

Limited Sportsman Winner J.R. Parsley 

Sportsman Winner Bill Herzog 

Sprint Car Winner Todd Holloway 

Super Truck Winner Greg Hilber 

Super Late Model Winner Brent Gottfried

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NCS Race #4 News

Ingalls Motor Speedway and IQSR are proud to host Round 4 of the 2012 QSAC NCS series.  We extend a warm welcome to all that make the journey to race with us at the Mini-Madhouse this coming weekend, as well as anytime you're in the neighborhood.  At the time of this posting, rumor has it we already have some out of town visitors at the track.  I look forward to an awesome weekend of racing and fellowship.  

Click here for a schedule of events, or paste the following in your browser.

For those of you that may travel in an RV to the track, there are now (4) 30 amp hook ups at the track.  There are (2) on the light pole for turn #3, as well as (2) on the light pole in turn #1.  They are first come first serve.  There is plenty of room to get (2) RV's behind the scoring shack, and I ask that the first two that show up use those spots, that way it will be easier to get those positioned, and allow other racers to set up pits around you.  I don't think there will be any issues with soft ground this year, as we are like many others in the midwest and around the country, and are in the middle of a moderate to severe drought.  Please keep that in mind if you are a smoker, or are using a grill of any kind.  The ground is very dry, and the risk of fire is there.

The number one thing this weekend is to have fun.  IQSR is a very friendly group, so if you have questions, please don't be afraid to approach any of us.  Ingalls Motor Speedway is a short track and things can get intense, but at the end of the day, we are all in this to have fun, first and foremost.  I hope that is something that each of you take home this weekend.

See you all at the track

Jon Mason

Race #5 is in the books, and it was another great turnout.  We had 33 cars across the four classes.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and getting your racing fix at the Mini-Madhouse.  Thanks to Sonny, Allen, Mark, and Doug for making the trip from Illinois to race with us.  Race winners are pictured below.

Next up is the NCS race this coming weekend.  Qualifying kicks off Friday at 1 pm, with the track opening for practice at 9 am.  We will run the mains starting at 10:30 am on Saturday.  Hope to see all of the members representing the great club we have.  I will post the full schedule later tonite.

 Sprint Car winner Jeremy Brawner

 Bush winner JR and his #1 fan!  That's two in a row for JR!

 Sportsman winner Jason "Cookie" Cook

Jeremy Brawner and a mostly willing fan pose for Jeremy's second win of the night!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NCS News

Some good news for round four of the NCS! The extra fuel charge will be waved for this event. I was able to secure a great deal from our local VP racing headquarters. They have helped us in the past and came through again. We decided with the cost of travel and every thing else we would pass the savings on to you, the racer. Its not much but every little bit helps. The race fees will be the normal ncs fee minus the extra fuel charge. Fuel will be availabe Friday through Sat. We will be using VP 110. 

Thanks Todd

Monday, July 9, 2012

Race #4 - 6-30-12

We had another great turnout out the Madhouse on June 30th.  We had 26 cars come out for some Saturday night short track action.  Unfortunately, we had to shorten the program after a short rain delay during qualifying, followed by a long delay after the first round of heats.  We were forced to cancel the second round of heats, and move directly into the mains, which were all shortened to 75 laps. The winners are pictured below.  I have also posted lap times and updated the points.

See you all this Saturday night for another round at the Madhouse.  The following week, IQSR will host NCS Race #4 so everyone bring out the cars this coming weekend for a final tune-up before the big race!  We need all of our members to come out and welcome the racers from across the country, and to show everyone how exciting racing at the Madhouse can be!

 Bush Winner J.R. Parsley and his wife Tina

 Sprint Car Winner Todd Holloway

 Sportsman winner Sonny Brown

Super Late Model winner Jeremy Brawner
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