Monday, July 20, 2015

Welcome  Ingalls Racers and Fans to the same home of the Mini Madhouse with a New Address. Thks goes out to Todd and Corey Holloway for getting us back up and Running.
Points, results and times should be up soon.
Weather was a factor of the last race so the day was compressed into Quals, 1 heat and the Mains.
Congrats to winners from the 6/27/15 Race.
Sprint Jerry Brawner.
Limited Chris Stump hangs in grabs lead late to win his second in a row.
ECM Alex Livingston.
All 3 Mains in Sportsman were a blast to watch.
C- main Anthony Searls
B main Mike Reniger
A Main Frank Boling scores another perfect night.
Next Race is this Saturday night. Great chance to get your hot rods tuned up for the 3rd leg of the Tri State series coming up the Following Saturday August1st .
Schedule for 6/25.
Track gates open at 1pm.
Controlled practice at 3pm.
Drivers Meeting
Time trials at 4pm.
Racing to follow.
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