Thursday, October 15, 2015

2015 will go down as one if not our most successful season.
From the cars counts, (46) at tri state. To raising money for the good people at the Ingalls volunteer fire department. Thank you to the town for your support and to all
The racers who helped make this a success.
 Thank you to
Jerry Brawner. You are my backbone, my behind the scenes man who keeps this place in great shape and your devotion to my presidency.
 The board. Bob Barker,Brad Boling, Jon Mason and my V.P John Foster. Anytime I picked up the phone you answered and communication has been great this year.
WCM. You call this your home track and we are proud to hold that title. TY for the fuel for THE NCS and Tri State . You guys have had my back over the last two years and words can not express what that means to me. Mark and Chris Houge. Jeff and Gregg Grahn. Steve Riddle. Thank you all. And 55 J.R Parsley for helping out in the booth in the closing races.
Todd Holloway. For all your hard work as QSACs leader, for the Jim Wolfe cam, for making all my awards and for communicating with me as a Co Chair should do.
Tina Parsley for coming back. You don't know how bad you miss someone til they not there. Made my life easier the last two months. Thks babe.
QSAC. Thank you for allowing us to host the Final Showdown.
Tri State series. We are proud to be apart of this legendary series.
 Last to the membership. You are what makes this club strong. From early spring laying ties and all you did to get our girl ready to helping me with whatever came up to take the load off me. Can't wait to start planning for 2016.
Awards Banquet is Nov 7th at Noon at the home of Chris Stump. Pls RSVP BY OCT 31st.p
Sportsman year in review.
 Can't say enough about these guys. The racing was so close, lots of cars every week, C Mains and anyone's race down to the last lap.
Want to thank everyone who raced this series. From the locals to the out of towners who made long drives just to run our local shows.
Greg Hilber comes down and wins the Final Showdown in September.
Bill Herzog won Round 5/7 putting a end to the champs winning streak.
Chris Houge closed the season very strong winning the last two point races , missing perfect nights by 1 point and then dominating the 500.
 Our Champ. The #15 of Frank Boling started the season in fire. Frank won the first 5/6 races scoring perfect nights in 4/5. Bolings season Came to a drastic halt as a practice crash ended his season. Frank managed to borrow a car from crown racing in round #9 to clinch the title. He also won the Tri State.
Sprint Car year in review.
This class was unbelievable. Out of 8 point races we had 5 different point winners.
Frank Boling won Round #1.
Bill Herzog wins Round #4.
Todd Holloway wins Round#5 but It was J.R. Parsley who won the tri state. Parsley went on a tear to close the year as he won Round#7 and The NCS. 55 closed out the year by whining the Richard Hineman 150.
Kevin Ligon won #7 on points.
Jerry Brawner once again is Crowned champ as he won 4 races and scored 3 perfect nights. Thank you 88 for keeping this series going at Ingalls.
Limited Sportsman ( The Bush series) year in review.
2015 was a great year for this class as we saw great racing from the rookies, up and comers and some seasoned vets.
Season got off to a great start with Jim Dickey winning the first two races. After that Jim fell off the map and we didn't see much of him.
Scott Rance in his #26 won the last two in points but it was Gregg Grahn taking the back to back Overall wins to close the year as his 11 was not eligible for points.
The man of the year was the #54 of Chris Stump . Chris won two races due to being the only point eligible driver in the field. One by holding out through a crash fest . Came back the next race and won straight up.Then closes out the year with a win in the first annual Bush 100 in the season finale.
Keith Barnes won Round 5 in his #02.
 Tri State series winner in impressive fashion was Gabby Allshouse.
NCS winner was the #5 Earl Clement.
ECM year in review.
The East coast modified cars are still a new class for Ingalls and they are steadily getting better and hopefully will continue to grow.
The season started with Brad Boling taking the first two QT and winning the season opener. From there Brad decided to focas on his Sportsman and we lost him in this class.
Mike Sadler from Texas came up and won the NCS in September.
The year belong to the #7 of Jerry Brawner. Pappy won the next 5 club races including the tri state. Pappy scored 4/5 perfect points nights to close the year..
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