Tuesday, April 25, 2017

To all who attended Ingalls Season opener.
First want to thank everyone who made it out on a Sunday as Saturday was just way too cold. Turned out to be the right call as the weather was perfect.
Want to Thank the guys who came out to get the work done especially Jerry Brawner who always goes above and beyond to help me look good. Not a easy job let me tell ya.
Thank you to My partner in crime Tina Ensing-Parsley you were flawless all day and everything inside the butt Hutt ...went smoothly.
Thanks to Scott Rance for getting the sound system dialed in. Everything worked and sounded great. Didn't get any feedback on the FM modulator, believe it worked better then it ever has.
To all you guys who adapted to the new staging process, u did great, I did not have to wait on anyone, and the one 5 min call were had I was given plenty of notice. Thk u for that
The new restart process that was voted in at the winter meeting has been wadded up, shredded and burned. So forget everything from your restarts. Back to the drawing board. Been watching how every club, and form of racing does it and I have a new game plan. I know nine of you were happy with the way that you voted for it to be so we will come up with something better. This is not going to be discussed here , I will fix this.
The racing as always was 2nd to none. You guys raced your tails off and I had a blast watching and calling your races.
Congrats to our winners. J.R. Parsley, Mason Boling, Tony Wachter and Bill Herzog.
C ya on May 13th for Race #2 .
We follow that up the next weekend with the " Mini Indy 500"..........6

Jason Cook
Club President

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