Tuesday, April 25, 2017

To all who attended Ingalls Season opener.
First want to thank everyone who made it out on a Sunday as Saturday was just way too cold. Turned out to be the right call as the weather was perfect.
Want to Thank the guys who came out to get the work done especially Jerry Brawner who always goes above and beyond to help me look good. Not a easy job let me tell ya.
Thank you to My partner in crime Tina Ensing-Parsley you were flawless all day and everything inside the butt Hutt ...went smoothly.
Thanks to Scott Rance for getting the sound system dialed in. Everything worked and sounded great. Didn't get any feedback on the FM modulator, believe it worked better then it ever has.
To all you guys who adapted to the new staging process, u did great, I did not have to wait on anyone, and the one 5 min call were had I was given plenty of notice. Thk u for that
The new restart process that was voted in at the winter meeting has been wadded up, shredded and burned. So forget everything from your restarts. Back to the drawing board. Been watching how every club, and form of racing does it and I have a new game plan. I know nine of you were happy with the way that you voted for it to be so we will come up with something better. This is not going to be discussed here , I will fix this.
The racing as always was 2nd to none. You guys raced your tails off and I had a blast watching and calling your races.
Congrats to our winners. J.R. Parsley, Mason Boling, Tony Wachter and Bill Herzog.
C ya on May 13th for Race #2 .
We follow that up the next weekend with the " Mini Indy 500"..........6

Jason Cook
Club President

Monday, April 24, 2017

Recap From Season Opener!

A beautiful day of racing yesterday at IQSR, we had perfect sunny weather with an afternoon high of 72 degrees. We had 25 entries spread over 4 classes, and as usual, the "Mini- Madhouse lived up to it's name with dynamite racing in all 4 classes. We had drivers representing Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, and even Wisconsin!

We had 6 racers looking for a "W" in the season opener yesterday. There even was a brand new driver making his first 1/4 scale start named, Blake Justice, with a name like that, he is going to be one to watch. Pill draws sorted out the heats and it was Mason Boling winning both of his and starting on the pole in the A main. Mason lead all 100 laps to take the win and win a brand new Storm HD Body from WCM. Scott Rance took 2nd, Blake Justice was 3rd in his first A main race. Illinois' Earl Clement ran 4th, Chris Stump was 5th, and Gary Wheatley Jr. rounded out the field of 6.

Had 4 drivers in their class with very close racing all day. Frank Boling and Tony Wachter took the victories in the heats. Tony Wachter lead every lap of the A main for the win with Frank Boling right on his tail to finish 2nd. John Wachter took 3rd and Walter Arthur rounded out the 4.

Sprint Car
We had 5 Sprinters trying to take the victory and Todd Holloway won both heat races to start on the pole in the A main. All 5 starters were very capable of winning and all had race wins at IQSR last year in this class. Holloway jumped out to an early lead and looked to sweep the 3 races, he lead the first 96 laps until a tire gave out and allowed Mike Little and J.R. Parsley to catch up. Holloway spun in front of Little and Parsley in turn 2 collecting them both. Little's car was broke and Parsley inherited the lead with 3 to go and took the win. Bill Herzog took 2nd, to continue his points battle from last year with Parsley. 3rd was Holloway, Little had to settle for 4th, and Jerry Brawner had steering issues and went laps down before his race started to round out the 5.

It was a field of 10 battling for the win and the new Storm HD Body given away from wcmracing.com! Bill Herzog and Chris Hogue swept the heats. Hogue would lead the first 85 laps of the A main until something broke on his car to allow Steve Riddle to catch up. A big crash with 15 to go took out several cars including Hogue, Tony Wachter, and Walter Arthur. Riddle inherited the lead and could not hold off Bill Herzog with 5 to go. Herzog took the win, Riddle held on for 2nd, John Foster ran 3rd, Alex Livingston took 4th. The rest the field was in this order, Hogue 5th, Wachter 6th, Arthur 7th, Jerry Brawner 8th, John Wachter 9th, and Frank Boling was a scratch to take 10th.

