Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Race #4 at the Ingalls Motor Speedway was just like  it always is......FAST AND FUN!!!!!
34 entries across five (5) showed the Ingalls crowd more door to door short track racing as only the 1/4 scale cars can do.Lap times are up and man were they close and super fast.
Jeremy Brawner take home two feature wins in Sprint Car and Outlaw SLM. The #7 is 4 for 4 in 14. SLM was a fun battle. Congrats 98.
Gregg Grahn takes the Novice win but the 11 is not Point eligible first place points go to Ken Lieker. The Zer0 only gains 1 pt on Brad Boling. Points are updated throws outs after next race.
Cook makes up a 7 pt deficit to take the pt lead in Outlaw SLM..hee hee.
Jeff Grahn wins a 6 car battle in Sportsman. Race of the night. Reniger , Boling , Houge, Brawner, and Mike Little all put on a superb show. Little holds a commanding lead in the points.
ECM was won by Frank Boling. Did not get 15s pic. Not sure why. Keith Barnes take over points lead with throwouts to come.
Had a great time Saturday hold to see everyone at the Newton Park Race this weekend.
The 2nd annual Bob Newton Memorial NCS Race.
Lakeville Indiana.
Racing Friday and Saturday.
Bring the family to the beautiful Newton Park. Lots to do and a one of a kind QSAC Championship race.
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