Sunday, August 26, 2012

Points are updated!

Hello Racers! First, I'm sorry that I missed last nights race, but I decided to slice my hand open while preparing my cooler for the race track, and had to get a few stitches to close it up.  Thanks to Cookie, Tina, and J.R for running the show.  I hear I missed some close racing, congrats to the winners.  Photo's of last nights winners, as well as the winners from the two previous races will be posted soon.

I have updated the points.  You will notice quite a few changes, as I realized last week that I had been scoring a couple of regular racers, and they had not signed up as IQSR members.  This only affected the Sportsman series.  Since you must be a member of IQSR to score championship points, I had to make changes to nearly every race.  I also made a change to the Race #2 in the Bush Series.  Tim Creech was scored in that race as a Bush driver, but he is running for Sportsman points.  Since you are not eligible to score points in more than one class, I removed him from that race, and adjusted accordingly.  You can see the revised results of each race, as well as the updated yearly standings by clicking on the points tab above.  Click on the tabs at the bottom of that page to see each weeks race results.

Check back in the next few days for the victory lane photos, as well as lap times from last nights race.

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