Wednesday, January 31, 2018

To all IQSR members, the winter meeting is fast approaching on February 10th, 2018
Chris and Sarah Stump have graciously agreed to allow us the use of their banquet hall for our meeting. It will start at 12 noon and Sarah’s world famous lasagna will be the main course. I would like to get a head count for who will be there so she will know how much to make. This will also be a pitch in for items to go along with the lasagna. Items needed will be:
Breadsticks ( 4 people, 10 breadsticks each)
4 bags of salad
Salad toppings:
- croutons 3 pkgs
- bacon bits 3 pkgs
- shredded cheese 2 pkgs
- ranch dressing 2 bottles
- Italian dressing 1 bottle
- 1000 island dressing 1 bottle
Soda Pop - 2 liters (8 total)
Desserts - four different items
If you need the address please contact Chris or I. 
I’m looking forward to getting the 30th anniversary season of IQSR started!
I hope to see everyone there!

Scott Rance 

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