Monday, March 13, 2017

Would like to thank all the guys and gals who came out to the 2017 IQSR winter meeting
We ate some good food Thank you goes out the the Lincoin square Pancake House for hosting us . Alot of topics were discussed and we all enjoyed seeing each other
Results from meeting.
1. WCM is putting up a one time " Club Car". This car will be For Sale and reserved for a Newbie or someone looking to get back into the hobby. It will only be available to a individual who wants to primarily run at the Mini Madhouse. Price will be $ 600.00. When the person buys the car he also will be purchasing a 2017 IQSR membership. Included in the price of the car.
2. Clean up Days. We will begin getting our girl ready for this season at the first of April. Our focus will be inside the fence.
A. We will be replacing 8-10 panels on the out side retaining walls and address the front stretch wall.
B. Installing rumble strips underneath the yellow in the corners.
C. Paint all the yellow.
3. Expenses approved.
A. New P.A speakers.
B. Clean up day materials.
4. Fund raising. My plan was to raise money for the local police department, that has changed and we are looking at options to help our community this year.
2017 Rules.
1. Man up, No Tool, and 5 min call were all voted back in for this year.
2. New . ALL Restarts will be controlled by the booth.
3. New. Drivers who do not slow immediately when caution comes out or who do not stop when instructed will be penalized. This will be a 3 strike inforcement.
A. 1st offence. To the tail.
B. 2nd offence. Loss of lap.
C. 3rd offence. Parked for the day.
4. New. Track Marshall's. Any track marshal who steps out onto track before all cars are stopped will be penalized. This will be the same 3 strike inforcement.
5. New. All drivers MUST drive from atop the drivers stand during all official parts of the program. This includes Qualifying, Heats and Mains. This does not include practice sessions.
6. NEW. To help run a more efficient show there will be a NEW staging process. This will be explained in Pre Race Drivers meetings. Any driver who is late or fails to give proper notice of a 5 min call will be forced to the tail. If someone is running more then 1 class they will no longer be forced to run back to back in the Heat races. This does not include the Mains.
7. As put in place last season. You MUST be a IQSR member to have access to the track to test and practice. Cost for non members is $20 per day. 2017 IQSR Membership is $50. Only day track will be open to everyone is Friday May 12th ( The day before the Mini Indy 500) and Friday June 23rd ( The day before the Tri State race).
8. No Alcohol on park grounds.
9. Race Day and Night program will be the same as last year. With 1 change.
Day. Night.
Gates open. 9am. Noon (New)
Controlled. 10am. 1pm.
Qualifying. 11am. 2pm.
Open til. 12:45p. 3:45p
National Ant. 1pm. 4pm.
Racing to Follow.
10.Schedule . There are 12 races on the 2017 IQSR schedule . 9 points races, 2 special events and the Tri State. With 5 weekends open to travel north to race with the guys at GLQSR.
11. THE MINI INDY 500.
A. Money Race.
B. 500 laps across 4 classes.
1. 100 laps for Limited, ECM and Sportsman.
2. 200 laps for Non Wing Sprint Cars.
C. Non wing cars will be allowed to run any tire combo that helps get their car around the track. QSAC RULES APPLY as far as weight, motor, etc.
12. Surprise $$$$ races.
A. There will be at least 2 Surprise money races this point season. You will find out in victory lane and in post race tech.
13. Last thing I wanna thank JR J.R. Parsley for taking over the website. He will be posting NEWS, RECAPS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, we will only post these things on website only. We will Post on here to check out website as we update it. I have dropped the ball in maintaining the website and needed help. Ask 55 and he accepted . So from all of us at IQSR thks 55.
14. We decided ( upon approval of the town council) If weather becomes a issue for Saturday then race will be moved to Sunday. Will be ran as a Day program if we are forc3d to run on Sunday. I will make this call by Friday noon.
It is gonna be a great season in beautiful central Indiana for one of a kind Short track racing Mini Madhouse Style......6
Jason Cook

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