Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sportsman year in review.
 Can't say enough about these guys. The racing was so close, lots of cars every week, C Mains and anyone's race down to the last lap.
Want to thank everyone who raced this series. From the locals to the out of towners who made long drives just to run our local shows.
Greg Hilber comes down and wins the Final Showdown in September.
Bill Herzog won Round 5/7 putting a end to the champs winning streak.
Chris Houge closed the season very strong winning the last two point races , missing perfect nights by 1 point and then dominating the 500.
 Our Champ. The #15 of Frank Boling started the season in fire. Frank won the first 5/6 races scoring perfect nights in 4/5. Bolings season Came to a drastic halt as a practice crash ended his season. Frank managed to borrow a car from crown racing in round #9 to clinch the title. He also won the Tri State.

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