Friday, May 31, 2013

Tomorrows Race is Cancelled due to weather.

After much consideration, I have decided to postpone tomorrow's race.  I have been monitoring the weather all week, and there is a 65-70% chance of rain, depending on which site you look at.  IQSR policy is to postpone events when there is a 50% or greater chance of rain.  I was going to wait until morning and check again, but I don't believe things are going to be any different then.  It has basically been the same all week, and looking at the radar out west, it is heading this way.  The rain make up for this race will be Sept. 28th.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Race #2 Results

Race #2 results and points are posted.  We had a first time winner in the Bush Series, congratulations to Mike Little on his first victory at the Madhouse.  Todd Holloway took the checkers in the Sprint Car and Sportsman classes.  We didn't have enough Late Models to run the class, so this will not count as a race for them.  Click on the Points and Times tabs above for the full race results.

Thank you to all the racers for coming out on a chilly afternoon to run with us.  I appreciate everyone making an effort to stay off the grass with vehicles.  We actually had plenty of room, and I think as long as we make an effort to maximize the use of the gravel, we are going to be able to accommodate everyone who wants to run at the Madhouse this year, in spite of the new requirement that we keep off the grass with vehicles.

The next race at the Madhouse is June 1st, and it will be the first night race of the season.  Tentatively we will start the first heats at 3 pm, but I will confirm that in the days to come.  Thanks to Cookie and Tina for running a great show.

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