Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Current IQSR Member List

I have had a few people contact me recently to see if they are a current IQSR member, so this is the most current list that I have.

Joe Adkins
Walt Arthur
Keith Barnes
Brad Boling
Frank Boling
Mason Boling
Jerry Brawner
Jason Cook
Jim Dickey
Mickey Flora
John Foister
John Foster
Todd Gunder
Dave Hamstra
Bill Herzog
Todd Holloway
Chris Hogue
Mike Jennings
Blake Justice
Ken Leiker
Kevin Ligon
Mike Little
Jon Mason
J.R. Parsley
Tina Parsley
Dave Raber
Scott Rance
Steve Riddle
Dwight Smith
Chris Stump
John Wachter
Tony Wachter
Gary Wheatley

These members are eligible to participate in the upcoming election, if you are not on this list and want to join IQSR, contact me via text or phone at (317)364-3747, thank you, J.R. Parsley

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