Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NCS Race #4 News

Ingalls Motor Speedway and IQSR are proud to host Round 4 of the 2012 QSAC NCS series.  We extend a warm welcome to all that make the journey to race with us at the Mini-Madhouse this coming weekend, as well as anytime you're in the neighborhood.  At the time of this posting, rumor has it we already have some out of town visitors at the track.  I look forward to an awesome weekend of racing and fellowship.  

Click here for a schedule of events, or paste the following in your browser.


For those of you that may travel in an RV to the track, there are now (4) 30 amp hook ups at the track.  There are (2) on the light pole for turn #3, as well as (2) on the light pole in turn #1.  They are first come first serve.  There is plenty of room to get (2) RV's behind the scoring shack, and I ask that the first two that show up use those spots, that way it will be easier to get those positioned, and allow other racers to set up pits around you.  I don't think there will be any issues with soft ground this year, as we are like many others in the midwest and around the country, and are in the middle of a moderate to severe drought.  Please keep that in mind if you are a smoker, or are using a grill of any kind.  The ground is very dry, and the risk of fire is there.

The number one thing this weekend is to have fun.  IQSR is a very friendly group, so if you have questions, please don't be afraid to approach any of us.  Ingalls Motor Speedway is a short track and things can get intense, but at the end of the day, we are all in this to have fun, first and foremost.  I hope that is something that each of you take home this weekend.

See you all at the track

Jon Mason

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