Thursday, October 15, 2015

Limited Sportsman ( The Bush series) year in review.
2015 was a great year for this class as we saw great racing from the rookies, up and comers and some seasoned vets.
Season got off to a great start with Jim Dickey winning the first two races. After that Jim fell off the map and we didn't see much of him.
Scott Rance in his #26 won the last two in points but it was Gregg Grahn taking the back to back Overall wins to close the year as his 11 was not eligible for points.
The man of the year was the #54 of Chris Stump . Chris won two races due to being the only point eligible driver in the field. One by holding out through a crash fest . Came back the next race and won straight up.Then closes out the year with a win in the first annual Bush 100 in the season finale.
Keith Barnes won Round 5 in his #02.
 Tri State series winner in impressive fashion was Gabby Allshouse.
NCS winner was the #5 Earl Clement.

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