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The Indy Quarter Scale Racers were founded in 1988. Gary Shoemaker, Wayne Leary, Mike Jackson, Danny Laycock, and Jim Golay were the founding fathers of what is now one of the oldest quarter scale clubs still racing today.

The racing started at a go-kart track in Whiteland, Indiana. They pooled their money together and purchased the needed QSAC insurance and the club was formed. Gary and his wife Beth ran the club until 1993. They put a lot of time and effort into the club to keep it both going and growing.

As new members came and went, so did the tracks. Todd Holloway and Hank Cork took the reigns in 1993 and started trying to find some new venues to race at. The club ended up at a quarter midget track in Kokomo, Indiana. This would be Indy Quarter Scale Racers home for several years. We ran our local events at Kokomo and in Plymouth, Indiana, another quarter midget track. Our days were numbered at these tracks and we were faced with finding a new location once again. We ran a couple of seasons at a rental go-kart track in Anderson, Indiana. This was not the best scenario for us but it did keep us racing. The club had tried several times to get into Mini Indy, a first class quarter midget track at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis. They were finally successful and Mini Indy became our home track for the past seven years. This was a very fast, high-banked cement track. We ran at Mini Indy and Speed creek Raceway in Lapel, Indiana for a short time. 

In 2001 the club had new leadership. Rick Gauger took over the club and hit the ground running. Rick did a great job his first year and kept the ball rolling. 
As new members and new leaders surfaced, new ideas and contacts were made. Races were now being held at Mini Indy and in the Buckeye State at West Liberty. West Liberty is a very nice, small quarter midget track in Ohio.

Rick teamed up with Michael Johnson in 2002 and continued to move the club forward. We had our very first national event in Indiana that year and had one of the largest turnouts at a national event in some time. With the racing season winding down and the real possibility of not being able to return to Mini Indy next year, Mike Johnson and Rick Gauger went to work planning what would be the club's very own home track.

Ingalls Motor Speedway is being built from the ground up for quarter scale racing. It is located in Ingalls, Indiana. It will be something to be proud of for years to come. 2003 should be a fantastic year. We are looking forward to our inaugural race at Ingalls Motor Speedway. Races will be held at West Liberty as well as Ingalls.  For information on how to get started in quarter scale racing please go to our contacts page and feel free to contact listed persons. To learn more about the history of quarter scale racing and how to join QSAC, click here.
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