Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015 Season is almost here!

The 2015 season is just weeks away. This past Sunday the winter meeting was held. 4 of the 5 board members were on hand and all votes were unanimous.

 Clean up days:

 First clean up day is scheduled for March 28th. If this day gets cancelled then we work on the Sat before Easter April 4th. If we get the 28th in then no work Easter Weekend. Other day is April 11th. As we did last year anyone who comes out and puts in at least 4 hours then we will give 20% off club dues and 1 free entry.


 The 2015 schedule is on the website. This schedule is by No Way set in stone, and is subject to major changes as things develop. The Sportsman 500 is currently on the schedule for October 10th. My intent is that the 500 will be moved to a date the town chooses for the annual Fire Department Hog Roast. I have asked them to consider scheduling it for one of our currently scheduled IQSR race weekends. The 500 will be swapped to that date to help with attendance for this fundraiser, as my mission for 2015 is to raise $ for the fire department. I am hoping that the earlier date will increase attendance for the 500 as well. We need all of your support to show the town that we are an asset, and to help raise money for the local fire department. We will move the affected points race to October 10th. We will be charging $1 more per entry from the start of season until the Hog Roast to help raise money as well. Once I get a firm date from the town, I will finalize all plans and schedule. One last thing on this subject is the Open Wheel Nationals, which is scheduled for Oct 10th. Our last race will be in conflict with that race, but there is only so much I could do with the open dates that were available. IF we do not need to use the October 3rd rain date, we will plan to hold our final points race on October 3rd, and free up the 10th.

 2015 Rules.

 All of these were put up for vote.
1. Man up
2. Lucky Dog
3. No Tool Rule
4. 35 lap heats/ 100 Mains
5. Space them out
6. 5 mins for ALL races.
7. New tires from RC 4 less
All rules have been approved for 2015.


All classes must run 5 points paying races to be eligible for awards.

2015 purchases.

1. Gravel
2. Railroad ties and rebar.
3. New P.A system
4. Rental of trencher to put in New electrical outlets in North Lot.
5. Rental of large drill and the tool needed to drive rebar.

 C u at the track.....6

Thursday, February 5, 2015

2015 winter meeting!!!! Date: Sunday February 22nd Time: 4pm Place: Dennys Location: I65 EXT 107, Keystone Ave on Indys Southside. Any questions my contact info is under the ( contact us tab)..
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