Next club race is Saturday, May 13th. We hope to have everyone back at the Mini- Madhouse for a daytime scheduled race. Thanks to all that supported our first race of the season and special thanks to wcmracing.com for giving away the new Storm HD Bodies!
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Sunday, April 23, 2017

2017 Season Opener Winners

It was a beautiful day for racing at IQSR! We had 25 entries spread over 4 classes. Here is today's winners, congratulations guys!
East Coast Modified winner- Tony Wachter
Limited Sportsman winner- Mason Boling
Sportsman Class winner- Bill Herzog
Sprint Car winner- J.R. Parsley

WOOOHOOO!!!!! Raceday is finally here and the weather forecast looks excellent! Here is a reminder of today's schedule of events.
9:00AM Main gates open
10:45AM Track may be blown off with blowers
11:00AM Engines may be fired
11:00AM-1:00PM Open practice (last 15 minutes of each hour will be for open wheel cars only)...
1:10PM Drivers meeting followed by more open practice
1:50PM Track is closed for practice
2:00PM Heat Races (Pill draw to set order)
2 Rounds of Heat Races- 35 laps
B Mains (if needed)- 50 laps
A Mains- 100 laps

Friday, April 21, 2017

Saturday's Race Postponed to Sunday!!!!!

Let me start off by saying how much I hate this part of my job! Unfortunately, trying to predict Indiana weather is a lot like playing the lottery. With that being said, every weather forecast I have seen is predicting 50-70% chance of rain tomorrow, with daytime temps in the mid 40's. I have decided to postpone Saturday's Race to Sunday. This is the schedule that we must follow for Sunday Races to keep the town of Ingalls satisfied.

9:00AM Main gates open
10:45AM Track may be blown off with blowers
11:00AM Engines may be fired
11:00AM-1:00PM Open practice (last 15 minutes of each hour will be for open wheel cars only)
1:10PM Drivers meeting followed by more open practice
1:50PM Track is closed for practice
2:00PM Heat Races (Pill draw to set order)
2 Rounds of Heat Races- 35 laps
B Mains (if needed)- 50 laps
A Mains- 100 laps

As you may notice, this is a shortened schedule we must use for Sunday racing to insure we are done early enough that the town is not interrupted. Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone at the track!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Attention to anyone coming out to the Ingalls season opener.
Mother Nature is tormenting me again. Saturday is not looking good but that could still change. It... is Indiana after all. If we get rained out Saturday the race will be moved to Sunday.
Tune in to our website at 4pm on Friday and we will make our decision.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Big news from WCM for the season opener!

WCM is a leader in the Quarter Scale industry and IQSR is proud to be the home track of WCM! WCM Racing is giving away a new 2017 WCM Storm HD Body to the winner of the Sportsman and Limited Sportsman Class for the season opener this Saturday at Ingalls Motor Speedway! Thank you to WCM and check out all their inventory at wcmracing.com!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Track will be open for practice starting Monday at 9AM. If you are heading out to practice at IQSR, please remember this. Please watch your speed through the neighborhood and stop at the stop sign. Please close the main gate after entering the park, also please make sure the main gate and track gates are locked when you are done.

The first IQSR Club Race is one week from today!!!! Here is the schedule for Saturday, April 22.
8AM main gates open
9AM engines can be fired, open practice
10AM controlled practice
11AM qualifying, track will be open for practice after qualifying until 12:45PM
1PM 2 rounds of heat races, mains follow

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


We our having another workday this Saturday starting at 9AM. We still have lots of things to do to the Mini-Madhouse to get it ready for the 2017 season. Please come out and give your club a hand!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Great News!!!!

UPDATE!!! Ingalls Town Council has approved moving the race days from Saturday to Sunday due to bad weather! Also approved, camping for the Tri-State Series Race will be allowed on Thursday night and Friday night during the week of the Tri-State Series Race at Ingalls Motor Speedway.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

The IQSR Track will remain CLOSED until further notice! Jason Cook would like to thank Scott Rance for getting the P.A. System dialed in, Ron Strubbe for squaring off the concrete pad, and Jerry Brawner and John Foster for coming to today's scheduled work day. Jason Cook will be at the track on Saturday 4/15/17, and Sunday 4/16/17, to try and complete the Spring jobs on the track. We need all the help we can from any club members on those days to get the track and club prepared for the 2017 Season. We will then announce when and if the track will be available for any practice.

Friday, April 7, 2017

15 days until Race #1 of the season!!!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

REMINDER! Track is still not open for practice, if the weather cooperates, it will be open for practice starting April 9th. Please watch for updates here and on our Facebook page.

Track work day #1 was a huge success! Thanks to club members Scott Rance, Walter Arthur Jr., Christopher Stump, John Wachter, Ken Leiker, Mike Jennings, Jerry Brawner, Ronald E Strubbe, John Foster, and Jason Cook for coming out and braving the cold temperatures to help out!
Track work day #2 is next Saturday, April 8th. Please volunteer your time to come out and help if you can!

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